Yayoi Dojima (堂島弥生) is Sohei Dojima's wife and later widow.

Yakuza Edit

She sets up an ambush for Kiryu believing him to be responsible for her husband's death, but after he defeats the ambush and stands face to face with her, Yayoi then realizes that Kiryu in fact took the blame for another (not knowing it was Nishiki) and lets him go.

Yakuza 2 Edit

By the second game, she has taken interim chairmanship of the Tojo Clan. She asks Kiryu to negotiate with the leader of the Omi alliance. Later she is taken prisoner by Koji Shindo, the Second Chairman of the Nishikiyama family who wants to take her as his lover, but defies him and is saved by Kiryu.

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