This is the first time you'll really be free to explore the city. Run around a bit, and see what secrets lie in the different shops. The walkthrough will only concentrate on the story, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't take some time to hunt down special items, more money, and fun little events.

On his way out, Kazuma gets surrounded. Shinji arrives just in time by car, and Kazuma jumps in to leave. His shenanigans have hit the news, where a little girl sees things develop. I wonder if she's significant.

Back in the car, Kazuma is surprised to see not only Shinji, but also Detective Date, the man who first interrogated Kazuma ten years ago. Date has been demoted and lost his family in the last ten years because of how much he investigated the Dojima death, and he sort of blames Kazuma. Still, Date wants to investigate Sera's death, and he knows that Yumi's disappearance, and the stolen money all have something to do with each other. Date gives Kazuma a cell phone to be in touch, and takes his leave.

Kazuma figures that if anyone knows what's going on, it's Reina at the Serena. Exit the bar you're in, and you'll be finally free to explore the city. Again, we'll only concentrate on the story for the walkthrough portion of this guide, but you can find out more in the Mini-Games section.

At the Serena, Kazuma and Reina have a warm rekindling of friendship. She tells you that she knows no more about Yumi herself than what you know. However, a woman named Mizuki stopped by the Serena and claimed to be Yumi's sister. They look a lot alike, but Mizuki's got a tat, something that Yumi would never do. Anyway, Mizuki worked at the Serena for awhile, but left to open her own bar, called the Ares. Reina doesn't know where the Ares is, but the bartender of the Bacchus might. The Bacchus, incidentally, is where you met up with Date. One big circle.

After you finish talking, you'll get access to the "Hideout." Simply, this is a single room within the Serena that is now yours. The Hideout lets you restore your HP, review cut scenes, store and retrieve items, and save your game. If you've been exploring, you may already have an item or two in your item box.

After checking out your hideout, you get a call from Yuya. Over on Pink Street, his girl, Miyu, is going to be performing for perverts. When you exit to the streets, a green arrow will mark the direction of this quest, like how the pink arrow marks the main mission. Take some time to head over Yuya and Pink Street.

Normally the strip club costs you 3,000 yen per show, but Yuya will get you in for free. First, you'll get to see Miyu dance, which naturally results in no clothes coming off. Typical. Then you'll get to stay for a second show. Accept the invitation.

The second show has the chick turn out to be a guy trying to kill Kazuma. Typical.

A fight will ensue, and you enemy will have a shotgun. Get in his face and punch him as quick as you can to keep him from firing. Careful when he blocks, because he has a counter foot sweep that will take you down. Still, if you keep up the pressure, you'll ice him for sure.

After the fight, it turns out that it's the same assassin that tried to kill you back in prison. Kazuma has no time to worry about that though, as others kidnap Miyu and haul her away. Give chase!

Once outside, Yuya calls you and says he cornered them. They're all at the Go Parlor on Park Boulevard. Not that that has any significance whatsoever... Just follow the green arrow like you did before. Be sure to stop by a building that has a yellow coloring on the map; you'll want to be at full health when you get to the Go Parlor.

When you come close to the road, the shortest distance between you and the Go Parlor will be blocked by a large thug. He'll be ask you to pay a toll. Say yes first; you won't be charged. You'll be asked to fork over 10,000 yen, but can fight at this point.

Clear away the scum, then keep going to the destination. Inside the Go Parlor, some associate trash talks you a bit. He also insults Fuma for being too weak, preferring the kill-now-ask-later method of business. Naturally, a fight ensues.

This one is slightly dangerous due to five tough guys in a small enclosed area. Weapons are helpful, but you may not have the time to pick one up. If you're carrying any, now would be a good time to pull them out. Concentrate your attacks on everyone aside from the guy carrying the sword, because they'll go down much easier. Still, that sword will cause you the most grief, so dodge it as you can.

Once the fight is over, Yuya thanks you for helping him, although Kazuma apologizes for involving them in it. Miyu gives you a Free Pass for the strip club, which Yuya totally flips out about. I think if I saved the life of a hot stripper from five guys wielding tables and swords, the least I should get is a free lifetime pass to the club. Maybe even throw in a lap dance or two.

Anyway, with the free pass in hand, you've cleared the optional mission. Heal, save, and head to the Bacchus.

Back in the Bacchus, things aren't as cozy as when you left. Everyone is dead in a bloody mess. Well, everyone but a very young girl holding a pistol. This is the same girl who was watching Kazuma kick some ass at the funeral. Kazuma can't get a name out of her, but she does say that she was looking for her mother, and she arrived in the Bacchus to check.

Kazuma and the girl go outside, where the place has cops blocking off the north path. Go south, and you'll encounter a little puppy. That puppy looks pretty sad, and probably gets sadder as it gets hit by a rock, thrown by some wannabe badasses. Our nameless girl isn't happy about this, so Kazuma decides to give the hoods a taste of the ASPCA.

The girl naturally takes a shine to the puppy, and the girl—who calls herself Haruka—begs and pleads for Kazuma to feed it. Kazuma doesn't have time for this, and just wants to help the girl find her mother. Turns out that Haruka is an orphan, and she bailed from the orphanage without telling anyone. Perhaps this is a lead, so Kazuma says screw it and looks for some Kibbles 'n Bits.

Despite the streets being dangerous, Haruka and the puppy hang out where you leave them as you run around the city. Go south, then turn west, and turn south again at the lockers (with the key symbol on the map). At the very south edge of the street, you'll soon encounter a shop colored orange called Don Quijote. Here, they sell dog food. Buy one, then head back to the puppy. It only takes one dog food to make him happy.

Kazuma asks if there's anyone Haruka can go to. She says no, because she's never seen her mother before. The only family she has is her aunt Yumi.

Wait... YUMI? Looks like we've got a lead. Haruka passes out then for no discernable reason, so Kazuma decides to take her someplace safe.

We know a safe place for sure, and it's just reinforced by a call from Date. Run to the Serena in the southwest corner of the city. You'll have a few fights you'll get into, but they're nothing you haven't dealt with before.

Inside the Serena, Kazuma practically orders Reina to care for Haruka. Reina sees (telepathically apparently) that Haruka has a fever, so the solution is to inject her with some random medicine. Kazuma is game for this, so he ditches her in the back room.

Haruka wakes up in time to see that the puppy followed us all the way here. Haruka follows up that her mother's name is Mizuki, and that Yumi is still around. However, she doesn't know where Yumi is.

Kazuma regrets that he has no leads to find Yumi, but Haruka knows where the Ares bar is. It's only for this reason that Kazuma agrees to let her tag along as they continue the hunt for Yumi.

Outside the bar, Haruka will lead you to the Ares. Simply follow her, as you followed Shinji at the funeral before. She'll take you to the Millennium Tower. Inside, it's pretty empty. Haruka will find a sign stating the location of the Ares, but it's marked as being renovated. Still, we're going to try to get there, so Haruka shows you which elevator to use.

There's actually a code for getting into the Ares, which thankfully Haruka knows. She knows the number from a letter... good. Less puzzle solving that way.

Once at the Ares, it seems pretty spacious and not at all under renovation. Creepy music starts up as Haruka takes off again... follow her. She stands in front of a portrait of Mizuki. Kazuma comments that she does indeed resemble Yumi.

Shortly after, some men magically appear, these guys from the Omi family... I wonder how they got the code to get into Ares?

Well anyway, while they make vague threats, Kazuma gets a phone call. Date has discovered that it was Yumi who stole the 10 billion yen. Huh?

Date will talk more about it tomorrow in the Serena. In the meantime, Kazuma needs to get his hands dirty here, as these guys are after all Haruka, and that just ain't happening. The main baddie here will give you some grief because if you try to combo him, the moment you gear up for the final hit, he'll charge a move that will hit you. Your own combo will basically go through it—or rather, he is invincible whilst in the animation. This means that you'll either have to grab weapons like crazy (a good idea anyway), or use single hits and throws to hurt him.

After the fight, Haruka questions why she's being targeted. Like Kazuma, we don't know, but we're damn sure interested in finding out.

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