Kazuma tells Date to head back to the Serena. You, in the meantime, need to get to the batting cage. Either hop in the taxi and head over there, or hoof it.

Before heading forward, I recommend you swing by the Serena to pick up your items. Head inside the batting cage building, and you'll be beckoned inside the cages themselves. Several men, including Majima, appear with baseball bats. Goro just wants to fight, and has no intention of actually doing anything with Haruka, who is safe nearby. Whatever.

Majima is the biggest threat of the bunch, holding a knife that he will not drop. It does a lot of damage, and can't be disarmed. Also annoying is his multi-hit combo, which deals a ton of damage and tends to follow you even if you run around in circles. Your best bet is to take out all of Majima's associates first, then use shifting to try to dodge his combo when he launches it. (Your shifts will actually cause his combo not to follow you.) Heal as you need to.

With Majima defeated, he'll make noises about wanting to kill Kazuma anyway. Some guy runs up with a katana, but Majima actually blocks the attack, chiding his soldier that only Majima himself gets the pleasure of killing Kazuma. Then, Majima dies. Or falls over unconscious. Whatever. His buddies help drag him out of the building.

At that point, Haruka materializes, and hugs Kazuma for saving her. No need to hang out here any longer, so they return to the Serena. Reina is there, along with Date, whose overcoat has been mysteriously dry cleaned of blood.

Haruka says that while she was kidnapped and locked in a dark room, some guy came up to her and untied her, then told her to run away. The guy also mentioned her pendant, which Haruka says was her mother's, but given to her by Yumi. The guy also tells Haruka to take care of the pendant, as "it's worth 10 billion yen." That number certainly gets Kazuma's and Date's attention, although neither have a guess as to who this guy was.

You'll be encountering some very strong guys from here on out. At alltimes, be sure you're carrying three weapons on you. They don't have to be anything specific, just as long as you've got more than your bare fists. Visit the hidden armory in the adult video store if you need to get equipped.

No story intro this time. Kazuma simply decides to hit the streets and start trying to find some leads. As he exits the Serena, one of the bums from Purgatory hails him. Kage is calling for Kazuma again, this time relating to some problem with Kage's family, or something... the bum doesn't give any details, mostly because Kage himself wasn't giving any.

Head over to Purgatory, and be sure to speak to an old man there. He's Sotaro Komaki, the legendary martial arts master. He'll teach you various things, so visit him often; his first lesson will greatly increase your power with all sword-like weapons.

nside Kage's room, you'll see him spying on his son, Takashi, and some girl he likes who happens to be the daughter of a no-name Yakuza family. He seems disinterested in talking about his problems, but Kazuma recognizes the area being monitored is the batting cages. Without asking permission first, Kazuma decides to go there.

When you leave Purgatory, you'll run into a surprise. It's Tamura, who Aoki had said died five years. Looks like Tamura simply buried himself and kept quiet, huh?

Tamura didn't even know about Aoki's exact cover story, but is impressed by it. He explains that in reality, five years ago, he went to meet Kage in Purgatory. Tamura realized that Kage was eons ahead of him in the intelligence business, so Tamura went underground to work for Kage. Tamura says he faked his death because there wouldn't be anyone who would miss him, and it would be easier that way to gather information. He pleads with Kazuma not to tell Aoki the truth, despite Aoki's worry.

That led nowhere for now, but I'm sure it will be important later. Just keep heading to the batting cages for now. Inside, Takashi is still there, and he mistakes Kazuma as going after him to break up the relationship. A fight starts, but don't fret: he's a total wuss.

After he goes down, he'll tell you that he and the girl just wanted to run away together. Kazuma doesn't have a problem with this, but some appearing gang members do. Kazuma tells the kid to book it, as he'll clean up the trash; although, he reminds the surveillance camera that Kage owes him one.

The gang members are, ironically, pretty tough. Well, not the members themselves, but the leader is a little tough. He likes dodging, and has a foot sweep that goes under your block. Annoying, but if you've got weapons, you should be all right.

After the fight, the leader says that everyone is after Takashi not for him, but for the girl he's with. She reportedly stole the money from her family's treasury, almost like what happened to the Yakuza in general. Kazuma recalls that the girl is at the Deborah, a bar near Theatre Square.

Deborah's not very far away, but you may want to make a quick stop to heal yourself before going. Luckily, the M Store is close by and on the way, so you can pick up some food to go.

The Deborah is accessed by heading down a flight of stairs from the outside. Inside, the girl and Takashi are surrounded by some Yakuza scum. The girl admits to stealing the cash, and they're planning on keeping her nice and safe. Takashi said he'll protect her with his life, but he may not have to, as Kazuma picks that moment to get involved.

This fight is a little easier than your previous one just because the leader doesn't dodge every punch, but everyone is armed with daggers. You shouldn't have too much of a problem, provided you healed yourself before coming.

After the fight, Kazuma convinces the kids to leave the stolen money. Takashi does this, but the Yakuza lieutenant says it's not enough. Takashi begs that he'll do everything he can to care for the girl, and when the Yakuza member calls it a steaming load of BS, Takashi starts to cut off his pinky to prove it. Kazuma stops him, and says that all he would need to do to prove his words is to actually fulfill his promise.

The Yakuza lieutenant whips out a scroll at this point, and he reads a message from the Yakuza father. The message actually gives Takashi permission to run away with his daughter, and basically says all is forgiven. Kazuma says rather publicly that this smells like a setup, proven when we see the father hanging out with Kage in the Purgatory surveillance room. Kage and the father make peace, as does Takashi and the Yakuza soldiers, wrapping everything up in a tidy little package.

Kazuma decides to head back to Kage to see what he's up to. You won't have to make the trip, luckily, you'll just warp there. You'll get a weapon for your troubles, along with permanent access to the fighting ring and casino, in case you want some cash. You might want to check them out while you're here.

Kazuma is out of leads, so the best place to go is back at the Serena. There, Date is passed out drunk. While Kazuma watches him breath, Date's phone receives a call from someone named Saya. The girl shrieks that Date stood her up, and Reina explains that Saya is Date's daughter, not necessarily a potential date. Date had said during his drunken stupor that he and Saya were supposed to meet at a nearby park. Kazuma decides to go see her.

At the park, a couple school girls are hanging out, and they hit on Kazuma. Kazuma doesn't want to be tossed back in the pen for statutory, so he ignores them and continues to look at the park. One girl turns to the other and says, "What are we gonna do now, Saya?" Ah ha!

Kazuma has a sit-down with the girls, explaining to them the beauty of abstinence. Saya takes offense and books it, but her friend sticks around. The nameless friend explains that Saya is getting a little too close to one particular guy, named Shotaro, whose deep pockets might have come about from something dangerous and/or illegal. She pleads for Kazuma to get involved... why can't anyone take care of themselves in this place?

Shotaro hangs out at a bar called the Shellac, which is in the Champion District. Follow your arrow and head over there. Inside the Shellac, there's no one but the bartender. Kazuma isn't psycho, so he questions the bartender with words instead of fists. Kazuma lies that he and Shotaro are friends, and then the bartender turns this into Who Wants To Be a Millionaire by asking what the most expensive drink on the menu is. The final answer is D: Bowmore 40 Years.

With that pointlessness over, the bartender finally admits that Shotaro worked for the Shellac, but quit. He left to work instead at a host bar called... Stardust. Oh joy.

Run all the way back across town back and enter the Stardust. Inside, Yuya owes Kazuma one, and helps him find Shotaro, going by Shota, is hanging out with Saya. Date shows up and confronts Saya while Shota cries in the corner. Saya eventually storms away, something she seems to be good at. Outside though, she's caught by a bunch of thugs. I think by now you'll know where this is going.

Date helps out here, and you'll make short work of the jerks. Date afterwards demands to see who sent them. We're not told where he went at first, as Date went by himself to see their "boss." Inside the Stardust, everyone else involved is worried, and Kazuma decides to find him.

As Kazuma heads out of the Stardust, all the truth comes out. Shota has a debt to pay off, and to appease the loan collectors, he told Saya to start selling herself to all available men. Looks like Shota's the jerk after all. Kazuma sets Saya straight, and demands to know where the loan shark is so he can settle up for all of them. The loan shark's name is Haruta, and has an office building nearby.

At the building, it turns out that Shota and the loan sharks were working together for money, whether that meant tossing the underage Saya in a porn movie or not. Date shows his devotion and love for Saya, and would have been killed, but Kazuma pulls a James Bond and shows up just in time.

Date's helping you out again, but if you're carrying weapons like we recommended, it's best to use some here. The room is rather small, and you'll want to clear out the minions ASAP to concentrate on Shota. Shota's weak defensively and doesn't dodge much, but his dagger does quite a bit of damage.

After the fight, Date and Kazuma bond, and then they and Saya bond. Date smacks Saya across the eye to teach her a lesson about not making porn or something, then calls her a good girl. Saya cries with happiness as she figures out how much it costs to reattach her retina. Kazuma leaves to let the two hug.

The next morning, at the police department, Date gets confronted by the chief of police and police commissioner. The commish tells Date that he's officially off the case from 10 years prior, which doesn't make sense, but Date leaves. Then, from the commissioner's office's closet, two men in suits come out. They mention that "this is a direct order from the top," and "Homicide Division will take care of it," plus they mention Kazuma by reputation. Too many loose ends right now, which means the game is now hitting its stride.

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