When you speak to Date, and say you're ready to go after Lau. You'll get to see a cut scene of Shimano speaking to Lau, and they discuss what they're going to do with the money now that they have the 10 billion yet all but in their safe.

One the way to the other city, Kazuma talks about his motivations for protecting Nishiki ten years prior, and parallels it to Haruka's journey to find her mother. He also seems to have taken quite a shine to her, and declare that he'll protect her with his life.

Date and Kazuma arrive at the headquarters of Lau, and Kazuma says he's going in alone. Date's not happy, but knows Kazuma can handle himself.

Within 20 seconds of Kazuma entering the restaurant, two guys are dead and a bunch of others with swords appear. Man, he knows how to make an entrance!

You'll be fighting a gauntlet just like at Sera's funeral. This time, there are way more guys, but they're all really weak. The first six have swords, but the rest are unarmed. Plus, the swordsmen easily drop them; just grab them and throw them around a bit, and the blades will be harmlessly on the floor.

The usual break that happens after you clear the room doesn't happen. After you get the slow-mo blur effect of taking out the last guy, just run into the flashing pink box upstairs. Here, you'll instantly get into another fight. This time, you're against a half-dozen cooks. The head chef is wielding two butcher's knives, and these hurt. Try to keep him off-balance by either throwing him, or throwing someone into him, so those knives don't start ripping apart your skin.

Take the elevator in the kitchen when you're done here. You'll magically find the office with both Haruka and Lau Ka Long. Lau says that he sold the pendant to Nishiki, but that he's keeping the girl, because she's the important thing when it comes to the 10 billion yen. He doesn't explain more, and instead grabs a pole arm.

Lau is pretty tough offensively, but not so much defensively. Despite having a weapon with a long reach, he'll get in real close, close enough for you to throw him. As he gets back up, you can probably combo him; if he blocks, just keep throwing. After a quarter of his health is eliminated, he'll drop the weapon. You can't pick it up, unfortunately. Repeat the strategy anyway.

After another quarter of his health, some minion will toss him a pair of swords. He'll again try to get in close, and his combo will go through your blocks. Use your throws quickly, and you'll be able to disarm him again once he's only got a quarter of his health left. Without his swords, he'll start dodging a little more than normal. But yet again, all you need to do is throw him, then combo him as he's getting up. He'll go down pretty easily, even if you'll have to burn a few healing items in the process.

After the fight, a bunch of cops bust into the room, and they're led by Sudo. He says Kazuma is under arrest for kidnapping Haruka. Kazuma goes peacefully, and in the police station, Date confronts Sudo about it. Sudo knows very well that Kazuma is innocent, Date says. Yet, Sudo just repeats the commissioner's desire that Date stays away from the case, and instead just leaves Kazuma to him.

Kazuma is behind bars, and Haruka apologizes for causing him so much trouble. He tells her to relax, defining a true Hallmark Moment. Date appears then, and unlocks the cell. Kazuma warns Date that he'll be in trouble if he's caught helping him, but Date isn't down with having his friend in the pen.

As Date, Kazuma, and Haruka drive from the police station, they chat about the case. Remember that crest found from the guy who was killed at the Stardust? It came from the MBI, a government organization probably like our FBI. A man named Jingu is part of it, but Date isn't sure how he relates to Haruka or the stolen yen.

Another twist: Mizuki is still alive. The woman found in the bay was identified as being someone else entirely. This news makes Haruka happy, naturally.

At this moment, Date suddenly notices that two cars had been following them since they left the station. He guns the motor, like that's going to help; from each pops out four guys with pistols. Date tosses Kazuma a piece to fend 'em off.

Now for something completely different. If you've never played a rail shooter before, here's your chance. The game is generous enough to give you gameplay directions, but the summary is: all you have to worry about is aiming and shooting, plus the occasional dodge so you don't wind up with your brains spread on the road.

The only snafu is if you're used to first-person shooters and use the standard "flight control" model for aiming, where up is down and down is up. In Yakuza, up is up and down is down, and it cannot be remapped. Of course, this is only a short sequence, so you should be able to deal.

The game helps you out too by giving you a crazy-large target. As an enemy car drives up, two people will be sticking out of it. Each will have a large target around him. Just bring your reticule over them, and the target will expand and change color. You'll still need to aim at the enemy himself, not just the empty space between him and the target border, but they stay relatively still.

After taking out both men, the car itself becomes a target as it tries to ram Date's car. Again, aim at the car itself, and fire away. The car and each person requires two shots to go down. There is no location-based damage: a shot to the eye does the same damage as a shot to the appendix or elbow, and a shot to the windshield does the same damage as a shot to the tire or right headlight.

The second car that comes along has only a single guy. He'll take several more shots to take down, and you probably won't be able to quickly enough before he fires. However, he may end up driving in front of your car. At that point, you'll need to use L2 and R2 to rotate the camera to see him. Meanwhile, if you hear a series of beeps that sound like the lock-on tone of airplane missiles, then hit the X button to duck into the car. Pop out and open fire when you can. The car itself only takes two shots like the first one.

The third wave will be a pair of cars, each with a single guy. Not to tough, but you'll want to focus on one at a time to take 'em out as quickly as possible. They don't fire frequently or anything, so they should be a breeze.

The fourth wave mixes things up by throwing in three guys on motorcycles. Take them out as you have, but be ready to duck: theseguys shoot pretty frequently. One of them will like to get in front of you, so concentrate on one guy at a time again to eliminate them as quickly as possible.

Next up is two guys on the back of a pickup truck. They're going to go all around your car, so be quick on the camera rotation buttons. Take 'em both out, then shoot the truck three times to crash it.

Your sixth wave will be an armored van with three guys, but one of them is on a side door, so you can't shoot him at first. Concentrate on the third guy at the side door whenever you can, because he's got an automatic weapon that does a lot of damage. The van takes several shots, but is taken out easily once you get access to it.

After that is the seventh wave with a guy named Chin who's riding a semi-truck. It's him and two buddies on the trailer, and the truck is on the other side of the road, so you won't have to worry about it ramming you. Still, these guys are dangerous. Take out the minions first, then concentrate on Chin.

If you haven't been using it yet, your zoom (R1) is absolutely essential. This is especially true with the truck constantly going in front of your car, making it damn near impossible to hit the baddies from the standard range. Keep firing, and remember to try to shoot the guy with the reddest reticule, as he's the one about to open fire.

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