All of the XP and items from your Akiyama will be transferred over in the shift
 to Majima's point of view, so don't worry about losing progress. Majima is 
 packing a huge and extremely powerful shotgun, so use that to thin out the 
 zombies in this room until they have all been killed. He will be disappointed 
 that they're all dead, but hopes that they are more outside his room. Go 
 through the door to exit.
 Majima discovers that the building has been absolutely overrun with the undead.
 This excites him, but he needs more ammo if he wants to continue killing them. 
 Work your way towards the staircase (all other paths will be blocked off), and 
 only kill zombies that you absolutely feel that you need to in order to save 
 Go up the stairs, and then go to the designated room. Walk to the end of the 
 room to find a stockpile. One of your thugs will be in this room as well, 
 hiding from the zombies. He gives you a note from Hisegawa, basically giving 
 Majima the same offer that she gave Akiyama.
 The thug will run off. Interact with the stockpile and take all the ammo and 
 healing items from it that you can carry. Then exit the room. Majima will 
 decide to go to floor 56 to find an elevator so he can escape the building. 
 Backtrack, and then go to the office room to the right once you reach the 
 bottom of the stairs.
 Kill all the zombies in the first part of this room, and then continue. The 
 new enemy type called the Fattie (Boomers?) will be introduced. When they are 
 killed, the zombies that are in their gas become super-powered. Kill it and all
 the zombies around it (the super-powered zombies are really no big deal), then 
 use the next staircase.
 Kill all the zombies in the next room, which will include a Monkey Boy. Fight 
 your way into the bar-area, where a group of zombies will spring to their feet.
 Take them out, then kill the Meat Head in this room, using the bar counter as a
 buffer between the two of you. Continue, and then you will find the elevators. 
 Interact with the designated elevator.
 Majima will then notice a Cry Baby has approached. The Cry Baby will attract 
 more zombies. Kill the Cry Baby and then kill all the zombies that are 
 summoned. When they're all dead, the elevator will arrive. Approach the 
 elevator and press X to get inside and ride it to the floor below.
 Majima is glad to see that there are plenty of zombies on this floor as well. 
 I recommend staying still and letting them come to you, as there truly are a 
 ton of zombies in this room. Kill them all as they come, and kill the two 
 Fatties as well. Once all the enemies are dead, Majima will decide it's time to
 go outside and kill even more zombies!
 Go up the escalator and then run along until you reach another elevator. Press 
 X at the elevator. Outside, Majima will notice people running and screaming 
 about a "monster". Use the Stockpile next to you and then head out into the 
 street. Walk towards the white van. Suddenly, a giant monster that looks like 
 an ape made out of boulders attacks the van, throwing it straight at Majima! 
 Majima laughs and dodges it, and then smacks the monster in the face with the 
 butt of his shotgun!
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Onraki Prototype...............................................................
 Another BOSS FIGHT!!! already?! Get away from the Onraki and get into the 
 nearby tank. Mash on the X button to load the missile, and then fire it 
 directly at the Onraki. Repeat this process until the tank is out of ammo, and 
 once you hop out of the tank, the rest of the Onraki's armor will fall off. If 
 you miss a shot or something along those lines, you will have to shoot the 
 Onraki with your shotgun until its armor falls off, but this takes longer.
 When its armor is off, find a lamp post or any other kind of obstacle. The 
 Onraki is too stupid to walk around things, meaning you can stand on one side 
 of the obstacle while it is on the other, just laying into its red glowing 
 heart with shotgun blasts. Whenever the Onraki lifts up its arms or jumps into 
 the air, though, mash the X button to avoid taking damage from the attack. The 
 same rule applies for when it tries to throw barrels or trash cans at you.
 If your health gets to even slightly below half, HEAL. The Onraki's attacks 
 almost always deal about 35% damage, making it an extremely deadly foe. Don't 
 be shy about using your healing items.
 The Onraki will occasionally pick up cars to throw at you as well. If you have 
 your Heat Snipe meter filled, you can shoot the car when it is above the 
 Onraki's head to blow it up, severely injuring the beast and making it fall to 
 the ground. This, of course, allows you to run up close and fire directly into 
 its heart without fear of it attacking.
 Heal, dodge, and shoot until the Onraki's health meters have all been drained 
 and the monster is dead.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Onraki Prototype...............................................................
 Majima will receive a phone call from his Yakuza bosses, asking why he isn't at
 the ceremony. He promises to be there in five minutes, but then he hears the 
 sound of zombies attacking them! Majima hangs up, excited to join them for 
 another "party". Continue through the streets, heading towards the pink 
 objective marker detailed on your mini-map. Make a pit stop at the next 
 military vehicle you see, and approach the side door of it to loot supplies 
 from it in a manner similar to Stockpiles.
 Blast your way through the narrow streets. You will come across yet another 
 new enemy type. This one is called Aggro, and they have martial arts attacks. 
 However, if you ignore them, they will ignore you. Leave this guy alone, and 
 continue through the streets, blasting away zombies, and maneuvering around 
 barricades and debris towards the pink objective marker.
 Majima will come across a large military barricade that is blocking his way 
 out of the quarantine zone.
 Tetsuo Nikaido pulls up in a limo. Nikaido is a part of a rival yakuza clan. 
 He helps Majima get out of the quarantine zone, and tells him to go save his 
 clan at the Kamurocho Hills ceremony, where they are being terrorized by 
 Outside the quarantine zone, you are free to use the truck or do whatever. If 
 you try heading towards the pink objective marker, you will find yourself 
 blocked from all directions. Run into two barricades, and Majima will suggest 
 using a path from the south. Go far south a few streets, then cut through an 
 alley and turn around, facing north, on the other side of one of the 
 barricades. Keep running north towards the pink objective marker.
 Majima will come across an area that has yet to be blocked with a quarantine 
 barricade. The SDF scramble to get the barricade set up, but Majima runs 
 through before they can place it. Majima crazily begins killing all the zombies
 as the SDF plead for him to return to the other side. They give up. You'll get 
 control of Majima yet again. Kill anything that gets in your way as you head 
 towards the objective marker. There will be a Cry Baby in this area as well as 
 a Meat Head; they are worth killing if you need XP. When you get closer to the 
 objective marker, there will be a Stockpile that you can loot.
 Go towards the big red shutter doors and press X to Kamurocho Hills. Majima's 
 yakuza buddies have reached higher ground and are shooting the zombies in the 
 plaza area from there. Wipe out ALL the zombies in this area. You'll have to 
 fight a Monkey Boy and a Fattie, but this shouldn't be too hard with Majima's 
 amazing shotgun at your disposal. When they're all dead, the yakuza will tell 
 Majima that he has to go "around the back" to get inside...which means 
 fighting more zombies...which means Majima is gonna have a good time.
 Fight your way to the rear entrance. Kill all the zombies and the Meat Head, 
 and then fight your way down the street, killing even more zombies. One of the 
 undead will be prone to chucking Molotov cocktails your way, so be sure to 
 shoot him before he can set you on fire. As you reach the entrance, there will 
 be a large horde of zombies along with a Cry Baby that will keep summoning 
 more. However, there are also explosive canisters here. A well-placed Heat 
 Snipe Shot will lower their numbers considerably. From that point, it's just a 
 matter of killing the Cry Baby and taking out the stragglers.
 When they're all dead, press X on the door. Inside the mall, ignore the small 
 group of survivors and walk up the broken escalator. Walk along the second 
 floor until you reach a barricade of tables. Cut through the jewelry store next
 to the barricade to get around them. Then keep going until you see a yakuza 
 standing down a long, empty hall. Approach him and he will take you to the 
 supermarket where the yakuza and most of the other survivors are hiding out.
 Majima is confronted by Azumi, who becomes enraged at being mocked by Majima. 
 Daigo Dojima, the leader, reveals that the first attack occured against their 
 own Tojo offices in Kamurocho. They believe that the zombie outbreak may have 
 been caused by Goda and Nikaid of the Omi Clan, but Dojima is not entirely 
 sure they would go this far to attack the Tojo yakuza clan.
 Majima then assumes control of the survival efforts. He orders everyone to help
 push selves against the windows, to protect the women and children, and to 
 start rationing the food and water. A little girl runs up to Majima and calls 
 him a super hero, which actually touches his sociopathic heart, showing Majima 
 is more than just a blood-thirsty lunatic.
 Majima decides to get to know his fellow survivors in the supermarket. You can 
 speak with them if you'd like, but when you're ready to advance the story, 
 speak to Daigo Dojima. He will recommend that you go sleep. Take him up on his 
 offer. Unfortunately, Majima's rest is interrupted.
 The Tojo yakuza race towards the mall in large dump trucks, firing at the 
 zombies. They crash into the main doors, but inadvertently let the zombies 
 inside of the mall! Daigo and Majima then rush to contain the problem, with the
 little girl from earlier wishing Majima good luck.
 Once they leave the supermarket, Daigo and Majima hear the sound of a child 
 crying coming from the bathroom. They decide to take out all the zombies on the
 second floor first so that they can save the kid. The child's crying has 
 caused the zombies to become super-powered in a manner similar to what the 
 Fatties do, so they deal more damage and will take more damage. At any rate, 
 move carefully through the second floor towards the bathrooms. Zombies will 
 climb up the railings as well, so check your back occasionally to make sure 
 you aren't being cornered.
 There will be a Monkey Boy, but that will be all in terms of any advanced 
 mutant zombies. When they're all dead, press X at the bathroom door. By the 
 way, Daigo only has one medical kit to heal himself with, but after you save 
 the baby, it will respawn. It turns out there was a mother in the bathroom as 
 well. The mother and the baby are instructed to return to the supermarket.
 Majima and Daigo then head to the first floor to clear out the zombies there. 
 Just move along the floor and kill everything. You'll have to kill a Monkey 
 Boy and a Fattie and even an Aggro, but just keep pushing through and killing 
 them all until they have all been eradicated. There is a Stockpile on the 
 first floor as well, near the stage, with a ton of ammo and grenades, just so 
 you know.
 When they're all dead, Majima and Doiga will go to the hole in the doors that 
 was created by their idiot yakuza men. They stand guard and kill the zombies 
 for a while as their men start building a barricade at the door. Majima then 
 realizes that it will be better if he uses himself as bait, and runs into the 
 middle of the zombie crowd. There will be a timer that appears at the top of 
 the screen at this point. Just keep killing zombies and keep them away from the
 doors as you do so until the timer runs out.
 A zombie lunges at Majima and bites his arm. Doiga leaves the barricade to help
 Majima. They keep killing zombies, and then decide to find another way into the
 building. However, a man in a sewer catches their attention with a reflection. 
 Majima and Doiga rush to him, but are cut off by the Arahabaki...this time one 
 that can turn invisible! Doiga goes to fight off the zombies as Majima fights 
 the Arahabaki.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabaki Prototype A..........................................................
 This is the same monster that Akiyama faced, albeit this one can turn 
 invisible. Lucky for you, there is water all over the place that it will splash
 when it's invisible, so you can always know where it is. At any rate, this 
 fight is a much closer affair than the one Akiyama had, and as a result, uses a
 different strategy.
 The area that you can run around in is very small, but still try to stay out of
 arms-reach of the monster. Blast it constantly. When it turns invisible, you 
 should still be able to see where it is by using the disturbances in the water 
 as clues. Then return to blasting it repeatedly, preferrably with your shotgun.
 Other than that, the only thing you need to keep in mind is to watch for it to 
 reach its arm back. When it does this, it is about to swipe at you with its 
 elongated arm. That's your cue to press X to dodge out of the way. It may also 
 pounce on you, but that doesn't deal too much damage. Just mash on the X button
 repeatedly to escape its grasp. If your health gets to half or below half, you 
 need to heal.
 This fight is actually easier than the last, in my opinion. Just keep laying 
 into the beast until its health meters are depleted and it is dead.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Arahabaki Prototype A..........................................................
 With the monster dead, the man from the sewer pokes his head out of the manhole
 again. Majima and Doiga rush over, and they escape just in time to avoid being 
 completely overrun by zombies. The manhole actually leads to a subway system, 
 and the man is a homeless man. However, he works for an information dealer 
 that works in a place called "Purgatory" that Majima is familiar with. The 
 homeless man agrees to lead Majima and Doiga to Purgatory.
 Before moving down the tunnel, interact with the Stockpile to gather supplies. 
 Then follow the homeless man and Doiga down the tunnel. There are flamethrowers
 lying around that you can pick up and use very much to your advantage. The 
 Monkey Boy mutant type is easily killed with flamethrowers. There are multiple 
 Aggros down the path as well, and they are not as easily killed with 
 flamethrowers. Fight your way down the tunnel until you reach a barricade with 
 ladders that is surrounded by zombies.
 Kill all the zombies. There are explosive barrels near the barricade that can 
 be used to kill a bunch of them at once. There is a Fattie, a Monkey Boy, and 
 an Aggro in the bunch as well, so be sure to take out the special zombies. A 
 good strategy is to pick up the flamethrower lying on the ground and push 
 forward on the left side, shooting flames the entire time. This will allow you
 to blow up a barrel that will kill a very large chunk of the enemies. 
 Regardless of how you do it, make sure all the zombies and mutants are dead to 
 continue to Purgatory.
 Purgatory is an extravagant underground city. The homeless man will tell you 
 that "The Florist", the leader of Purgatory, is located clear at the back of 
 it. Start making your way there. An SDF officer will start yelling about zombie
 serum that he's selling. Doiga laughs it off, but Majima contemplates it, 
 feeling the strange throbbing in the arm that was bitten. Continue moving to 
 the end of the city until you reach Kage the Florist.
 Kage's information network is impressive. There are monitors all over the room,
 with cameras all over the city that he can observe. Unfortunately, Kage does 
 not know who started the zombie outbreak, only that Tojo yakuza clan offices 
 were attacked first. They zero in on the location of Nikaido, but Goda is 
 nowhere to be seen. Majima decides to go after Nikaido to see if he was the 
 one responsible for the outbreak, but Doiga decides to start a video conference
 with the Omi clan first to see if they really went to these great lengths to 
 damage the Tojo.
 Majima will decide to go on a walk instead of waiting around for the video 
 conference call. Leave this area through the nearby door. Majima's walk will be
 interrupted by none other than Akiyama! Akiyama suggests he and Majima go to 
 the batting cages to blow off steam...incidentally, that's where Nikaido's 
 whereabouts were said to be, and it's where Doiga specifically told Majima not 
 to go. Majima agrees to go with Akiyama anyway, who runs off to meet him there.
 In Purgatory, go to the manhole cover that is designated on your mini-map. 
 Press X to enter it and you'll be in the sewers. Move through the sewers and 
 exit them to be at a part of town known as Children's Park. Run through the 
 streets to find Akiyama chilling outside the batting center and speak with him.
 Majima and Akiyama head into the batting center and meet with the various 
 yakuza. An aged, red-headed woman doctor catches the suspicious eye of Majima 
 for a second. Majima and Akiyama walk into the actual batting cage area to 
 speak with Nikaido, but suddenly, a prototype monster attacks, at the 
 instruction of Nikaido!
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Tsuchigumo Prototype...........................................................
 This armored spider is a dangerous foe, with large, spear-like legs that he 
 will swipe at you, and the ability to curl up into a ball and roll at you with 
 tremendous force like a demonic Sonic the Hedgehog. Akiyama will help you fight
 him, at least!
 Dodge almost constantly. The Tsuchigumo has a variety of attacks, almost all 
 involving its spikey legs. It will try to swipe at you, it will roll at you, 
 and it will jump into the air and try to pounce on you or Akiyama. Constantly 
 fire at it, and try to aim at its chest, where the red glowing object inside of
 it is. If you have the Heat Snipe meter filled, you can use Heat Snipe when it 
 jumps into the air to blast it out of the way, allowing you and Akiyama to lay 
 into it until it jumps back up. Don't run over and try to shoot it while it is 
 on the ground like usual, though, as the red orb (its heart? I really don't 
 know) is very hard to shoot from any position, and it will probably get back to
 its feet by that time.
 After enough damage has been done, it will start to roll around and chase 
 Akiyama. This also exposes the red orb, however, so use this opportunity to 
 blast the hell out of that thing and deal significant damage. Keep in mind to 
 check Akiyama's health after a while, too, so you can tell him to use one of 
 his two medical kits.
 Keep repeating this process until the Tsuchigumo has been damaged to the point 
 that there's only a sliver of its health left. Akiyama then throws a grenade 
 towards Majima, and that's ripe fodder for a QTE. Press the button before the 
 meter runs out, just like in Heat Sniping, and Majima will use the butt of his 
 shotgun like a baseball bat and send the grenade flying into the mouth of the 
 Tsuchigumo, blowing it into a million little pieces.
 BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
 Tsuchigumo Prototype...........................................................
 The Tsuchigumo is defeated, but the Nikaido and his men have split. A barricade
 blocking the quarantine zone from the rest of the city has been damaged, and 
 the zombies start piling in. They enter the batting center and begin to 
 surround Majima and Akiyama. As they prepare to fight, Majima's injured arm 
 begins to bother him. Suddenly, a mysterious man in a trenchcoat saves them...
 Meanwhile, Doiga has the video conference with the leader of the Omi Alliance. 
 He claims Nikaido is there on business unrelated to the Tojo yakuza. The Omi 
 leader is surprised to hear Ryuji Goda was spotted with Nikaido, as Goda was 
 banished from the Omi years prior. He swears that the Omi Alliance had nothing 
 to do with the zombie outbreak.

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