Yakuza: Dead Souls is a spin-off of the popular Sony-exclusive Yakuza franchise
that features gaming's favorite enemy:  zombies. The undead have invaded Japan 
and the Yakuza are humanity's last hope!

Yakuza: Dead Souls
Written by Dalton "Horror Spooky" Cooper
Copyright 2012

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1. Introduction and Controls
2. Characters
3. Enemies
4. Walkthrough
Chapter 1: Outbreak
Chapter 2: Cut Off
Chapter 3: Epidemic
Chapter 4: A New Enigma
Chapter 1: The Hunter
Chapter 2: Super Hero
Chapter 3: The Omi Man
Chapter 4: Showdown
Chapter 1: The Former Dragon
Chapter 2: Sweet Death
Chapter 3: Master and Pupil
Chapter 4: The Ruin of Kamurocho
Chapter 1: Homecoming
Chapter 2: Reunion
Chapter 3: Mysteries Revealed
Chapter 4: The Final Sprint
5. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Four characters. One tragedy. A zombie outbreak is terrorizing Kamurocho, and 
it entangles the lives of Shun Akiyama, Goro Majima, Ryuji Goda, and Kazuma 
Kiryu. This is their story.

L2 - Aim
L1 - Reset Camera/Lock Camera
D-pad - Switch Weapons
Left Stick - Walk/Run/Aim with Crosshair
Select - Return to Title Screen
R2 - Order Partner(s)/1st person camera
R1 - Shoot/Reset Camera
Triangle - Heat Snipe
O - Kick/Pick up weapon/Stomp on fallen enemy/Cancel
X - Dodge/Break loose/Confirm/Take action
Square - Reload
Right Stick - Move Camera/Zoom in or out (long-range rifles)/Move Camera
Start - Open Pause Menu/Skip events

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2. Characters
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Here you can get to know the main characters of Yakuza: Dead Souls.

NOTE: The following information was taken directly from the loading screen 
during the game's installation process.

The mysterious owner of Sky Finance, a mony-lending firm. Some say he was 
homeless in the not-so-distant  past. Also owns the hostess club elise.

April 1, 2011 was like any other day, with his assistan, Hana, pestering him 
to make his collection rounds.

But the two of them were in for the shock of their lives.

A hyper-combative yakuza once known as Mad Dog Majima.

Now patriarch of the Tojo Clan's Majima Family, and head of the Kamurocho Hills
development project.

Around the same time he heard a one-time enemy, Ryuji Goda, had returned to 
Kamurocho, the town found itself teeming with zombies.

His response, however, was unbridled, maniacal laughter.

Former chairman of the Omi Alliance's Go-Ryu Clan.

Staged a coup against the Omi Alliance five years ago and invaded Kamurocho.

But he lost a battle with Kiryu and was expelled from the Omi Alliance.

He dropped out of sight for five years until resurfacing in Kamurocho once 

The legendary yakuza known as the Dragon of Dojima. Once served as the fourth 
chairman of the Tojo Clan.

Currently runs the Sunshine Orphanage in Okinawa, enjoying a peaceful life 
taking care of children with Haruka, the daughter of his deceased beloved.

But that life was shattered in April 2011 by a call from an unknown man who 
claimed to be holding Haruka captive.

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3. Enemies
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Yakuza: Dead Souls features a very wide variety of enemy types. This section of
the guide will give you strategies to deal with each different enemy in an 
effective manner.

 Recommended weapon: Any
 The undead are the most plentiful enemies in the game. They come in a variety 
 of shapes and sizes. The normal zombies shuffle around and lunge at you, and 
 they can be killed virtually any way possible. There is a buff, charging zombie
 that will knock you down. Then there are zombies that are super-powered and 
 require more ammunition to put away.
 Monkey Boy
 Recommended weapon: Shotgun/Melee
 The Monkey Boys are young boys that have been turned into the undead. They roll
 around on rollerblades and have bicycle helmets. They can latch onto you and 
 your partners and take away a very large amount of health. They can also do 
 baseball slides to tackle people. The best strategy is to knock them down with 
 a kick or a shotgun blast, and then attack them while they are on the ground 
 and vulnerable.
 Meat Head
 Recommended weapon: Machineguns
 Meat Heads are armored monsters that have one very obvious weak spot: their 
 face. Their face is the only unarmored part of their body. Blast them directly 
 in the face to deal the most damage. It's good keep distance between you and 
 them as many of their attacks are close-ranged. They also throw explosive 
 barrels and boulders and other objects.
 Cry Baby
 Recommended weapon: Any
 Cry Babies cower in fear and scream, attracting the attention of zombies and 
 making more and more show up. Cry Babies will keep spawning new zombies in this
 manner until they are killed. They should always be a priority when faced with 
 multiple enemies at once. They are easily killed, but they run away.
 Recommended weapon: Shotgun/Machineguns
 Aggros are fast-paced and very dangerous. They perform acrobatics and 
 light-footed, able to dodge many attacks. The best plan of attack is to use a 
 shotgun or a machinegun, and constantly laying fire in their direction until 
 some hit. When they charge for a running strike is a perfect time to blast them
 in the face. They can deal devastating melee combos. The good thing about 
 Aggros is that they do not engage in battle unless they are attacked first.
 Recommended weapon: Handgun/Sniper rifle
 Fatties walk around and serve as boosts to the other zombies around. They have 
 a special gas in their bodies that when it is released, it powers up the other 
 monsters that are in the gas. They are easily killed if you shoot them in their
 stomachs and release the gas. You need to shoot them directly in the head to 
 kill them efficiently without boosting up the other enemies in the area.
 Recommended weapon: Shotgun/Machineguns
 Dipteras are flying demons. They move around and actively try to avoid your 
 attacks, which can't be said about all the enemies. They spit acid which does a
 decent amount of damage. Close-ranged shotgun shots do well, as do machinegun 
 Recommended weapon: Molotov Cocktails
 Hermits are armored enemies that are practically invincible until their armor 
 is destroyed. You can destroy their armor just by shooting them with regular 
 rounds, but there are quicker ways to get armor off of it. Using fire by 
 blowing up barrels or cars or whatever does well to destroy their armor, but 
 chucking a few Molotov Cocktails does well, too. When their armor is gone, 
 their exposed bodies only take a few more shots and they are done with.
 Recommended weapon: Various
 Prototypes are the bosses in the game. There is a wide variety of Prototypes in
 the game, and you will find detailed strategies to deal with each individual 
 Prototype throughout the walkthrough.
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 4. Walkthrough
 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
 The game opens with Kiryu receiving a phone call at the Sunshine Orphanage that
 he runs that someone has kidnapped Haruka, the daughter of his dead soulmate.
 But then shifts perspectives to Shun Akiyama. As he strolls the streets of 
 Kamurocho, his assitant Hana chases him down. She forces him to get his work 
 done. After their conversation is over, you will have control of Shun!
 You are cut off from exploring the city, so head north. On your radar, you will
 see a pink arrow pointing north anyway. That pink arrow indicates your next 
 objective. Taking a few steps down the road will initiate a short scene in 
 which an old man gives you Memos. These have various information, including 
 info about characters, tips, and more.
 Walk forward a little bit more to trigger another cut-scene. A strange man 
 walks into a building, and then winds up in the elevator. He bites someone in 
 the elevator, an event that is witnessed on a security camera by a high ranking
 yakuza official. He orders his men to prepare as the elevator comes up to their
 floor. The bitten man falls to the ground, dead, and the zombie stumbles out of
 the elevator. He is riddled with bullets, but does not die.
 As Hana and Shun continue walking down the street, a crowd gathers, attracted 
 to the gunshots coming from the building. The zombie manages to kill everyone 
 inside, tossing the yakuza boss out of the window. The yakuza boss then bites a
 cop that tries to help before turning his attention to Hana. Hana flees as 
 Akiyama threatens the zombie. The cop gets the zombie's attention by firing a 
 few slugs into its back, but he is then attacked by a zombie that falls out of 
 the window and lands on him.
 Akiyama runs for the subway system, but he is cornered! You will once again be 
 able to play the game. In this instance, the game will teach you how to shoot 
 your weapon and hold back the zombie horde. First, the game will ask you to 
 simply shoot at the zombies. To shoot, point your character towards the zombies
 and then tap R1. Tap R1 repeatedly to blast the zombies to hell. Keep doing 
 this until the game declares your attempts a "SUCCESS"!
 The second skill the game teaches you is how to reload. You can reload after 
 a clip runs dry by tapping R1 again, but as explained by the tutorial, pressing
 Square will reload faster. Waste a few bullets into the zombies and then press 
 Square to reload. Do this again to complete the second part of the shooting 
 The third and final rung of your zombie combat training is to learn how to 
 strafe. To strafe, hold down L1 to position the camera behidn Akiyama, or 
 whoever you happen to be controlling. Then use the left stick to move to the 
 left or right to strafe. Do this while firing at the zombies for a while until 
 the game decides you've done enough. Now kick some zombie ass! Kill all the 
 zombies in this area using your newfound skills.
 When they're all dead, Hana will rush into the subway to check on Akiyama. 
 Akiyama and Hana decide to return to the Sky Finance offices. Use your radar 
 to get through the streets and to the office building. You will have to cut 
 through an alleyway filled with bicycles to reach the stairs that lead up to 
 your offices. Climb up the stairs to conclude this chapter.
 Akiyama will plop down on his couch and start smoking, obviously disturbed 
 with the experience. He and Hana reflect a little on the strange events, and 
 Hana decides to stay the night with Akiyama to make ure he's okay. Hana tells 
 Akiyama to "keep his hands off". Akiyama laughs at the notion that he could be 
 attracted to an obese girl such as Hana, hurting her feelings.
 Akiyama wakes the next morning, having falling asleep reading a magazine. He 
 finds Hana asleep on the couch, visibly shaking. Akiyama checks on her, only to
 discover that her mild temperature from the day before has climbed 
 dramatically. A pounding on the door wakes Hana, and startles Akiyama. He grabs
 his pistol and approaches the door with caution.
 Suddenly the door is knocked off the hinges. Akiyama takes a few steps back to 
 gain a strategic vantage point. Multiple zombies begin pouring into the office.
 Time for more Zombie Suppression lessons! The game will teach you how to dodge 
 the undead. To do so, you need to use the X button to roll around. Just do this
 a few times to accomplish this first step.
 Step two is to teach you how to kick. If there are no items on the ground to 
 pick up, simply pressing O will cause the character to kick. However, if you 
 need to kick and avoid picking up whatever is on the ground near you, you have 
 to hold L1 to initiate strafing, and then kick. Kick the zombies in the 
 apartment a few times to get this part over with. Try to stay away from the 
 middle of the room, though, as they can surround and kill you pretty easily. 
 Remember that kicking zombies will not kill them, but it's useful when you need
 to knock them back a bit and get breathing room or escape.
 And finally, it's time to learn how to use weapons that are just lying around 
 to your advantage. By pressing O when there's a red arrow above an object, you 
 will pick that object up. Press R1 to use the object as a weapon. In this 
 specific case, the game wants you to grab golf clubs from the golf bag lying 
 on the ground near the bookcase. One swing and the club will break, so stick 
 by the bag as you bash the zombies in the head with the clubs. Repeat the 
 process until the game is satisfied with your ability to hit dead things with 
 sporting goods.
 With these tutorials complete, it's time to, you guessed it, "kick some zombie 
 ass!" Mash on R1 until all the freaks are dead. Since they have been damaged 
 by the golf clubs, they will be easy pickings.
 Akiyama looks out the window to discover that the city has been overrun with 
 more zombies. He asks her if she can walk, but her fever is too powerful and 
 she is unable to. He decides to go ask Doctor Emoto for help for Hana. Hana 
 refuses to stay in the offices with the dead zombies (...). Akiyama carries her
 down the stairs to the second floor, where there's a bar. He hides her in the 
 bar and then returns to the city streets to retrieve medical help for her.
 The game then teaches you about the map, or radar as I like to call it. The 
 mini-map at the bottom left hand corner of the screen is very useful, as I've 
 already pointed out. There's also a big map you can access through the pause 
 menu. These maps show areas you haven't been to yet in blue, the next primary 
 objective in neon pink, and they also point out areas such as shops that can 
 prove to be useful during the game.
 Leave the backlot through the alley. You'll see a van with a few zombies 
 standing on top of it across the street. As you make your way towards the van, 
 the game will stop you for yet another tutorial. This time it's about aiming! 
 You can't move and shoot, but by pushing L2, you can aim your weapon. Do this 
 now to take out the zombies that are standing on top of the van. Don't worry 
 about ammo; at this juncture, it is infinite.
 When the zombies die, you will level up! And guess what? The game will then go 
 into a tutorial to teach you about leveling up. By completing objectives and 
 killing zombies in the game, you will earn XP. When you earn enough XP, you 
 will go up in level. This will increase the amount of health you have as well 
 as give you a "Soul Point" to spend.
 To spend the Soul Point you just got, press start to open the Pause Menu. Then 
 scroll down to "Abilities" and press X. From this screen, you will be able to 
 purchase new abilities, improve existing ones, and more. Right now there's not 
 much to upgrade with only one Soul Point. The Head Tracking ability is a good 
 choice, though, especially if you don't like the aiming in the game. At any 
 rate, you are forced to spend the Soul Point, so do so, and remember that you 
 can cycle through the various ability screens using L1 and R1. Once you have 
 made your upgrade, back out of these menus. Keep in mind I will not remind you 
 to upgrade yourself, as that part of the game is supposed to be based purely 
 on your own personal playing preferences.
 Continue down the street, towards the pink arrow on your mini-map. Akiyama will
 pause to watch a group of zombies around a destroyed van. Kill them all, then 
 continue. A barricade prevents Akiyama from continuing down the road, but he 
 decides that he can cut through the building to the left to get around and 
 continue towards Emoto's conlic. Kill any remaining zombies and then go through
 this building as per Akiyama's suggestion.
 Kill the zombies in the first room, then go up the stairs. Kill the zombies 
 here as well. A few more will show up, so kill them too, and then head towards 
 the broken window at the end of this room. The game will then return to 
 "tutorial mode" to teach you about exploding barrels. Basically, shoot the 
 barrels enough times and they blow up. Do so to kill all the zombies in the 
 room and blow open the nearby door.
 Go through the next room. Then down the stairs, and up the next stairs. The 
 path is linear until you reach a closed door that seems like a dead end. A 
 bunch of zombies will then burst through the door. Hold your position and kill 
 as many as possible. If they begin to overwhelm you, retreat, and then return 
 to killing them. When the coast is clear, go through the doorway that they 
 broke through and down that stairwell. Kill any stragglers, and then keep 
 going through the building until you reach an actual dead end.
 Akiyama will then turn around, revealing a few zombies entered the room behind 
 you. Kill them all. A few more will come into the room as well. If they begin 
 to overwhelm, mash on the X button and escape into the hallway. They won't 
 leave the room, so you can kill them all from the safety of the hallway and 
 won't have to worry about getting hurt! When they're all dead, return to the 
 Akiyama will approach the boarded up wall that is impeding his progress. The 
 game then teaches you about how to destroy some environmental obstacles. You 
 can shoot the wall or kick it until its health meter at the bottom right 
 corner of the screen is depleted and the wall is destroyed. You have infinite 
 ammo, so do whichever method pleases you most to destroy the boarded up wall. 
 Then jump through the hole and back outside.
 The game then teaches you about the checkpoint system. Yes, you've already 
 gotten a checkpoint earlier, but I don't know why it decides to teach you 
 about them now. At any rate, you will periodically get a checkpoint during 
 chapters. As you could imagine, you can return to these checkpoints if you 
 happen to die.
 Head forward. Kill the zombies, then cross the street. Go through the alley. 
 Kill the zombies in the backlot, and then go through the next alley. You will 
 yet again be stopped to be taught about health. There is an energy drink in 
 the middle of this alley. Pick it up. If you need health, go to the pause 
 menu, then the sub-menu labeled "items" and use the energy drink. Otherwise, 
 continue into the street and towards the pink arrow on your mini-map.
 Time to learn about Heat Sniping! Heat Sniping is Akiyama's special attack. If 
 you haven't noticed, at the upper left corner of the screen, there is a green 
 bar. This bar is filled by attacking zombies. Fill this bar completely by 
 firing at the zombies crowding around the car in the middle of the street. Once
 it is filled, the game will then tell you how to actually perform the Heat 
 Snipe ability.
 Basically, whenever there is a green exclamation point surrounded by a 
 segmented circle, that is something that can be "Heat Sniped". The gas tank on 
 the car that the zombies are hanging out at is one such thing. Press triangle 
 to enter the Heat Snipe mode. Make sure to focus on the gas tank of the car, 
 and then tap R1. A button will then pop up on the screen, and you have until 
 the meter running through that button runs out to press it. Complete this QTE 
 to successfully nail the gas tank with a heated round to blow the zombies sky 
 With the zombies dead and the car well destroyed, keep heading forward down 
 the street. The "STOP" icon on your mini-map will appear, but ignore it for 
 now. Head that way anyway to initiate another cut-scene. It appears that the 
 government has sectioned off your part of the city from the rest, making 
 Emoto's clinic inaccessible. Frustrated, Akiyama starts pounding on the large 
 metal gate that's in place, attracting the attention of a yakuza named 
 Nagahama reveals he knows a way to get past the gate. However, the way out is 
 infested with zombies. With Akiyama reluctant to hand over his own gun, 
 Nagahama agrees to show him the way if Akiyama were to get him a gun of his 
 own. Nagahama tells Akiyama that a DVD shop has guns hidden under the counter 
 in case of robberies. Akiyama agrees to get Nagahama a weapon in exchange for 
 the information.
 Once you regain control of Akiyama, head straight down the road. I recommend 
 killing all the zombies here since there is a lot of space to move around and 
 it's like shooting fish in a barrel. There are explosive canisters lying around
 that you can shoot with your Heat Sniping attack to kill clusters of them at 
 once. When they're all dead or if you choose to run by the zombies, hug the 
 right side of the street near the theater to find a staircase that descends. 
 The pink objective marker will appear on your mini-map now, indicating that's 
 the way to go.
 Go down the stairs. Kill the zombies down here, and then go down the escalator.
 Continue forward, and you'll be stopped by a "brash woman". This scientist 
 offers you a deal. For data on zombies, she'll reward you greatly. She 
 introduces herself as Hasegawa, and she is from outside the quarantine zone. 
 By completing various side objectives during the game, you can fulfill these 
 challenges given to you by Hasegawa. Return to her outside the quarantine zone 
 when you have done this to earn points that can be used to gain rewards. You 
 can also accept specific missions from her yourself, known as Spec Ops, to 
 earn even more points.
 But for now, Hana is priority. Go down the next set of stairs indicated on your
 mini-map. Kill the zombies down here and approach the door. Press X to go 
 through the door. You will be taken to a screen that will grade your 
 performance during this chapter so far, which will net you extra XP and Soul 
 Points, if you have done well enough.
 Walk into the DVD shop. Nagahama will catch up with you, along with a ragtag 
 group of survivors. Luckily one of the survivors had worked in the shop 
 previously and can input the code to access the hidden guns. Akiyama gets first
 pick at the guns since he cleared the path there. He'll choose a pistol to 
 match his own for dual-wielding, a sub-machinegun, and another pistol. The 
 game will then teach you how to equip weapons.
 Go to the pause menu. Then choose "equipment". Then equip the new guns to 
 the d-pad. Afterwards, back out of the menu. You can talk to the survivors. 
 When you are ready to leave, speak with Nagahama. He will ask you if you're 
 truly ready. Say that you are, and you will be taken out of the DVD shop 
 The exit out of the quarantine zone is located on Suppon Street. Nagahama is 
 coming with you, and you will be taught how to give orders to partners. Hold R2
 and scroll through the list of orders with the d-pad. Tell Nagahama to attack 
 to satisfy the game and let it know you know what the hell you're doing. He 
 will then complain about being injured. To tell a partner to heal themselves, 
 you have to hold R2 and press O. They will not heal themselves automatically, 
 so you need to keep an eye on their health meter as well as their number of 
 first aid kits.
 Go up the stairs. Murder all the zombies. Then go up the escalator. Go up the 
 next flight of stairs to reach the streets. Outside, you will be greeted by 
 yet another mob of zombies. Nagahama will suggest a co-op Heat Snipe. Raise 
 the meter by attacking the mob until it is full. The symbol near your 
 partner's face will indicate when a co-op Heat Snipe is possible. If the symbol
 is glowing green, then that's your cue to press Triangle and initiate the 
 co-op Heat Snipe.
 Use the Heat Snipe to kill the mob of zombies. It functions very similarly to 
 the Heat Sniping you've done earlier. With that mob dead, continue killing your
 way through the streets, all the while heading towards the pink objective 
 marker on the mini-map. At a certain point, you will come across an alley that 
 contains a brand new monster. These Meat Heads are giant, tank-like enemies 
 with their only weak spot being their meaty heads.
 Firstly, use the explosives in the alley to thin out the zombies and deal 
 damage to the Meat Head as well. Then take out the stragglers and lure the 
 Meat Head into the street. Then run past him and down the alleyway. From this 
 position, take aim and use your machinegun to deal a ton of damage to his head.
 After he dies, continue down the alleyway until you are introduced to the 
 The stockpiles are similar to item boxes in the older Resident Evil games, 
 except they also contain new items. You can manage your inventory with these. 
 Take all the supplies out of this stockpile. When you're done, approach the 
 manhole cover on the ground. Press X on top of it. Nagahama will use a crowbar 
 to open it, and then both of you will head into the sewer, which leads 
 outside of the quarantine zone.
 It's too dark to see in the sewer at first, but Nagahama gives you an LED light 
 to brighten up the sewer a bit. Then it's just a matter of pushing your way 
 through the sewers, murdering zombies. You'll reach a larger, open room with a 
 crazy amount of the undead, so use the explosive barrels in that area to your 
 advantage. Then continue through the sewer system until there's a path to the 
 left, and a room in front of you. Go into the room to find energy drinks lying 
 on the ground, then backtrack and take the other path. Zombies will fall from 
 the ceiling, so kill them, then continue through the sewers.
 You will come across the Cry Baby. If you're familiar with the Left 4 Dead 
 games, these chicks are like that. They scream at the top of their lungs, 
 attracting the attention of the zombies nearby. Unlike the Witch, the Cry 
 Babies aren't extremely deadly. You just need to kill her as quick as possible,
 or else zombies will constantly spawn. This is actually a good way to farm XP 
 if you have enough healing items to make sure you won't die. In any case, kill 
 the Cry Baby, defeat all the leftover zombies, and then continue through the 
 sewers until you reach a ladder.
 You'll be out of the quarantine zone once you open the manhole cover. Nagahama 
 will decline returning to the zombie-infested areas to help you with Hana, but 
 he does offer a tip about an underground arms dealer that sells new weapons as 
 well as upgrades ones that you already have. Nagahama and Akiyama depart on 
 good terms.
 Dr. Emoto's clinic is nearby. Start heading towards the purple objective marker
 on the mini-map. You will be stopped by Kamiyama, the brother of the weapons 
 dealer that Nagahama was talking about. He will lead you to a truck where he 
 and his brother sell and mod weapons. You can also purchase various items from 
 Kamiyama as well. Buy and sell as needed. Kamiyama will offer a room in the 
 back of his truck to be your hideout. You can save, mess around with items, and
 what-not back there as you please.
 Exit the truck when you're ready. As soon as you step outside, Hasegawa will 
 confront you and take you to the hospital where she works. She'll introduce 
 you to another one of her helpers, Akaishi, a member of the Crimson Shield 
 force that work to bring peace to Kamurocho. The Crimson Shield has been busy 
 searching for more ways in and out of the quarantine zone.
 The game uses this time to teach you about Free Battles. Free Battle is when 
 you enter the quarantine zone in an area that is not a part of the main story. 
 You do this to level grind, obviously. To see if you really have what it takes 
 to help her in the research of the zombies, Hasegawa forces you to complete a 
 Free Battle. Speak to the Crimson Shield member standing by the nearby blue 
 elevator to head to the Free Battle area.
 Kill all the zombies that you want, then head to the left area. Go up the 
 stairs, and kill all the zombies that get in your path. Fight your way to the 
 set of double doors and press X next to them to head into the next area. Fight 
 your way through the zombies, killing as many as you possibly can for the XP. 
 Keep fighting and going up stairs. You will encounter a Cry Baby eventually, so
 kill it. Then keep going until you come across an escalator. Stand near the 
 escalator and kill the zombies that come out of the ceiling for as long as you 
 can stand it, and then go up the escalator.
 Walk outside. Now that Akiyama has proven he can handle traveling into the 
 quarantine zone, it's time to head back to Hasegawa. Backtrack all the way to 
 the starting area. Kill any zombies that you want along the way. Be sure to 
 farm some if you feel like you need the XP, or if you simply want the XP. Once 
 you reach the big blue elevator doors again, press X to activate them.
 Hasegawa will reward you for your time and run off. She'll then send you an 
 e-mail giving you side missions. With this little detour dealt with, start 
 making your way back to Dr. Emoto's clinc again. When you finally reach it, 
 you will speak to his assistant. Unfortunately, Emoto is out on a call. Akiyama
 convinces the assistant to give him fever-reducing medicine for Hana's sake.
 Outside of the hospital, Akiyama is stopped from helping Hana yet again. This 
 time it's by an American named Gary that offers training for Akiyama. He 
 convinces Akiyama to follow him to the training grounds, which is the basement 
 of some raggedy building. You have to do a little bit of training. Choose 
 between Field Training or Shooting Training. Then complete it. Get your XP and 
 grade. Then exit through the door with the martial arts poster on it.
 You can return to Gary later for more training. You can earn XP and unlock 
 special attacks by doing his training, but right now, Hana still needs that 
 medicine. You will be asked outside of Gary's gym whether or not you want to 
 head directly back to the manhole. Choose to do this, then press X at the 
 manhole cover to return to the sewers.
 Fight your way back through the sewers. There will be a Cry Baby early on to 
 kill, and later two Meat Heads. I very much recommend killing the Meat Heads 
 since you are given a lot of room and they will yield a ton of XP after they 
 are killed. Once you reach the ladder that you entered the sewers with to begin
 with way back when with Nagahama, climb it to return to the quarantine zone.
 Backtrack your way through the streets now. Kill the zombies as they get in 
 your way. When you reach the playground, Akiyama will point out an area to go 
 through that will allow you to continue backtracking to Hana. When you reach 
 the backlot that has the stairs leading up to your office, there will be a Cry 
 Baby. Kill it. Kill the zombies, and then go up the stairs.
 Akiyama will find that the bar has been broken into, and blood covers the 
 walls. He goes into the room that he left Hana in, only to find that it is 
 inhabited by two zombies. These zombies have pink eyes and have considerably 
 more health than the zombies encountered thus far. Use the melee objects in the
 bar to wear down their health, and then lay into them with your firearms. Try 
 to swing at them in a manner that you can hit both of them simultaneously to 
 avoid being double-teamed.
 After they've both been defeated, Akiyama will look pretty lost as Hana is 
 missing. The bar's phone then rings. Akiyama answers it and, sure enough, it's 
 Hana! Hana reveals she had to run away due to zombies breaking into the bar. 
 She has fled to the Oriental Building. When the conversation is over, exit the 
 Kill any zombies and get into the street. Start heading towards the pink 
 objective marker. The Monkey Boy enemy type will be introduced. These fast 
 little buggers like to pounce on you and knock you off your feet. To defeat 
 them, run over and kick them to the ground. Then take aim and lay into them 
 with a few shots. They will get back up, but just keep repeating the process. 
 The best time to kick them is after you've successfully dodged one of their 
 Fight your way through the streets more until you find stairs leading down into
 the underground mall. There will be a lot of zombies down here, but kill them 
 all so you can mess with the nearby stockpile that has a ton of SMG ammo. Take
 what you want from the stockpile, then go through the doorway that is to the 
 immediate right of the stockpile.
 This will put you in the Central Parking Lot. If you check the ground, you will
 find a chainsaw that you can use. Fight your way through this parking lot. 
 There is a Meat Head to fight, but this fight is made even easier thanks to the
 fact that you can use many of the cars in the parking lot as great cover, 
 allowing you to shoot the face of the Meat Head from a safe and secure 
 Continue through the parking lot until you come across a dying SDF Officer. He 
 asks for help, but then dies. Approach his truck and press X to take control 
 of the turret on top. Use the turret to wipe out all the zombies in the area. 
 Hop out of the truck by pressing O when all the enemies are dead, and walk to 
 the end of the parking lot to find a manhole cover. Press X at the cover to 
 once again enter the sewers.
 Fight your way through the undead in the sewers. Keep slaughtering the zombies 
 until you come across a series of three barricades. Kill the zombies behind 
 the barricades before destroying them. Then destroy all the barricades and 
 keep fighting throught he sewers. You will then come across even more zombies 
 and a couple of Monkey Boys. Kill them all. Then climb the ladder to be 
 outside the Oriental Building.
 The SDF are attempting to set up another barricade in this area. However, their
 tanks is overrun by zombies, and a few of them are killed. The construction 
 crew manage to finish the barricade. Akiyama witnesses these events, but he is 
 snapped out of his distraction by Nagahama! Akiyama follows Nagahma to safety 
 as a ton of zombies are on his tail.
 Turn around and RUN from the zombies as they pile in. Down the hall, you will 
 find a Meat Head. Kill it, and then kill any of the zombies that actually 
 followed you into this building. Go down the escalator you reach, but not 
 before ravaging the stockpile for supplies.
 Kill all the zombies in your path as you continue to descend down stairs. Keep 
 going until you reach another dead end room. Akiyama will hear a crash. 
 Backtrack a bit to discover zombies have ripped a hole through the floor in the
 nearby room. How convenient! Murder them all and then drop through the hole. 
 Then get ready for a giant wave of zombies, including a Cry Baby. Kill them all
 and then continue pushing through the theater area.
 You will have to fight a Monkey Boy and a few more zombies before you reach the
 next door. Take care of them and then go through the following door. Continue 
 pushing through until you reach the room with the blue elevator. The room is 
 filled with Meat Heads and zombies, and Akiyama decides to ditch. Sprint 
 through the area to the exit. You'll have to wait for Nagahama to join you 
 before you can continue, though. Nagahama will go climb the ladder and open the
 manhole with his crowbar while you hold off the zombies at the bottom of the 
 Nagahama will be successful and Akiyama follows him up the ladder. The SDF 
 scramble to seal the manhole cover to prevent more leaks.
 Nagahama reveals to Akiyama that there are plenty more ways to break into the 
 quarantine zone. He takes Akiyama to one such area that will allow him to 
 reach Hana quickly. Before Akiyama can go save her, though, he is once again 
 sidetracked by a loony character. "A fidgety man" begins rambling to Akiyama 
 about a "cursed manhole cover". He will formally introduce himself as Kine and 
 then give you a side mission to go investigate the manhole cover.
 Hasegawa will then e-mail you with updated information about how to get in and 
 out of the quarantine zone, as well as some info about survivors trapped in the
 quarantine zone that you can investigate if you have the time. When you're 
 ready, speak with Nagahama to get back into the quarantine zone.
 Kill all the zombies in this initial area; if you don't, the game will not let 
 you progress. Once they're all dead, you can go through the hole in the wall 
 on the second floor. Kill the zombies and maneuver around the shelves. Grab 
 the Toughness Z off the ground and then walk out into the hallway. Kill any 
 zombies that are around and then examine the elevator.
 Akiyama will discover that the elevator is dead, but he deduces that there may 
 be a switch downstairs. Kill all the zombies and the Monkey Boy down here. 
 Then follow the purple objective marker into a small, adjacent room. Use the 
 stockpile here to gather supplies, and then interact with the switch on the 
 wall that is blinking red to activate the power. A noise will startle Akiyama 
 after he flips the switch.
 Turn around to see a Meat Head clamboring his way towards you. Fire at his 
 face until he gets close, then exit the small room before you can are cornered.
 Then run behind the Meathead. Wait for him to turn around, then finish him off.
 There's an elevator on this floor, too, so you don't have to go back up the 
 stairs. Just interact with the elevator doors on this floor to enter it.
 Find a corner and put your back to it. Then pull out a gun and aim. Zombies 
 will start falling into the elevator through the ceiling. Kill them all and 
 then put your back to the wall, facing the elevator doors. Pull out the fastest
 gun you have, and then take aim. The doors will slide open, and a bunch of 
 zombies will start pouring out. Kill them all, and then step into the hallway.
 Walk around the corner and get the attention of the Monkey Boy and the zombies 
 in the next room, ignoring the Meat Head for now. Then retreat back into the 
 hallway. Put your back against the wall that has the chainsaw lying in front of
 it and wait. Kill the zombies as they round the corner. Wait for the Monkey Boy
 to get close, then kick him to the ground and shoot him. Repeat the process 
 until he's dead.
 Poke your head around the corner and kill any straggling zombies. Then kill the
 Meat Head. Turn your attention to the Chinese door at the end of the room and 
 smash it. In the next hallway, quickly dispatch the Cry Baby, and once again 
 try to get your back to a wall so you can pick off the zombies as they come 
 and you can't get surrounded. When they're all dead, go up the flight of stairs
 to reach a stockpile and a checkpoint. Use the stockpile as needed then go up 
 the next flight of stairs, as indicated on your mini-map by the pink objective 
 As he reaches the next floor, a locker will fall down. Hana yells for help from
 inside the locker. Akiyama saves her from the locker, and gives her the fever 
 medicine. She feels almost instantly better, but then a large monster attacks! 
 This thing looks almost exactly like the Lickers from the Resident Evil games, 
 and it's deadly. Akiyama and Hana retreat into another room. The monster 
 prepares to attack, but suddenly, it is riddled with bullets. The group of 
 survivors that Akiyama encountered earlier and helped reach the DVD shop are 
 repaying their debt!
 Akiyama thanks them, and then tells them to get Hana to safety. They take Hana 
 out of the room, leaving Akiyama to finish off this monster. The Arahabaki 
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabaki Prototype............................................................
 This Licker knock-off is no push-over. Run away from it and make sure it is 
 always on the opposite side of the room than you. Fire at it from this 
 distance, which will eat away at its health meter. The monster will try to 
 stretch out its limbs and tongue at you, but as long as you are far away 
 enough, it can't hurt you.
 Keep hitting it until it starts climbing on the walls and ceiling. You'll need 
 to find an advantageous point in the room so that you have a clear view of the 
 monster still, but all the while being out if its reach. Keep firing at it 
 until the green bar of its health is depleted.
 At this point, the Arahabaki Prototype will fall to the ground. Rush over to 
 it and aim straight down at the glowing diamond on its chest. Fire directly 
 into its chest at close range to deal a bunch of damage and drain its next 
 health meter. The monster will get back to its feet and then crawl up the walls
 and onto the ceiling. It will then pull itself through a hole in the ceiling.
 Aim upwards until you see its head poking through. Fire at its head until it 
 ducks away back inside the ceiling. At this point, just run around the room in 
 a circle to avoid its new attack, where it will smash its arm through the 
 holes in the ceiling and at the ground. After it does this for a while, it will
 poke its head out of the ceiling again. That is your cue to start laying into 
 the ugly beast.
 Keep repeating the process until it falls out of the hole and onto the ground. 
 Then rush over to it and start shooting the glowing red thing on its body again
 until it freaks out and runs away. It will start acting like it did at the 
 beginning of the battle, where it will run around the room, climb the walls, 
 and the ceiling, but it won't go back into the holes in the ceiling. At this 
 point keep shooting it until it falls again, then rush over and shoot the red 
 glowing thing on its body.
 Repeat the process until the Arahabki Prototype's health meters are completely 
 depleted and the monster is destroyed.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabaki Prototype............................................................
 With the monster defeated, Hana and the other survivors rush back into the 
 room. Upon examination of the Arahabaki Prototype's dead body, it is deduced 
 that someone created the monster on purpose, and that the zombies and all the 
 horror that is happening in the city isn't just a new disease or mutation...
 Majima is a zombie film fanatic, and as he reflects on a yakuza meeting from 
 earlier, he enjoys one. He reflects on the information learned regarding the 
 fact that his old enemy Ryuji Goda has returned to town just in time for a 
 yakuza ceremony to take place, with his fellow yakuza lieutenants believing it 
 could be a trap.
 Majima's film-viewing is interrupted when his thugs are attacked by real 
 zombies in his home. Majima joyfully begins killing the zombies...
 All of the XP and items from your Akiyama will be transferred over in the shift
 to Majima's point of view, so don't worry about losing progress. Majima is 
 packing a huge and extremely powerful shotgun, so use that to thin out the 
 zombies in this room until they have all been killed. He will be disappointed 
 that they're all dead, but hopes that they are more outside his room. Go 
 through the door to exit.
 Majima discovers that the building has been absolutely overrun with the undead.
 This excites him, but he needs more ammo if he wants to continue killing them. 
 Work your way towards the staircase (all other paths will be blocked off), and 
 only kill zombies that you absolutely feel that you need to in order to save 
 Go up the stairs, and then go to the designated room. Walk to the end of the 
 room to find a stockpile. One of your thugs will be in this room as well, 
 hiding from the zombies. He gives you a note from Hisegawa, basically giving 
 Majima the same offer that she gave Akiyama.
 The thug will run off. Interact with the stockpile and take all the ammo and 
 healing items from it that you can carry. Then exit the room. Majima will 
 decide to go to floor 56 to find an elevator so he can escape the building. 
 Backtrack, and then go to the office room to the right once you reach the 
 bottom of the stairs.
 Kill all the zombies in the first part of this room, and then continue. The 
 new enemy type called the Fattie (Boomers?) will be introduced. When they are 
 killed, the zombies that are in their gas become super-powered. Kill it and all
 the zombies around it (the super-powered zombies are really no big deal), then 
 use the next staircase.
 Kill all the zombies in the next room, which will include a Monkey Boy. Fight 
 your way into the bar-area, where a group of zombies will spring to their feet.
 Take them out, then kill the Meat Head in this room, using the bar counter as a
 buffer between the two of you. Continue, and then you will find the elevators. 
 Interact with the designated elevator.
 Majima will then notice a Cry Baby has approached. The Cry Baby will attract 
 more zombies. Kill the Cry Baby and then kill all the zombies that are 
 summoned. When they're all dead, the elevator will arrive. Approach the 
 elevator and press X to get inside and ride it to the floor below.
 Majima is glad to see that there are plenty of zombies on this floor as well. 
 I recommend staying still and letting them come to you, as there truly are a 
 ton of zombies in this room. Kill them all as they come, and kill the two 
 Fatties as well. Once all the enemies are dead, Majima will decide it's time to
 go outside and kill even more zombies!
 Go up the escalator and then run along until you reach another elevator. Press 
 X at the elevator. Outside, Majima will notice people running and screaming 
 about a "monster". Use the Stockpile next to you and then head out into the 
 street. Walk towards the white van. Suddenly, a giant monster that looks like 
 an ape made out of boulders attacks the van, throwing it straight at Majima! 
 Majima laughs and dodges it, and then smacks the monster in the face with the 
 butt of his shotgun!
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Onraki Prototype...............................................................
 Another BOSS FIGHT!!! already?! Get away from the Onraki and get into the 
 nearby tank. Mash on the X button to load the missile, and then fire it 
 directly at the Onraki. Repeat this process until the tank is out of ammo, and 
 once you hop out of the tank, the rest of the Onraki's armor will fall off. If 
 you miss a shot or something along those lines, you will have to shoot the 
 Onraki with your shotgun until its armor falls off, but this takes longer.
 When its armor is off, find a lamp post or any other kind of obstacle. The 
 Onraki is too stupid to walk around things, meaning you can stand on one side 
 of the obstacle while it is on the other, just laying into its red glowing 
 heart with shotgun blasts. Whenever the Onraki lifts up its arms or jumps into 
 the air, though, mash the X button to avoid taking damage from the attack. The 
 same rule applies for when it tries to throw barrels or trash cans at you.
 If your health gets to even slightly below half, HEAL. The Onraki's attacks 
 almost always deal about 35% damage, making it an extremely deadly foe. Don't 
 be shy about using your healing items.
 The Onraki will occasionally pick up cars to throw at you as well. If you have 
 your Heat Snipe meter filled, you can shoot the car when it is above the 
 Onraki's head to blow it up, severely injuring the beast and making it fall to 
 the ground. This, of course, allows you to run up close and fire directly into 
 its heart without fear of it attacking.
 Heal, dodge, and shoot until the Onraki's health meters have all been drained 
 and the monster is dead.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Onraki Prototype...............................................................
 Majima will receive a phone call from his Yakuza bosses, asking why he isn't at
 the ceremony. He promises to be there in five minutes, but then he hears the 
 sound of zombies attacking them! Majima hangs up, excited to join them for 
 another "party". Continue through the streets, heading towards the pink 
 objective marker detailed on your mini-map. Make a pit stop at the next 
 military vehicle you see, and approach the side door of it to loot supplies 
 from it in a manner similar to Stockpiles.
 Blast your way through the narrow streets. You will come across yet another 
 new enemy type. This one is called Aggro, and they have martial arts attacks. 
 However, if you ignore them, they will ignore you. Leave this guy alone, and 
 continue through the streets, blasting away zombies, and maneuvering around 
 barricades and debris towards the pink objective marker.
 Majima will come across a large military barricade that is blocking his way 
 out of the quarantine zone.
 Tetsuo Nikaido pulls up in a limo. Nikaido is a part of a rival yakuza clan. 
 He helps Majima get out of the quarantine zone, and tells him to go save his 
 clan at the Kamurocho Hills ceremony, where they are being terrorized by 
 Outside the quarantine zone, you are free to use the truck or do whatever. If 
 you try heading towards the pink objective marker, you will find yourself 
 blocked from all directions. Run into two barricades, and Majima will suggest 
 using a path from the south. Go far south a few streets, then cut through an 
 alley and turn around, facing north, on the other side of one of the 
 barricades. Keep running north towards the pink objective marker.
 Majima will come across an area that has yet to be blocked with a quarantine 
 barricade. The SDF scramble to get the barricade set up, but Majima runs 
 through before they can place it. Majima crazily begins killing all the zombies
 as the SDF plead for him to return to the other side. They give up. You'll get 
 control of Majima yet again. Kill anything that gets in your way as you head 
 towards the objective marker. There will be a Cry Baby in this area as well as 
 a Meat Head; they are worth killing if you need XP. When you get closer to the 
 objective marker, there will be a Stockpile that you can loot.
 Go towards the big red shutter doors and press X to Kamurocho Hills. Majima's 
 yakuza buddies have reached higher ground and are shooting the zombies in the 
 plaza area from there. Wipe out ALL the zombies in this area. You'll have to 
 fight a Monkey Boy and a Fattie, but this shouldn't be too hard with Majima's 
 amazing shotgun at your disposal. When they're all dead, the yakuza will tell 
 Majima that he has to go "around the back" to get inside...which means 
 fighting more zombies...which means Majima is gonna have a good time.
 Fight your way to the rear entrance. Kill all the zombies and the Meat Head, 
 and then fight your way down the street, killing even more zombies. One of the 
 undead will be prone to chucking Molotov cocktails your way, so be sure to 
 shoot him before he can set you on fire. As you reach the entrance, there will 
 be a large horde of zombies along with a Cry Baby that will keep summoning 
 more. However, there are also explosive canisters here. A well-placed Heat 
 Snipe Shot will lower their numbers considerably. From that point, it's just a 
 matter of killing the Cry Baby and taking out the stragglers.
 When they're all dead, press X on the door. Inside the mall, ignore the small 
 group of survivors and walk up the broken escalator. Walk along the second 
 floor until you reach a barricade of tables. Cut through the jewelry store next
 to the barricade to get around them. Then keep going until you see a yakuza 
 standing down a long, empty hall. Approach him and he will take you to the 
 supermarket where the yakuza and most of the other survivors are hiding out.
 Majima is confronted by Azumi, who becomes enraged at being mocked by Majima. 
 Daigo Dojima, the leader, reveals that the first attack occured against their 
 own Tojo offices in Kamurocho. They believe that the zombie outbreak may have 
 been caused by Goda and Nikaid of the Omi Clan, but Dojima is not entirely 
 sure they would go this far to attack the Tojo yakuza clan.
 Majima then assumes control of the survival efforts. He orders everyone to help
 push selves against the windows, to protect the women and children, and to 
 start rationing the food and water. A little girl runs up to Majima and calls 
 him a super hero, which actually touches his sociopathic heart, showing Majima 
 is more than just a blood-thirsty lunatic.
 Majima decides to get to know his fellow survivors in the supermarket. You can 
 speak with them if you'd like, but when you're ready to advance the story, 
 speak to Daigo Dojima. He will recommend that you go sleep. Take him up on his 
 offer. Unfortunately, Majima's rest is interrupted.
 The Tojo yakuza race towards the mall in large dump trucks, firing at the 
 zombies. They crash into the main doors, but inadvertently let the zombies 
 inside of the mall! Daigo and Majima then rush to contain the problem, with the
 little girl from earlier wishing Majima good luck.
 Once they leave the supermarket, Daigo and Majima hear the sound of a child 
 crying coming from the bathroom. They decide to take out all the zombies on the
 second floor first so that they can save the kid. The child's crying has 
 caused the zombies to become super-powered in a manner similar to what the 
 Fatties do, so they deal more damage and will take more damage. At any rate, 
 move carefully through the second floor towards the bathrooms. Zombies will 
 climb up the railings as well, so check your back occasionally to make sure 
 you aren't being cornered.
 There will be a Monkey Boy, but that will be all in terms of any advanced 
 mutant zombies. When they're all dead, press X at the bathroom door. By the 
 way, Daigo only has one medical kit to heal himself with, but after you save 
 the baby, it will respawn. It turns out there was a mother in the bathroom as 
 well. The mother and the baby are instructed to return to the supermarket.
 Majima and Daigo then head to the first floor to clear out the zombies there. 
 Just move along the floor and kill everything. You'll have to kill a Monkey 
 Boy and a Fattie and even an Aggro, but just keep pushing through and killing 
 them all until they have all been eradicated. There is a Stockpile on the 
 first floor as well, near the stage, with a ton of ammo and grenades, just so 
 you know.
 When they're all dead, Majima and Doiga will go to the hole in the doors that 
 was created by their idiot yakuza men. They stand guard and kill the zombies 
 for a while as their men start building a barricade at the door. Majima then 
 realizes that it will be better if he uses himself as bait, and runs into the 
 middle of the zombie crowd. There will be a timer that appears at the top of 
 the screen at this point. Just keep killing zombies and keep them away from the
 doors as you do so until the timer runs out.
 A zombie lunges at Majima and bites his arm. Doiga leaves the barricade to help
 Majima. They keep killing zombies, and then decide to find another way into the
 building. However, a man in a sewer catches their attention with a reflection. 
 Majima and Doiga rush to him, but are cut off by the Arahabaki...this time one 
 that can turn invisible! Doiga goes to fight off the zombies as Majima fights 
 the Arahabaki.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabaki Prototype A..........................................................
 This is the same monster that Akiyama faced, albeit this one can turn 
 invisible. Lucky for you, there is water all over the place that it will splash
 when it's invisible, so you can always know where it is. At any rate, this 
 fight is a much closer affair than the one Akiyama had, and as a result, uses a
 different strategy.
 The area that you can run around in is very small, but still try to stay out of
 arms-reach of the monster. Blast it constantly. When it turns invisible, you 
 should still be able to see where it is by using the disturbances in the water 
 as clues. Then return to blasting it repeatedly, preferrably with your shotgun.
 Other than that, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to watch for it to 
 reach its arm back. When it does this, it is about to swipe at you with its 
 elongated arm. That's your cue to press X to dodge out of the way. It may also 
 pounce on you, but that doesn't deal too much damage. Just mash on the X button
 repeatedly to escape its grasp. If your health gets to half or below half, you 
 need to heal.
 This fight is actually easier than the last, in my opinion. Just keep laying 
 into the beast until its health meters are depleted and it is dead.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabaki Prototype A..........................................................
 With the monster dead, the man from the sewer pokes his head out of the manhole
 again. Majima and Doiga rush over, and they escape just in time to avoid being 
 completely overrun by zombies. The manhole actually leads to a subway system, 
 and the man is a homeless man. However, he works for an information dealer 
 that works in a place called "Purgatory" that Majima is familiar with. The 
 homeless man agrees to lead Majima and Doiga to Purgatory.
 Before moving down the tunnel, interact with the Stockpile to gather supplies. 
 Then follow the homeless man and Doiga down the tunnel. There are flamethrowers
 lying around that you can pick up and use very much to your advantage. The 
 Monkey Boy mutant type is easily killed with flamethrowers. There are multiple 
 Aggros down the path as well, and they are not as easily killed with 
 flamethrowers. Fight your way down the tunnel until you reach a barricade with 
 ladders that is surrounded by zombies.
 Kill all the zombies. There are explosive barrels near the barricade that can 
 be used to kill a bunch of them at once. There is a Fattie, a Monkey Boy, and 
 an Aggro in the bunch as well, so be sure to take out the special zombies. A 
 good strategy is to pick up the flamethrower lying on the ground and push 
 forward on the left side, shooting flames the entire time. This will allow you
 to blow up a barrel that will kill a very large chunk of the enemies. 
 Regardless of how you do it, make sure all the zombies and mutants are dead to 
 continue to Purgatory.
 Purgatory is an extravagant underground city. The homeless man will tell you 
 that "The Florist", the leader of Purgatory, is located clear at the back of 
 it. Start making your way there. An SDF officer will start yelling about zombie
 serum that he's selling. Doiga laughs it off, but Majima contemplates it, 
 feeling the strange throbbing in the arm that was bitten. Continue moving to 
 the end of the city until you reach Kage the Florist.
 Kage's information network is impressive. There are monitors all over the room,
 with cameras all over the city that he can observe. Unfortunately, Kage does 
 not know who started the zombie outbreak, only that Tojo yakuza clan offices 
 were attacked first. They zero in on the location of Nikaido, but Goda is 
 nowhere to be seen. Majima decides to go after Nikaido to see if he was the 
 one responsible for the outbreak, but Doiga decides to start a video conference
 with the Omi clan first to see if they really went to these great lengths to 
 damage the Tojo.
 Majima will decide to go on a walk instead of waiting around for the video 
 conference call. Leave this area through the nearby door. Majima's walk will be
 interrupted by none other than Akiyama! Akiyama suggests he and Majima go to 
 the batting cages to blow off steam...incidentally, that's where Nikaido's 
 whereabouts were said to be, and it's where Doiga specifically told Majima not 
 to go. Majima agrees to go with Akiyama anyway, who runs off to meet him there.
 In Purgatory, go to the manhole cover that is designated on your mini-map. 
 Press X to enter it and you'll be in the sewers. Move through the sewers and 
 exit them to be at a part of town known as Children's Park. Run through the 
 streets to find Akiyama chilling outside the batting center and speak with him.
 Majima and Akiyama head into the batting center and meet with the various 
 yakuza. An aged, red-headed woman doctor catches the suspicious eye of Majima 
 for a second. Majima and Akiyama walk into the actual batting cage area to 
 speak with Nikaido, but suddenly, a prototype monster attacks, at the 
 instruction of Nikaido!
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Tsuchigumo Prototype...........................................................
 This armored spider is a dangerous foe, with large, spear-like legs that he 
 will swipe at you, and the ability to curl up into a ball and roll at you with 
 tremendous force like a demonic Sonic the Hedgehog. Akiyama will help you fight
 him, at least!
 Dodge almost constantly. The Tsuchigumo has a variety of attacks, almost all 
 involving its spikey legs. It will try to swipe at you, it will roll at you, 
 and it will jump into the air and try to pounce on you or Akiyama. Constantly 
 fire at it, and try to aim at its chest, where the red glowing object inside of
 it is. If you have the Heat Snipe meter filled, you can use Heat Snipe when it 
 jumps into the air to blast it out of the way, allowing you and Akiyama to lay 
 into it until it jumps back up. Don't run over and try to shoot it while it is 
 on the ground like usual, though, as the red orb (its heart? I really don't 
 know) is very hard to shoot from any position, and it will probably get back to
 its feet by that time.
 After enough damage has been done, it will start to roll around and chase 
 Akiyama. This also exposes the red orb, however, so use this opportunity to 
 blast the hell out of that thing and deal significant damage. Keep in mind to 
 check Akiyama's health after a while, too, so you can tell him to use one of 
 his two medical kits.
 Keep repeating this process until the Tsuchigumo has been damaged to the point 
 that there's only a sliver of its health left. Akiyama then throws a grenade 
 towards Majima, and that's ripe fodder for a QTE. Press the button before the 
 meter runs out, just like in Heat Sniping, and Majima will use the butt of his 
 shotgun like a baseball bat and send the grenade flying into the mouth of the 
 Tsuchigumo, blowing it into a million little pieces.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Tsuchigumo Prototype...........................................................
 The Tsuchigumo is defeated, but the Nikaido and his men have split. A barricade
 blocking the quarantine zone from the rest of the city has been damaged, and 
 the zombies start piling in. They enter the batting center and begin to 
 surround Majima and Akiyama. As they prepare to fight, Majima's injured arm 
 begins to bother him. Suddenly, a mysterious man in a trenchcoat saves them...
 Meanwhile, Doiga has the video conference with the leader of the Omi Alliance. 
 He claims Nikaido is there on business unrelated to the Tojo yakuza. The Omi 
 leader is surprised to hear Ryuji Goda was spotted with Nikaido, as Goda was 
 banished from the Omi years prior. He swears that the Omi Alliance had nothing 
 to do with the zombie outbreak.
 The man in the trenchcoat is revealed to be Ryuji Goda! Akiyama and Majima are 
 amazed, especially when he turns his mechanical hand into a machinegun! You now
 are in control of Goda. Murder all the zombies with your machinegun arm until 
 the batting center is free of them.
 Goda will then recall how Tetsu Nikaido met up with him in Kamurocho. He tried 
 to convince Goda to rejoin the Omi Alliance, but Goda refused, now working as 
 the apprentice to a chef. Nikaido gave Goda a map with his location marked on 
 it in case he changed his mind. Nikaido's cryptic language unsettled Goda.
 Back in the present, Akiyama, Majima, and Goda decide to split up. Goda heads 
 outside the batting center to go investigate the place that Tetsu Nikaido said 
 he would be. But first he finds a note on the ground from Hasegawa. He reads 
 the note, and then prepares to slaughter all the zombies in the vicinity.
 Kill every zombie. You won't be able to continue until you have. Once they are 
 dead, start walking through the street. The cries of a man being attacked by 
 zombies attracts Goda's attention. Save him by killing the zombies that have 
 surrounded him. He then tells Goda he came to Kamurocho looking for his wife 
 and child. Goda tells him to continue looking as he prepares to stave off the 
 upcoming zombies.
 Kill the zombies in the street and work your way to the pink objective marker. 
 There will be a ton of zombies to kill with, but they really are no match for 
 Goda's machinegun arm. Keep killing them as you move up the street. Before 
 examining the building designated on your map, raid the Stockpile sitting next 
 to the barricade. Then examine the glass doors of the nearby building, which 
 was where Tetsu told Goda he was hiding out in Kamurocho before the zombie 
 outbreak occurred.
 Inside the building, kill the zombies and break through the fire door that's 
 blocking your way. Then keep killing zombies and pushing your way through the 
 building. There will be desks blocking your path and more fire doors, but they 
 can all be destroyed so that you can keep making your way through the halls of 
 the building.
 When you reach a dead-end, after fighting off plenty of zombies and a Monkey 
 Boy, press X against the very less door in that hallway. Inside will be a 
 small office FILLED with zombies. Quickly rev up the machinegun and kill them 
 all before things get too hectic. When all the zombies are dead, Goda will 
 investigate the room. He finds a map on the wall with a number of buildings 
 circled and crossed out, though one building, the Toshin Building, is not 
 crossed out. Curious, Goda heads back out into the streets to go investigate 
 the Toshin building.
 A Meat Head will be right in the middle of the road. Take it out, then check 
 the nearby alcove for ammo and a healing item. Then continue down the street, 
 killing anything that gets in your way. Goda will take note of the broken 
 barricade that allowed the zombies to flood this area, and decides to head that
 way for convenience. So, go through the barricade. Goda will stop as he sees 
 SDF officers backing up and firing at zombies. Kill the zombies and then the 
 SDF officers will ask to accompany you across the square so that they can 
 rendezvous with their fellow officers.
 This next section will eat away your ammo like crazy, so you may have to switch
 to the pistol using the d-pad. You have to wipe out the zombies in the square 
 area, and I mean ALL of them. There are a ton of mutants to deal with as well. 
 There are multiple Fatties, a Monkey Boy, a Meat Head, two Cry Babies, and an 
 absurd amount of zombies. You can't order around the SDF officers either, but 
 at least you don't have to babysit them. Kill everything that moves, then 
 continue onward towards the pink objective marker as usual.
 The SDF officers will thank Goda for his assistance and tell him of a stash of 
 supplies in the nearby abandoned military truck. Examine its side door to get 
 a TON of ammunition as well as plenty of healing supplies. After the last 
 section, you were probably hurting for ammo anyway, so this is a godsend. When 
 you've looted the stockpile, it's time to keep pushing towards the objective 
 marker through the mobs of the undead.
 Goda's path to the Toshin Building will be blocked by debris, but he eyes a 
 tank nearby. Get inside the tank. You'll discover that it is out of ammo. 
 Luckily, a radio transmission comes in, announcing that there is ammo and 
 supplies on Pink Street. Goda exits the tanks and starts towards Pink Street to
 retrieve the ammo, hoping for tank rounds.
 Slaughter your way through the zombies as you move down the street. You will 
 eventually be introduced to a new enemy type called Dipteras. These are winged 
 demonic-looking creatures that can spit acid. Use the dodge ability to avoid 
 their acid spit. Do not aim at them, but rather just point Goda in their 
 general direction and hold down the fire button to hurt them in the most 
 effective manner. When they're both dead, loot the nearby stockpile, and then 
 continue pushing through the street.
 You will come across an alleyway that is quite narrow and filled with zombies. 
 Murder them all. There will be about three Fatties in this corridor as well, so
 be sure to end them, too. When they're all dead, go through the alley. You will
 find four giant SDF supply crates in the middle of the street, but they aren't 
 the ones Goda's looking for. Move through them, and continue towards the 
 objective marker.
 In another alley, you will come across a Hermit. This new enemy type has a 
 protective rock covering and is only susceptible to flames. Trick it into 
 rolling into one of the explosive items in this alley, like the barrels, and 
 then continue on your way.
 Goda will be stopped by a person labeled "quiet man". He introduces himself as 
 Ibuki, and he and Goda exchange pleasentries. He asks Goda to help him rescue 
 a few civilians in exchange for transport for the tank rounds. Goda agrees, and
 on cue, two people charge down the road with a bunch of zombies right on their 
 Kill all the zombies in the area. Meet up with them, as they armed, and they 
 will help you kill the rest of the zombies. When they're all dead, the two men 
 will introduce themselves as yakuza members. Goda agrees to take them to the 
 place where the rest of the civilians Ibuki has saved are holed up.
 Fight your way to the building. Inside, Ibuki will ask you to save a few more 
 groups that are still stuck behind the quarantine zone. To sweeten the pot, 
 he offers to allow you to prepare in the building. Use their Stockpile to 
 replenish your ammo supply, get rifle ammo, and get a ton of healing items, 
 too. Then examine the door to exit the building.
 Run back to the area where you saved the two yakuza dudes. You'll find a trio 
 of survivors being terrorized by zombies. Kill all the zombies and lead them 
 back to the entrance of the building. When all three are close, examine the 
 entrance and they will all file into the building. There's one group down, just
 two more to go.
 Back out in the street, backtrack deeper into the quarantine zone. Move past 
 the SDF supply crates, and then keep moving. The Stockpile you encountered in 
 this area from earlier will have a few more treats inside. Move past it and 
 Goda will notice a couple of yakuza being attacked by zombies, though they are 
 attempting to fend them off with a couple of metal poles. Help them out by 
 killing the zombies around them, and start leading them back to the safehouse. 
 A large swarm of zombies will appear as you go, so kill them all and then 
 continue towards the safehouse. Wait for them to catch up to you, then examine 
 the front door. They will then join up with the other survivors inside.
 Backtrack through the quarantine zone yet again. This time keep backtracking 
 until you reach the military truck you looted earlier. There will be more 
 supplies inside of it again, so be sure to take as much as you can carry, and 
 then keep going. You will reach a fork in the road, with both areas covered in 
 blue on your mini-map. That means you have yet to explore either path with the 
 current character. Take the path leading south to bump into the third group of 
 survivors that you need to take back to the safehouse.
 This group includes a few yakuza members as well as the two SDF soldiers from 
 earlier. Apparently the other SDF guys they were supposed to meet up with 
 abandoned ship. Well, lead this large group of survivors back to the safehouse.
 Kill any of the zombies that get in the way. Keep pushing until you reach the 
 supply crates. When you're standing in the middle of them, make sure all the 
 survivors are also doing so. Turn around, and you'll see that a huge swarm of 
 zombies has started pursuing you through the alley. Use Heat Sniping to shoot 
 the gas pipe attached to the side of the building to create a flame that will 
 block them and allow you to continue to the safehouse without having to fight 
 all the zombies. Otherwise, you will probably need to kill a considerable 
 amount, and with the way Goda burns through ammo, that's not necessarily a 
 wise idea at this juncture.
 Get the survivors back to the safehouse and examine the front door to see them 
 all inside. Goda heads inside himself to speak with Ibuki. Ibuki gives you a 
 forklift key so that you can transport the SDF supplies to the tank. Back out 
 in the streets, the forklift is very close nearby tucked away in a backlot. 
 Press X on the forklift to take control.
 The forklift controls are as follows:
 L2 - BACK
 With that in mind, start driving out of the backlot and into the alley, 
 towards the large SDF supply crates. Focus your attention on the crates that 
 are marked with a Japanese flag on the side. Pick up the crate on the far left 
 and then place it on top of the crate that is right in front of it. Then focus 
 your attention on the two crates stacked on top of each other immediately next 
 to the ones you just stacked. Grab the crate off the top of this stack, and 
 then place it where you picked up your first crate. Then pick up the crate 
 that the previous one was sitting on top of, and place it on the one you just 
 sat down. This will clear the path and allow you to drive the forklift through.
 Keep an eye on the top left hand corner of the screen, by the way. This is a 
 gauge of how much fuel the forklift has left in it. When that percentage 
 reaches 0, then it is game over and you will have to restart this entire 
 forklift process all over again. Trust me, that is a huge pain in the ass and 
 you definitely do not want to do it.
 When you're done moving the crates around, drive towards the building that you 
 took people to when you rescued them. Then take a left, then a right. Mow 
 through the zombies, and keep driving towards the barricade that has a military
 vehicle leaned against it. When you get close, Goda will figure out which case 
 contains the tank rounds. It's the largest one that is right in the front. 
 Press X against it to pick it up with the forklift.
 Transport the tank rounds all the way back to the tank. Put them down in the 
 blue square next to the tank, and then Goda will automatically load the rounds 
 into the tank. Inside the tank, aim it at the barricade. Focus primarily on the
 part of the barricade that is glowing, as that is your target. Fire a few 
 rounds into it to destroy it. Remember, to reload the tank, you need to mash on
 the X button. Use R1 to fire, as normal.
 Goda will break through the barricade. The SDF will scramble to start fixing 
 it, but Goda humbles them when he reminds them that there are still survivors 
 stuck in the quarantine zone, earning the admiration of a young female SDF 
 officer. She tries to offer the serum to him, checking on his arm, but then 
 she realizes his arm isn't injured, but simply robotic.
 Walk down the street, continuing towards the Toshin Building. A director and a 
 cameraman will stop you. They have decided to use this zombie outbreak as an 
 easy way to make a cheap zombie movie without needing special effects or 
 actors! They ask if they can use you in their film after seeing your impressive
 showing in the quarantine zone. You can choose yes or no, depending on if you 
 are pursuing side missions.
 Continue to the pink objective marker to find the Toshin Building. Press X at 
 the door to enter. Inside, Goda will rough up the yakuza guard a bit, and is 
 then taken to his boss upstairs. Goda fails to persuade the boss that the 
 stories of the zombie outbreak in the quarantine zone is accurate. Looking at 
 the security monitor, however, they see the guard down stairs is dead, and the 
 person in the baseball cap that started the whole mess is riding the elevator 
 to their floor!
 The yakuza all taken positions behind a makeshift barricade, as does Goda. They
 train their weapons at the elevator door, but when it opens, no one is inside. 
 The baseball cap monster then falls from the ceiling and pounces from yakuza to
 yakuza, biting each one of them on the neck. Goda is unharmed, but fails to 
 even land a single shot on it, except to knock off the baseball cap. Goda 
 recognizes the monster as someone named "Hayashi". Hayashi only responds with 
 "Sweet death...sweet death..." before fleeing out of the window. The yakuza 
 begin turning into zombies...
 Run to a corner and put your back to it. You can use one of the many melee 
 weapons to knock them away from you. These zombies take a lot more ammo than 
 the regular ones, so be prepared for an intense fight. The yakuza boss takes 
 especially more ammunition to put down.
 When they're all dead, Goda receives a call from Nikaido. Nikaido asks Goda if 
 he wants to "help". Goda agrees to help and asks to meet up with Nikaido. 
 Nikaido tells him to meet him at a cabaret club called Asia. When the 
 conversation wraps up, walk over to the elevator doors and press X. Goda will 
 ride the elevator down and exit the Toshin Building. However, the streets 
 outside are mostly destroyed, and barricades now surround the little street, 
 having been made a quarantine zone while Goda was inside dealing with the 
 Go through the nearby alley as you make your way to the objective marker. A 
 Diptera will block your path, and then a Hermit will appear at the other end of
 the alley. Quickly duck away into the backlot. It's filled with zombies, but 
 kill them all quickly. The Diptera will follow you in here, so try to corner it
 and then kill it. The Hermit will try to roll into the backlot, but it will 
 fail miserably. Now if you don't have the Super Grip ability, I recommend 
 purchasing it as an upgrade for only three Soul Points. It makes killing the 
 Hermit a hell of a lot easier, at any rate. If you don't, you can just shoot 
 the Hermit until it dies. This will take a LOT of ammo, but it's your only 
 option if you don't have Super Grip.
 If you DO have Super Grip, simply grab a barrel and chuck it at the Hermit. 
 There are two or three barrels in the backlot, which is way more than enough to
 kill the thing. When it's dead, take out any straggling zombies that happened 
 to lurch their way into the alley, and then turn and continue towards the 
 objective marker. You'll find that the way is blocked by a giant pile of 
 rubble, but when's that ever stopped Goda before, eh?!
 Turn to the right and smash down the wooden barricade blocking the path. Kill 
 the zombies and then climb up the ramp of rubble to the roof. Kill the zombies 
 up here, then aim and kill the zombies on the surrounding rooftops that are 
 packing Molotov cocktails. Then go down the slope, kill the zombies, go up the 
 slope, and then go back down the next slope of rubble. A chubby woman in a 
 nightgown will be screaming for help. Evidently an old man is trapped behind 
 flaming rubble, and she asks Goda to help him. The woman retreats back into her
 home after Goda agrees.
 Backtrack towards the way you entered this area. New zombies will have spawned,
 so take them out as you move back across the slopes of rubble. A Fattie will 
 be around as well, plus a Meat Head, but there nothing you can't handle at this
 point in the game. As you murder your way through them, keep going until you 
 are back at the giant pile of rubble that you had to get past by breaking the 
 wooden barricade. Go down the path exactly across from where the barricade 
 was, and then go around the corner to find the old injured man. The fat chick 
 from earlier runs up, as this man is apparently her father. She decides to 
 stay in the quarantine zone at the bar she owns and hole up there with her dad,
 so that she can make sure it can stay in operating order for after the zombie 
 outbreak is over. In exchange for the help, she tells Goda a way to get out of 
 the quarantine zone.
 Backtrack the way you came, then keep following the objective marker. Kill any 
 zombies that get in your way, and smash through the two wooden barricades as 
 you move through the narrow alleys. Keep an eye out for healing items or ammo 
 lying on the ground as well. When you reach the next street, there will be 
 monsters to the left and to the right, as well as barricades. Goda decides that
 before he can look for the entrance the fat lady was talking about, he should 
 eradicate the undead in the area.
 If you have Heat Sniping full, there will immediately be an opportunity to 
 blast an exploding barrel to thin out the herd considerably. Otherwise, get 
 your back to the barricade ASAP as there are four Fatties and two Dipteras 
 along with the usual run-of-the-mill zombies walking around. When they're all 
 dead, move towards the designated alley.
 It's an extremely tight fit, but run through it. Smash the wooden fence you 
 come across, and then keep moving. There will be one or two zombies to kill 
 along the way, so take them out. Keep moving until you find a kid hiding on a 
 balcony. Speak with the kid, but he will refuse to come with you, as he has 
 been instructed to only trust the SDF. He does tell you the way out of the 
 quarantine zone, though.
 Keep moving through the alley until you find a set of stairs. Go up the stairs,
 and then duck into the room as shown on your map. A bunch of zombies will fall 
 through the ceiling. Kill them all. When they're all dead, approach the 
 cardboard box in the corner. Goda will find a foreigner hiding underneath it. 
 The foreigner will ask Goda to help his friend, and also tells Goda he can get 
 out of Little Asia and out of the quarantine zone through the kitchen area.
 Continue through the building and then when you reach another flight of stairs,
 Goda will see another man being attacked by zombies. Rush down the stairs and 
 bust through the wooden barricades that block your path. Move out to the lot 
 where he is and quickly dispatch of the zombies. The man will give you a more 
 detailed explanation of how to get out of the quarantine zone, but he declines 
 to accompany Goda outside, as he wants to stay and protect his home.
 Go through to the restaurant as instructed. The cook is being attacked by 
 zombies, but at least he is fighting back with a metal pole. Help him kill the 
 zombies. He will also decline to accompany Goda. Go up the stairs and continue 
 through the building. The pleas of yet ANOTHER victim will catch Goda's 
 Kill the zombies. Then head into the room and speak with the man. He reveals 
 he is a three time Muay Thai Champion. Impressive. He also gives you even 
 better instructions on how to get out! When the conversation is over, move 
 from pink objective to pink objective marker to get out of the building. Once 
 you get outside, a homeless man that evidently runs a food stand will point you
 to the exact way out of the quarantine zone, and even offer you free food!
 Outisde the quarantine zone, Hasegawa will send you an e-mail with unfortunate 
 news that now most of Kamurocho is now considered "the quarantine zone". Aww 
 bummer. Well, there's nothing that can be done about that for now, so start 
 making your way to the pink objective marker...which will lead you to the 
 cabaret club Asia that you're supposed to meet Nikaido at!
 However, if you examine the door to the club, you won't be allowed to get 
 inside. Speak to the suited man next to the door. He will say a bunch of 
 thugs with guns kicked him, the owner out. He gives you grenades before you go 
 inside. Inside, Goda finds Haruka tied to a stripper pole, and gagged with 
 tape. Nikaido appears, revealing he did this to gain revenge on the Tojo 
 clan for what they did five years prior in taking out the Omi Alliance, 
 specifically targeting "The Dragon" Kiryu. Goda refuses to help him. Nikaido 
 then has a zombified version of the chef Goda was learning how to cook from, 
 affectionately referred to as "Pops", stumble into the room.
 Nikaido and his men escape with Haruka as Goda faces Pops the zombie. Pops then
 mutates into a large-headed octopus-like monster. Time to put him out of his 
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Hold your ground on the stage. Now, the game likes to trick you at this point 
 to make you waste your ammo. Logically, you would shoot at Pop's face or at the
 end of his tentacles that are glowing red. Video game logic dictates this as 
 boss fight facts. However, that's not what you do at all. Just pick a side of 
 his body and shoot off three tentacles, by aiming at the tentacles themselves, 
 about in the middle. Whenever he lunges them at you, try to roll out of the 
 way, but it's nearly impossible to dodge Pop's attacks, meaning you just really
 need to get those tentacles off as fast as possible.
 Pops will then retreat into a hole in the ground. Stay away from the holes, and
 try to stick to the stage as much as possible. He has a bunch of attacks this 
 time, including shooting his tentacles out of the ground in a sequence towards 
 you, trying to smash you with the tentacles if you are too close to the hole, 
 and throwing rocks at you from inside the hole. Red markers on the screen will 
 let you know what direction he's coming from, which gives you a chance to dodge
 the oncoming attacks. Whenever you see his tentacles, SHOOT. He has multiple 
 bars of health, so keep laying into him as much as humanly possible.
 Pops will also pop out of one hole and then crawl across the floor to the 
 other. This is a fantastic window of opportunity to dump as much ammo into the 
 monster as you can. If you touch him, he will do damage, though, so try to 
 stay far away from him as you do this.
 When his health gets done to zero, he won't die. Pops will just keep crawling 
 back and forth from hole to hole until you build up your Heat Snipe gauge. When
 you have that gauge filled, wait for Pops to jump in the air like he does 
 before he starts crawling, and then press Triangle to initiate the Heat Snipe. 
 Press the right button as it pops on the screen to send a flaming bullet right 
 into Pop's face.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Pops will fall onto the stage and begin to regenerate. Goda thinks back to his 
 days as an apprentice to Pops. Pops once taught him the best and gentle way to 
 kill an stabbing it right between its eyes, in its vitals. Goda 
 grabs the broken stripper pole off the ground and lunges in between the 
 entanglement of Pops's tentacles...driving the pole right between the eyes, and
 killing his former master.
 Outside the club, Goda finds that this section of Kamurocho has been taken over
 by the undead as well. People flee in the streets, as chaos erupts all around. 
 Before heading to the barricade to see what all the fuss is about, I HIGHLY 
 recommend heading to the south of town to the truck to replenish the ammo you 
 used up against Pops, as well as to buy healing items.
 When you feel like you're prepared, head to the barricade to see what's going 
 on. The barricade begins to shake, and suddenly a trio of Prototype monsters 
 knock it down, releasing the undead into the streets.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabki Prototype A/Arahabaki Prototype B/Onraki Prototype Beta...............
 The trio of Prototypes are two of the Licker-like creatures from before, and 
 they both have the power to turn invisible. The third monster is an Onraki, 
 which is the big armored gorilla-like monster from before, but this is a "Beta"
 version of it, emaning that it is, luckily, considerably weaker than the one 
 encountered by Majima, which he needed a tank to defeat.
 Before doing anything, take out all the zombies in the area just to get them 
 out of the way. They are a pain in the ass if you don't, and can make the fight
 even more difficult. Once they have been killed, it's time to focus your 
 attention on the bosses.
 The Arahabaki Prototypes are the same as before. When they turn invisible, 
 look for the hazy area of air, then fire at it to deal damage and make them 
 turn visible again. You have to manually aim to damage them. But you should 
 just try to avoid them for now. They will rarely get close enough to attack 
 you anyway, and the real threat, damage-wise, is the Onraki. It can smash the 
 ground and throw boulders at you.
 Run as far away as you can from the monsters, but not so far that you go out of
 range. Aim at the Onraki and don't let up on the trigger until the clip is dry.
 Then repeat the process, unloading all you can at the Onraki's armor until it 
 finally falls off. When this happens, aim at the Onraki and shoot it a few 
 more times and it will die very quickly.
 With that out of the day, turn your attention to the Arahabaki monsters. Run 
 away from them, aim at their "invisible" bodies, and then repeat the process 
 until they are both dead. It helps to focus on one at a time. When they're 
 visible, it's easier to hit them since you don't have to manually aim. All in 
 all, this fight isn't too tough thanks to the plentiful supply of ammunition 
 lying around, and as long as you purchased healing items like I suggested, you 
 will be absolutely fine.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabki Prototype A/Arahabaki Prototype B/Onraki Prototype Beta...............
 With the monsters defeated, Goda surveys the scene of destruction. There are 
 people being eaten by zombies, dead bodies scattered about, and buildings all 
 over the place destroyed or on fire. He curses Nikaido's name...meanwhile, 
 Nikaido is in another building, forcing Haruka to witness the madness. He makes
 the phone call to Kiryu that was seen at the beginning of the game, and the 
 red-headed doctor smiles evily at Haruka.

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