Collecting Locker Keys is an activity required to 100% completion, and each key found you'll gain an useful item. There are 50 keys in Okinawa and 50 keys is Kamorochu in Yakuza 3.

In this article you will find all keys locations, in which chapter they are unlocked, what the locker contains, as well as video walkthroughs.

Ryukyu VillageEdit

  1. Chapter 4 - In the southwest corner of Kariyushi and market, next to an awning with light and dark green stripes (Yoshida Confections), up on the wall. Item: Old-Fashioned Suspension
  2. Chapter 4 - Inside Aqua Sky, on the floor behind the pool tables. Item: Staminan Royale
  3. Chapter 4 - On the floor inside the weapons shop van. Item: Staminan Spark
  4. Chapter 4 - On the fluorescent light above a table in the Yabukishi Restaurant area on the second floor of the Municipal Market (the first restaurant you see at the top of the stairs). Item: High-Grade Charcoal
  5. Chapter 4 - On the east side of North Ryukyu Street, in a tree in front of the Ryukyu Trust Bank and APA Hotel to the north of the Ebisuya Pawn Shop. Item: Bust Amulet
  6. Chapter 4 - On the middle pillar supporting the monorail above the Kubochi River (to the west from the station). Item: Old Magazine
  7. Chapter 4 - Atop the wooden fence on the south side of the road, west of the Mornignlory. Item: Bat
  8. Chapter 4 - Inside Ryukyu Nights. Item: Broken Watch
  9. Chapter 4 - In the alley running off from Ryukyu on the west, near Awamori-gura, in between two planters. Item: Black Gem
  10. Chapter 4 - On a chair inside Smile Burger. Item: Toughness Emperor
  11. Chapter 4 - To the side of the staircase going up to the Coin Lockers. Item: Super Resin
  12. Chapter 4 - Near the Taxi in First Town, in the middle of the street. Item: Royal Joker
  13. Chapter 4 - Inside Mahjong Camp. Item: Rubber Balloon
  14. Chapter 4 - Inside the gambling hall, between Chinchirorin and Oichokabu. Item: Ancient Black Sand Steel
  15. Chapter 4 - On some shelves inside Works Kamiyama. Item: Biased Brand Cigarettes
  16. Chapter 4 - On the floor inside Ryuushou. Item: Blood-Stained Sarashi
  17. Chapter 10 - Inside the Ryuudou House's office, on the floor. Item: Scrap of Magnetic Metal
  18. Chapter 4 - On a red bench in the east-west alley just north of Warabaa. Item: Modified Lighter
  19. Chapter 4 - The shortcut between Ryukyu Street and First Town (near Okina-way--the dirt part). Item: Tauriner +
  20. Chapter 4 - Inside Maeda Pharmacy on the floor. Item: Brass Lump
  21. Chapter 4 - 1st floor of the Municipal Market, between the signs for Uonawa (where you sell your fish) and Fresh Fish Kishizaki. Item: Tigerskin Belt
  22. Chapter 4 - In the middle of the intersection of Ryukyu and North Ryukyu. Item: Super-Resistant Resin
  23. Chapter 4 - In the water near where the waves brake on the beach. Item: Blue-Green Gemstone
  24. Chapter 4 - Near a trash can in the shortcut between Ryukyu and First Town (near Okinawaya and Blue Seal Parlor, in the parking-lot-like area). Item: Newly Developed Material No. XX
  25. Chapter 4 - Inside Aqua Sky, near the entrance. Item: Wristband
  26. Chapter 4 - Next to two blue trash cans at the corner of west First Town, in the little parking lot area (near Tamashiro's place). Item: Blackjack Amulet
  27. Chapter 4 - The dead-end in the northeast of First Town. Item: Unknown Resin
  28. Chapter 4 - On the south wall of the path running West of the station, south side, between two buildings in a window (between the Ryukyu Town Tourist stand and the tobacconist). Item: Gauntlet
  29. Chapter 4 - On the ground in the middle of the sidwalk near the west taxi on Ryukyu Street. Item: Compact Motor
  30. Chapter 4 - In the middle aisle inside the M Store near the coin lockers. Item: Super Resin
  31. Chapter 4 - 1st floor of the Municipal Market, near "Mountain Bull Butchers," at the first intersection just off to the left when entering themarket. Item: Broken Radio
  32. Chapter 4 - On an electricity pole on the southwest corner of the intersection at Ryukyu and North Ryukyu, near the sign for "Ayako". Item: Superalloy Spring
  33. Chapter 4 - Mission: The Lost Keys. Item: Power Stun Gun
  34. Chapter 4 - Atop a sign for the building that houses "South Island," that reads "Silk Road" (a white sign off to the left of the entrace). Item: Stone from the Pee Mountains
  35. Chapter 4 - Atop a window unit air conditioner near the entrance to a shop in northwest First Town near a black car, called "Momoko Tea House". Item: 123 Gum
  36. Chapter 4 - Inside the First Town M Store, near two coffee pots on the counter. Item: Scrap of Magnetic Metal
  37. Chapter 4 - Near the entrance to Kariyushi Arcade from First Street, in front of an awamori shop, on the ground on the west side of the arcade, near a black waste basket. Item: Mystery Liquid
  38. Chapter 4 - On top of the Coin Lockers (after completing mission "The Lost Keys"). Item: Super-Resistant Resin
  39. Chapter 4 - On the ground on the alley running to the west of the station. Item: Sarashi
  40. Chapter 4 - Inside a cardboard box inside the Morning Glory, at the end of the hallway running off from the entrance past the dining room. Item: Staminan Spark
  41. Chapter 4 - On the floor at the corner to the west of Warabaa and the market, where the street turns north towards the Ryuudou House headquarters. Item: Comfortable Sole
  42. Chapter 4 - On a hand rail up above the street on the second floor, in the alley just north of the gambling spot, on the north side. Item: Blood-Stained Cloth
  43. Chapter 4 - In an window unit air conditioner on the outside of a shop on the second floor of the building Works Kamiyama is located in (near the stairs). Item: WAT Armor
  44. Chapter 4 - Mission: The Seven Wonders of Rukyu Town #1. Item: Mystery Cell Phone
  45. Chapter 4 - On the roof over the bus stop on east Ryukyu Street, north side of the street. Item: Double-Action Revolver
  46. Chapter 4 - On the yellow roof of the store to the west of Karaoke-Kan. Item: Staminan Spark
  47. Chapter 4 - On the northeast side of the intersection at Ryukyu and North Ryukyu, on one of the hexagonal signs for Yanbaru Coffee, near the sign for the APA Hotel. Item: Kageboushi
  48. Chapter 4 - On a green construction pipe on the Kubochi River from the bridge near the monorail station, off the west side of the bridge. Item: Death God of the Nirai Kanai
  49. Chapter 4 - On the bank of the Kubochi River, from the bridge near Aqua Sky, off its west, on the southern bank. Item: Shisa Waistband
  50. Chapter 4 - On a staircase beside a yellow sign for the casino across the street from Ryukyu Nights. Item: Expulsion S-12


  1. Chapter 5 - In the middle of the path, right at the entrance to the side alley running east from the Club Sega at Nakamichi. Item: Gauntlet
  2. Chapter 5 - To the west of the Coin Lockers, up on a wall above the yellow "No Littering" signs.. Item: Super Resin
  3. Chapter 5 - In the middle of the street on the ground on East Taihei, near the entrance to Karai (Han Rae). Item: Ancient Black Sand Steel
  4. Chapter 4 - In the empty space across the street from the Third Park, up on the wall at the end, between two outside unit air conditioners. Item: Snake Eyes Seal
  5. Chapter 5 - On a tree in the northwest corner of the plaza at the base of the Milennium Tower's south side. Item: Rock from the Pee Mountains
  6. Chapter 4 - Behind New Serena, on top of the brick wall near the blue vend- ing machines. Item: Staminan Spark
  7. Chapter 5 - Inside Club Sega in the Square in front of the Theaters, on the floor, in front of Answer x Answer. Item: Royal Joker
  8. Chapter 5 - On the floor inside M.E.B. Item: Artificial Flower Bouquet
  9. Chapter 5 - Inside the Parking Lot at Shichifuku, on the pipes on the north wall by the No.7 parking space. Item: Gold-Plated Variable Capacitor
  10. Chapter 5 - On the ground on the southern alley running off to the west from Pink Street (near the Ryuujinkaikan, the tattoo shop in Rikiya's side mission). Item: Snake Eyes Seal
  11. Chapter 5 - On the floor in Asia's lobby area. Item: Steel Shirt
  12. Chapter 5 - On the ground in the southwestern corner of the Champion Dis- trict. Item: Old-Fashioned Suspension
  13. Chapter 5 - On the floor inside M Store. Item: Power Stun Gun
  14. Chapter 8 - On the ground in the southeast corner of Sai no Kawara's above- ground area. Item: Toughness Emperor
  15. Chapter 4 - On the ground in the middle of Tenkaichi, near New Serena. Item: Hariti Amulet
  16. Chapter 4 - Under a bench in the Third Park. Item: Brass Lump
  17. Chapter 5 - On a lamp above a sign above a shutter near a white car on the alley running off to the east from Senryou (near Karaoke-Kan). Item: Even-Steven Prayer Beads
  18. Chapter 4 - On the ground on Suppon Street (the alley running off to the West from Tenkaichi, north of the Poppo Mart). Item: Staminan Spark
  19. Chapter 5 - On the ground in front of the white vending machines near Volcanic Volcano (the slot house just south of the Square in front of the Theaters). Item: Super Resin
  20. Chapter 5 - On the ground in the gambling area in the Dragon Palace. Item: Rainbow Alloy
  21. Chapter 7 - In the underground part of the Sai no Kawara, on an awning on the west side, between the coliseum and Hanaya's/Majima's room. Item: High-Grade Charcoal
  22. Chapter 5 - On the floor in Ebisuya Pawn Shop. Item: Special Alloy Wire
  23. Chapter 5 - Atop a speaker inside Bantam. Item: Blackjack Amulet
  24. Chapter 8 - On the driver's-side ladder of the construction vehicle in the north side of Sai no Kawara's above-ground area. Item: The "I Hadn't Thought of That!" Weapons Handbook
  25. Chapter 6 - Atop a wall lamp in New Serena. Item: Comfortable Sole
  26. Chapter 5 - On the floor inside Luk Laan Jong. Item: Superalloy Spring
  27. Chapter 5 - Near the rear entrance to Club Sega (from the alley running to the east from Nakamichi). Item: Biased Brand Cigarettes
  28. Chapter 5 - On the ground in the alley near Bantam. Item: Newly Developed Material No. XX
  29. Chapter 8 - On a chair at the poker table in Fukkantei (the casino inside the Sai no Kawara area). Item: Comfortable Sole
  30. Chapter 5 - On an air vent in the back inside Yoshida Batting Center. Item: Army Knife
  31. Chapter 5 - On a potted plant inside Beam. Item: Instructional Staff
  32. Chapter 5 - On the wall above two white trash bags near the entrance to Works Kamiyama. Item: Mysterious Glowing Stone
  33. Chapter 5 - On the sidewalk on Kouenmae, near a blue tarp, at the inter- section with the alley next to Karai (Han Rae) Korean Barbecue. Item: Tauliner Maximum
  34. Chapter 5 - On an end table with a display stand on the second-floor area inside Stardust. Item: Comfortable Sole
  35. Chapter 8 - On a wall lamp on a pillar inside the underground coliseum's lobby in the Sai no Kawara area. Item: Staminan Royale
  36. Chapter 5 - On the floor inside Kyushu Ichibanboshi Ramen. Item: Comfortable Sole
  37. Chapter 5 - Inside Alps, near the entrance. Item: Toughness Infinity
  38. Chapter 5 - On the ground in the western side of the Square in front of the Theaters. Item: Red Gem
  39. Chapter 5 - In the empty space in the Champion District (where the IF7 is) on some scaffolding. Item: Charisma Photograph
  40. Chapter 5 - Inside Mach Bowl, at the far wall, near the restrooms on a display with six pins inside. Item: Warped Pearl
  41. Chapter 5 - Inside the Poppo on Shouwa. Item: Broken M1985
  42. Chapter 5 - In the back alley area behind Poppo Mart at Nakamichi Street, on an air duct above some blue trash cans. Item: Mysterious Glowing Stone
  43. Chapter 5 - In the shelves at Kotobukiya Pharmacy. Item: High-Grade Charcoal
  44. Chapter 5 - On the ground in the parking lot at the east end of Taihei. Item: Charisma Ring
  45. Chapter 5 - In the tree at the very back of Children's Park (the park at the west end of Taihei). Item: Hercules Gauntlet
  46. Chapter 5 - Atop a Chrismtas Tree behind the Millennium Tower. Item: Blood Brooch
  47. Chapter 5 - In the northeastern corner of the Champion District, on an awn- ing for a bar called "Sunntokyo". Item: Glorious Tale of the Lotus House
  48. Chapter 8 - Behind the above-ground part of the staircase leading down to the underground of the Sai no Kawara, on the roof. Item: Staminan Spark
  49. Chapter 5 - The northeastern part of the Square in front of the Theaters, in the street running north to Taihei, on a pillar just to the south (right) of NY Hot Dog. Item: Flowing Brocade
  50. Chapter 5 - The Hotel District, on an lamppost to the right of the Voles- cia Hotel sign. Item: White Lotus Comb