"I won't let you pay them! Those assholes don't deserve our money.."

Yuya is a host who works at Stardust. He is one of Kiryu's allies.


Yuya taunts Kiryu without knowing he was not a Yakuza.

Yuya first encounters Kiryu outside Stardust, looking to meet the owner of the club, Kazuki. He perceives this as subterfuge against the club,  taunting Kiryu for trying to threaten the club. Kiryu simply repeats his request and adds that he is not from any Yakuza group, which causes Yuya to lash out.

Yuya apologizes Kiryu for not knowing he was not a yakuza anymore for Kazuki. Yuya argues Shimano's boy to kicking them out from Stardust. Yuya won't let Kazuki pay Shimano's men,Kiryu helps out fighting them off.

Yakuza 2

When Kazuki is shot and spends his time at Emoto Clinic, Yuya becomes interim manager.

Yakuza 3

At the beginning of the game, he is cleaning the mess in front of Stardust when Kiryu and Haruka come and say goodbye to him. In the end, he and Kazuki catch Hamazaki, who stabs Kiryu.

Yakuza 4

Following the line of last game, Yuya has become almost a minor character with little to no involvement to the game main story. In Yakuza 4, Yuya has become the manager of Stardust, with Kazuki standing behind Yuya's decisions. He is involved on two substories. Still, he cherises his friendship with Kazuma and is glad to have him back once again in Kamurocho.





  • Yuya's seiyuu would go on to voice another character related to the Yakuza, [Seto] in Seto no Hanayome.

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