Mine in Yakuza 3

"Seem that reality made me wonder...Do friendship of bond and loyalty really exist in such this world?"

34 years old. Mine is the President of the Hakuho Clan (白峯会, Hakuhō-kai), a Tojo Clan affiliate, and serves as one of the main antagonists (and is the final boss of) Yakuza 3. He has a golden kirin tattoo on his back. Bilingual, he speaks both Japanese and English. He is one of the wealthiest members in the Tojo Clan and the richest out of the lieutenants.

History Edit

Young Mine

Mine as a child grew up in a poor environment, shunned by other children because of his poor background. He was solely raised by his father (uncle in the EU & US localization) who later died of an unknown illness. Before his father died, on his deathbed he advised Mine that because of his high intelligence he should make something of himself and that he was sorry to leave him alone. He grew up as an orphan and studied hard to make something of himself whilst shunning people from ever getting close to him.

In adulthood, he became a very successful Japanese businessman; he had all the money he wanted and could have any woman he desired. However, this life led him to the realization that it was all a lie and that people only used him for his money. Human bonds, to Mine, were non-existent as humans are all self-serving hypocrites.

To find a society where human bonds were absolute, he took an interest in the yakuza. He bribed the Nishikiyama Family's Third Chairman, Tsuyoshi Kanda, to gain access to the Tojo Clan, making it appear as though Kanda was the one who scouted him. There he met with the Sixth Chairman, Daigo Dojima, and took an interest in him. Daigo, to Mine, was someone for the first time in ages he genuinely loved, respected and cared for. With Daigo's support, he rose to the top ranks and became the Chairman of the Hakuho Clan through his clear thinking and financial prowess.

Yakuza 3 Edit

The emergency meeting at Tojo Clan

After Daigo was shot, Kashiwagi, acting as interim chairman, calls a meeting with the current Tojo Clan executive members over Kazuma Kiryu, the Fourth Chairman, returning to help mend this current crisis. Mine sides with Kashiwagi while Kanda and Hamazaki, due to their own personal ambitions, express their disapproval.

Mine states at Kiryu he don't understand.

Mine and Kiryu

Mine, for the first time, meets with Kiryu at Kage's office in Purgatory to apologize profusely for Kanda's actions, that it was him who funded the Nishikiyama Family to stage a coup against the other families. As a peace offering he places a large metal box on Kage's desk containing Kanda's head. A flashback in Mine's office reveals how Kanda is angry over his defeat against Kiryu, destroying antiques in the process. Mine calmly tells him to refrain from destroying any more expensive antiques as he doesn't comprehend their value. Kanda lunges at Mine in animosity while Mine effortlessly counters him with a blow to his abdomen. After further consecutive blows, Kanda helplessly falls to the floor, pleading mercy. Mine confesses to him that while he may not look it, his physical strength surpasses Kanda's. Mine also reveals to the petulant Kanda how he has outlived his usefulness and orders his subordinates to execute him away from his office. Back in the present, Mine addresses that the matter is closed and that they have nothing to worry about with regards to Hamazaki, now that he has gone into hiding. Kiryu expresses his disapproval over Mine's actions, asking if this is what Daigo would have wanted. Mine responds to Kiryu how his reluctance to give up the orphanage caused Daigo to be shot and that his idealism is nothing more than hypocrisy. Mine then gives a final warning to Kiryu and his allies before he leaves.

Mine watches Haruka protect the orphanages

Mines watches Haruka protect the orphanages.

Mine travels to Downtown Ryukyu in Okinawa by plane. With the employ of the Tamashiro Family he destroys the orphanage to further the resort development project. Mine orders the family to stall Kiryu in Okinawa before he travels back to Tokyo to find Daigo in Toto Hospital. During the plane journey, his subordinates discuss how Mine becoming the Seventh Chairman is something worth celebrating. Mine overhears their conversation and stabs a subordinate's hand with a dinner knife for insulting Daigo.

At Toto Hospital, he sits beside Daigo, lamenting how things come to this. He receives a phone call from the enigmatic Andre Richardson, head of Black Monday. Mine assures him in English that everything is going according to schedule and that there will be no changes in the plan. During the final battle on top of Toto University Hospital, he reveals to Kiryu that he is an orphan just like him, as well his true (albeit misguided) motives behind his betrayal of the Tojo Clan. Unable to cope with Daigo being in a coma after being shot, even if it was a lie to him, he wanted the power to do anything. Collaborating with Black Monday, he wanted to become the Seventh Chairman of the Tojo Clan to give him a new reason to live to render his grief non-existent. To fulfill that ambition, he has two obstacles: 1) To compassionately kill Daigo in his vegetative state and 2) To kill the person whom Daigo Dojima thought of the most highly - Kazuma Kiryu. Kiryu sees the futility in Mine's actions, and that his isolation was a result of his self-centredness. This prompts Mine to shoot at him out of rage while Kiryu remains unfazed by his opponent's anger. To get through to Mine, Kiryu challenges him to a duel to prove him wrong, which Mine accepts gladly and mentions how he won't be easily beaten. After a grueling fight, Mine is defeated.

Mine vs Kiryu

Mine vs Kiryu

After Mine's defeat, he lies down on the rooftop exhausted. He receives an urgent phone call from his secretary whom he thought he mattered to. When she was discussing some business deal, Mine laments how it goes back to money, yet the yearning desire for bonds of friendship and love is in all of us, before cutting off the call. Mine asks Kiryu whether his clear state of mind means that his life has ended. The equally exhausted Kiryu responds that as long as we're still alive, we can start anew. The CIA Agent appears with five of his subordinates. Mine confirms that they are not CIA and that it was just a cover for the Black Monday organization. The agent whom Kiryu defeated previously was none other than Andre Richardson, the leader of Black Monday and the mastermind behind the resort project. Andre casually responds how their roles have come to end and that Mine is easily a replaceable pawn. Before Andre executes both of them with his handgun, Daigo recovers from his coma and shoots him and his five men with a pistol. Andre, near death, rises once more to kill everyone now that his plans are ruined. Mine grabs Andre and throws himself off the hospital rooftop along with his former collaborator to make amends to both Kiryu and Daigo, ending Richardson and his ambitions for good.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Despite looking like a business man, Mine was a very strong fighter. His strength is tremendous as proven when his few punches easily cripples Kanda despite himself being a resilient powerhouse fighter. Mine's choice of Fighting Style is Kickboxing, a mix variety of Boxing, Muay thai, Kun Khmer, and Karate.

Gameplay Edit

Mine fights in four different stages. as his health goes down Mine will go into one of these states

First Stage Edit

At the beggining of the fight, Mine will start of in his normal form, nothing special about this form. He returns to his normal state after he "Runs out of heat".

Dodging State Edit

In this stage, Mine is shown to display an Orange Aura. He will start to bob and weave every one of your attacks and may even counter with an uppercut.

Strength State Edit

Mine will start using fast Haymakers and Spinning Backfists that have a little Clang that plays. What also makes Mine's special attacks strong is the invincibilty he gains from the attacks. He will also display a Red Aura.

Healing State Edit

During this state, Mine can goes into a recovery state and will slowly recover health. During his recovery state, he has super armor to absorb all attacks. He also can counter grabs during this state. Mine will display a Blue Aura.


Gallery Edit

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