Suzuki Yoshinobu is the Japanese Minister of Domestic Travel. He introduces an initiative to build a large resort in Okinawa, where Kiryuu has his Morninglory Orphanage. Tamiya Ryuuzou, Japanese Minister of Defense, has been in league with the U.S. government--specifically, the CIA.

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They've come up with a plan to ex-pose and capture the head of one of the largest illegal arms dealers in the world, the Black Monday. The plan involves proposing the expansion of the U.S. military base in Okinawa and the inclusion of a new ballistic missile defense system. This would upset the balance of the area, making Japan too dominant, and other countries would definitely turn to the Black Monday to arm themselves. To make his proposal seem like it might actually pass, he turns to Suzuki. He doesn't reveal what his true intentions are, but he consults him and has him tack on a proposal that would be like a rider to a bill--both proposals would have to pass. This is where the resort idea comes into play. A resort is far more attractive than a military base, and people in the area would undoubtedly support such a measure. That would force the base's expansion, and get the Black Monday a lot of business. Of course, Tamiya has no intention of actually going through with the base expansion. He simply doesn't mention that to Suzuki, who becomes busy soaking up the land in the area in preparation. When Tamiya's underling, Touma Masahiro, finds out that the plan is all a fraud, he switches camp suddenly. Because Okinawa is his homeland, and he'd like to fight for its prosperity, he visits Suzuki and tells him about every- thing. This prompts Suzuki to rely on Mine Yoshitaka, traitor to the Toujou Association, and who is also dealing with the Black Monday towards this end, to take Kiryuu, Daigo, and Nakahara out of the picture so that his plans can go ahead. He also introduces the bill, rather than just let it be a proposal, as Tamiya had intended. Kiryuu visits Tamiya and hears about the scheme from him directly, but Suzuki sends his secret police to stop Kiryuu from ever leaving the minister's office alive. Goro Majima shows up and saves Kiryuu, leaving Suzuki's plans in Mine's hands.

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