It's ten years later, and Kazuma gets a letter from Fuma. Kazuma is also getting paroled this day, finally a free man.

Quite a bit has happened in the ten years since Kazuma's been in prison, and Fuma wants to talk to him about it. Unknown to Kazuma, a meeting has been summoned of all the different leaders of all the different families by none other than Nishiki.

Nishiki challenges Chairman Sera, asking if it's true that 10 billion yen has been stolen out of the Tojo bank account. Sera affirms this, then leaves while all the family heads express their displeasure. Nishiki and Fuma make eyes as Fuma tries to read Nishiki's intentions.

Meanwhile, Kazuma is reading Fuma's letter. Fuma asks him to meet at a bar called the Stardust. Not only that, but Kazuma wants to find Tamura to get him up to speed on the events of the last decade. Head up the street, and you'll encounter a fight with some loser named "Punk Ass Abe." He's a pussy cat, so tame him as you know how.

Turns out that there was a murder around here today, and the victim was a Yakuza. Abe is an enforcer who is supposed to ask questions of anyone who looks suspicious. Yeah, I can see how Kazuma fits the bill.

Also it seems that Aoki, that one guy from the magazine before, has become a famous informant. Armed with this information, keep going north toward the flashing panel. You'll come across a little plaza, where Aoki is standing. Kazuma strikes up a conversation, and is displeased to learn that Tamura died five years ago. Tamura knew that Kazuma wouldn't have killed Sohei, and tried to figure out the truth. One day almost randomly, Tamura disappeared, and was later found in concrete at the bottom of the bay. Hmm...

Well, Aoki has become an informant as well, and has some information to share. The Stardust is a "host bar," and is right across the street from the Serena. The Serena, incidentally, is still open and still run by Reina, but it's only open to regulars (not the public). Also, Aoki isn't entirely sure what's going on with the murder, but he surmises that the victim was a captain of the Tojo Clan. It's theorized that it was an internal killing, mostly because the Tojo Clan's been in a state of near-civil war since Kazuma left. Completely coincidental, however.

Before leaving the plaza, look for a blue square on the radar; it's in the southwest corner of the plaza itself. This is a phone booth, and it serves as your save points from here on out. It would be best to save now; you know the mantra: Save Early, Save Often.

On your way south, you'll run into a guy who will give you more fighting tips. Listen and learn, Kazuma-san; it may save your life later.

With that done, the Stardust now flashes on the map, and it's way south. Upon arriving, some bodyguard goes into a Tourette's Syndrome binge and engages Kazuma after accusing him of being Yakuza approximately a thousand times. This guy is about the hardest you've faced so far, mainly because he blocks a lot. Remember that your grab will go through blocks, as well as weapons. Plus, do the techniques you were just taught, and you'll be fine.

After the fight, the owner of the bar, Kazuki, comes out and apologizes for the overzealousness of the guard. After that, he allows you inside.

There's not much to do in the bar except for the save point. Just head upstairs to trigger the next cut scene.

Yuya, the guy who jumped you outside, apologizes for the fight. He leaves, and Kazuki speaks alone to Kazuma. Kazuki explains that Fuma isn't around because he's tied up... because Chairman Sera is dead.

Kazuki explains that when Dojima died, many Yakuza members jumped to Fuma's family, and they were invincible. However, recently, someone inside Fuma's family turned traitor and caused the family members to go crazy on each other. Just as Kazuki is about to say who the traitor was, some men storm the club and demand to see him.

Save it, then head downstairs. Talk to the men in the suits to start the next cut scene. These guys are members of the Shimano family, and they came to extort money from Kazuki. At first, Kazuki pays just to keep them out of his hair, but Kazuma convinces him to fight.

Although you're taking on all the men in suits, you're not alone. Both Kazuki and Yuya are going to help you out. Fight like you know how, and don't worry about your allies, because they can't take damage from your strikes. At first, try to stay on the outside, as many of the guys are armed, and even Kazuma can't sustain too many shots with lead pipes before going down.

After the fight, one of the men tries to shoot Kazuma, but is shot himself by Shinji, who pops up out of nowhere. Hmm...

With the fight over, Kazuki explains that it was Nishiki who betrayed Fuma. He did so because he wanted to start his own family, and with a different family's backing, managed to do so. Shinji is in Nishiki's employ, but only as a double-agent; Fuma just wants a spy inside Nishiki's family to know what he's up to.

Kazuma is then updated on the missing 10 billion yen, and he wants to see Fuma. Fuma is in his office and won't leave for any reason until the funeral of Chairman Sera tomorrow. Despite the danger, Kazuma is going to try to see him then.

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