You know things are starting to wrap up here: Mizuki is technically accounted for, Fuma is dead, Sera is dead, Shimano is dead... All the major players are either shot or blown up. Pretty much all we have left are Yumi and Nishiki, right? It's gotta be simple... right?

Anyway, Kazuma and Haruka are back in the city. Date calls immediately, and tells you up front that he knows everything that happened due to listening on the police scanner. Good to see that all the Yakuza business is conducted in secret. Date asks Kazuma what he's going to do, and Kazuma replies that he's going to head back to Ares in the Millennium Tower.

Date says that's a good idea, but that Kazuma should go to the Stardust first. Apparently, Kazuki and Yuya gathered "some items" for Kazuma. Sounds promising.

You don't even get a chance to take a step, as you're warped there automatically. Yuya hands over 300,000 yen for no reason, spending money for the guy in black standing next to him. The only real item of value he sells is a bulletproof vest, which is indeed a worthy investment. You'll pretty much have to buy it if you want to survive what's coming up.

There's an item box downstairs, along with a save point upstairs. Do what you need to do, and get ready. Just after you speak to Kazuki at the entrance, you'll be starting a gauntlet. You'll basically be taking on five or so street thugs in three waves. They're pretty easy, but a fourth group will appear after a short cut scene. A couple guys have guns, but if you bought that bulletproof vest, it will be just as simple.

Date is somewhere, presumably at the police station, researching Sera. He sees some pictures of Sera and Jingu together, but before he can get any more information, Sudo discovers him.

With the fight over, you're pretty free. Go north and heal up, and stop by the coin lockers to cash in key #11. If you have anything you want to do, like gamble or fight at the Purgatory fighting ring, do it now. Otherwise, make sure your items list contains only your equipped Bulletproof Vest and 8 Staminan Royals. Then, save the game, then continue to the Millennium Tower.

Inside, run around a bit, and you'll find a cut scene. There are tons of men around, all armed, ready to kill Kazuma. He tells them to appear, and they do... meet the MBI.

You'll be starting a gauntlet as usual. Kill the first group, then head up the escalators. A second will appear, but they're pretty easy, although there's one gunman on each side of you. Even if you have a bulletproof vest, the rounds will go through if you're not facing the shooter.

Another group will appear, and they'll be on a different floor. Remember that if you don't see enemies on your radar, they're simply on a different altitude—a different floor in this case. Take 'em all out, and Haruka will reunite with Kazuma. Head to the flashing box to take the elevator up to Ares.

Sudo and Date have apparently made up, and are now working together. Sudo is now totally believing Date, and wants to figure out what's going on with Jingu. He thinks Jingu is connected to some organization other than the MBI or the Yakuza. So, they decide to go investigate.

Meanwhile, back at Ares, Yumi is in the midst of running away. But when she sees Haruka and Kazuma, they share a tender moment.

Soon after, a helicopter arrives. It carries Jingu, and he tries to finish what he started by killing Haruka. Kazuma blocks the bullet, and Yumi and Jingu trash talk each other. Jingu fires a few more rounds, but apparently miss on purpose. Jingu finishes up his speech, just in time for Terada to arrive.

However, Jingu says that he has finished his business with the Tojo Clan, and bought the control of the Omi family. They knock out Terada, and Jingu says that he's been in contact with the fifth Chairman. Hmm...

Jingu sums things up by basically saying that he was all about power, and he wants the whole country of Japan. The 10 billion yen was earmarked for Omi family, and between having politicians and Yakuza in his pockets, he'll control the nation.

Yumi at this point says that she can't let that happen, and instead opens her briefcase. Inside is a really, really large bomb. She declares that if she is attacked, she'll blow herself up, along with the 10 billion in the bar. Yumi and Haruka retreat into the Ares, and Kazuma tells Jingu he's basically full of total crap. He says that Sera and Fuma always knew what Jingu was up to. Jingu says that there is no proof, but Kazuma displays the will.

In it, Sera does not name a successor Chairman. He asks Fuma to instead. Jingu is angry at this turn of events, but says the will doesn't matter. Kazuma says that's true, but only if he dies... because, in Sera's will the named fourth Chairman of the Tojo Clan is Kazuma himself!

A small scuffle will break out between Kazuma and a few of the Omi men. He says that he can take out as many men as Jingu's got, just as a couple helicopters arrive to drop off some reinforcements. These guys look like SWAT officers, right down to the submachine guns they carry. A third helicopter arrives soon after, one carrying Date and Sudo. The SWAT-looking guys shoot the chopper, which flies away. Jingu in true James Bond villain style says that everyone is too late, and it's time for all his enemies to die.

Hilariously, when the next fight starts, the SWAT guys drop their guns in favor of knives. Don't pull out a weapon; you won't need it. The SWAT guys will run around to your position, and though they move fast, they go down as easily as street thugs. As you fight them, but try to keep facing Jingu. He and his flanked bodyguards have guns, and if you're not facing them, the bullets will not be deflected by your armor.

After taking out the SWAT guys, follow their path backwards to get to Jingu. He and his bodyguards, who also move crazy-fast, will find you and start attacking. The bodyguards are pretty simple to take out, so ice them and keep your eyes on Jingu. He relies solely on his gun, so just keep facing him and he can't hurt you.

When you take him down to half his health bar, a helicopter will come by. It drops off four more SWAT guys and takes Jingu to safety. Take 'em out.

Jingu did not leave after all, and instead just flew to the roof. He's got two new bodyguards with him that look like they were transplanted from the Rainbow Six series, and they're ready for a fight. To reach the roof, you'll have to basically go around the map and up the stairs away from where you entered. Two HP supplements will be there on your way. If you already have maximum items, use one no matter how low your HP is, then pick up the supplements as a replacement.

Jingu's got a gun (sounds like the name of a country song), and his Rainbow Six buddies have knives. If you take out both bodyguards, then they'll both wake up after a few seconds and regain all their health. That is, indeed, an issue.

The bodyguards will try getting near you, whilst Jingu stays away from you. Jingu still has nothing better than his measly pistol to try to take you out with, and the roof of the tower is so large that he'll be constantly on the run. What you need to do is knock out one (just one) of his bodyguards, then try to ignore the other as you run down Jingu. The other bodyguard will chase you around, but he's got trouble actually delivering a sustained attack if you're moving around. Meanwhile, get in Jingu's face and punch him (or use a weapon on him) into oblivion. Once you take him out, the battle is over; you won't need to finish off the bodyguards.

Jingu dies, and the bodyguards are magically unconscious. Kazuma returns to the Ares, where Haruka and Yumi wait. There, they get a visitor: it's Nishiki. He still wants the money and the power. Kazuma tries to tell him the truth... but Nishiki already knows.

He explains that he never trusted Jingu, and knew he was being used the whole time. He just didn't want to go through life as a "loser" anymore. He declares his love for Yumi, and says that she never cared for him, always Kazuma instead. So with Kazuma in jail ten years prior, he realized he had his shot. So now, he says he'll take the money, and Yumi, and become the Chairman of the Tojo Clan.

Yumi dresses Nishiki down, but her words have no effect, so she cries. This triggers Kazuma to say that he agreed with Yumi, and that no one can run away from their fate. Kazuma knows it'll come down to a fight. Nishiki knew it was coming, so they disrobe, and it's on.

The moment the battle starts, pause it. You'll probably have earned enough experience points from the fight with Jingu to level up something, perhaps (in my case) maxing out absolutely everything.

This fight is, naturally, extremely tough. You'll have to bust out all your skills here: a combination of blocks and shifts, as well as picking your spots of when to attack.

Unfortunately, that's all the advice we can really give. Nishiki is aggressive and straightforward, always attacking and moving to get in behind you. You'll have to react to everything he does; try to face him at all times. Be controlled when you fight, because random mashing of the buttons will wind up making you face the wrong direction.

Plus, there seems to be an AI boost given to Nishiki. That is, as you move and attack, he'll pick up on what you like doing. Mix up your attacks: grab him now and then, change up your direction of dodging, and so on. Youwill take your shots, so heal as necessary.

At various points through the fight, as Nishiki's power drops, you'll boot him into another part of the Ares. This is a fixed cut scene basically that you can't really control. Just follow him into the new area, but stay on the offense. Try maintain your HEAT meter at all times, and use any ground attacks if you manage to get Nishiki grounded.

If you have any weapons, now is the time to use them. Nishiki will pick up the various weapons around the bar to attack you, but he doesn't have a sword or gun or anything. Shift around and try to use your special weapon attacks to take down his power quickly.

If you see an HP supplement on ground, grab it; if you're full of items, burn one to heal, then pick it up, just like you did when you approached Jingu. You definitely want to have as much health at all times here.

After the fight, Kazuma finds Haruka's pendant. He and Yumi hug, and she pops open the locket with a key. Turns out the pendant had a picture of him. She says that despite having her memory lost, she remembered Kazuma. She knew she still cared for him, but that she couldn't wait for him, hence why she found Jingu.

Yumi then says she has something she needs to do. She puts the pendant on a little... well, a laser scanner, I guess. When it scans the pendant, it opens a door to a vault containing all 10 billion yen. She says the money must be destroyed, so she sets the bomb on the bills and walks out.

As she walks out of the vault, Jingu appears and shoots Kazuma in the leg. Looks like Jingu didn't die after all.

Jingu readies the gun against Kazuma, but Haruka stands between them. Jingu fires anyway, but Yumi blocks the bullet. She's down, perhaps dead, and naturally, Jingu doesn't care. He readies a bullet to take out Kazuma.

Then, Nishiki comes out of nowhere with a dagger. He jams it in the heart of Jingu, and pushes them both back into the vault. He then grabs Jingu's gun, and shoots the bomb.

An explosion rocks the tower, and it starts raining yen in the streets. Kazuma and Haruka somehow get through unscathed, and Yumi wakes up. Kazuma declares his love to Yumi, and returns the ring. She says she's happy to see him one last time... she cries, tells Haruka to never run away from anything, ever. And then, she passes on.

Day breaks, and cops appear. They surround Kazuma, and tell him he's under arrest. Sudo appears then and tells him to get away from the scene. Date is there with him and says that if he's arrested, he'll be in prison forever. Kazuma says that it just doesn't matter anymore, now that he's lost Yumi. However, Date reminds him that if he goes to prison, Haruka will be alone again.

That gives Kazuma enough reason to hang around a bit. He leaves with everyone else, and they walk away from the tower.

It's days later, and Kazuma finds himself running away from the same temple at which he was at Sera's funeral. He was again running toward a car driven by Date, and it turns out that Kazuma had his parties for succession to the Chairmanship and retirement of it on the same day. On the car ride back to the city, Kazuma says that he chose Terada as his new successor to the Chairmanship.

Back at the city, Kazuma implies that he's not going to be around the city anymore. Date says he's going to try to get along with Saya and do the father-daughter thing, which is what I guess Kazuma and Haruka will try. Kazuma says that he'll be back, however, if ever needs to help someone... sounds like a sequel opening to me.

The credits will roll, along with some statistics for you. Fun fact: I took out 811 people in the making of this guide, not counting restarts. I'd like to extend my personal "you're welcome" to all the surgeons who made money off all the broken bones and ripped muscles I had a hand in creating.

You'll get a chance to save the game, only because you've unlocked what's called the "Premium Box." On the title screen, you can select it to open up some cool things, like the different cut scenes or customized battles. Probably the coolest thing there is the "Adventure Review," where you can play all the sub-quests without restrictions of time or the story.

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