Yoneda is one of Dojima Family's men that appear only in Yakuza 0. He is Daisaku Kuze's right-hand man.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Yoneda appears in Chapter 1 of Yakuza 0, where Kuze asks him to kill Kazuma Kiryu and deal with the body in a way that will strategically further Kuze's plan to take over the Dojima clan.

During the battle that ensues between Kiryu and Yoneda (including Yoneda's assistants), Yoneda is tasked with keeping Kiryu from reaching Kuze on the top floor of the Dojima HQ building.

Yoneda provides comic relief to the battle by continuously re-appearing in various floors of the building as Kiryu climbs up, attempting to sneak up on Kiryu even after Kiryu knocks him out time and time again. When Kiryu is forced to jump through the window and into a male bathroom in order to bypass a locked door, Yoneda makes yet another appearance, this time with a knife. His fate appears to be sealed when Kiryu throws him out of the bathroom's high-story window. However, he later appears to torture Tachibana by crushing his fingers and toes before killing him with blunt force trauma to the skull with a sledgehammer. Kuze proceeds to easily kill Yoneda with a single blow, fracturing his skull on the ground.

Appearance Edit

Yoneda's apperance suggests that he is in his 40s. He wears a gray suit with a blue shirt that is unbuttoned to show his chest. His most defining feature is likely his gaunt, encircled dark eyes.

Personality Edit

Yoneda is portrayed as an unusually determined right-hand man to Kuze, up to the point that his continued reapparances after apparent deaths become a running joke in the game. He also discusses gruesome ways of disposing with Kiryu's body in a nonchalant tone, indicating some kind of sociopathic detachment.

Fighting Style Edit

Yoneda fights with his bare fists and sometimes with a sheathed knife.

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