Zombies are the basic enemies encountered in the quarantine zone.

Enemy XP Item Drop
Zombie (basic) 10

Scrap Iron

Block of Steel

High-Density Polymer

Elastic Alloy

Cutie Girl Figure

Zombie (w/ weapon) 15
Zombie (big)
Zombie Cop
Zombie Guard
Zombie SDF Soldier 30

Block of Steel

High-Density Polymer

Cutie Girl Figure

Zombie Millionaire 10

Toughness Emperor

Super Hard Aluminum Alloy

Super Resilient Resin

Cutie Girl Figure

SR Love Shine Figure

Comfy Soles

Zombie YakuzaEdit

These former yakuza members are prevalent in Kamurocho. While they do not retain any memory of their life among the living, they sometimes show yakuza-like behaviors, such as staring people down. Strength-wise, they are no different from other zombies.

Zombie TransientEdit

These zombies are former transients who once made their home on the streets of Kamurocho, Japan's premier entertainment district. Their attire does not greatly differ from when they walked among the living. Some use crude weapons, such as umbrellas, crowbars, and two-by-fours.

Zombie CivilianEdit

These zombies were once among the countless ordinary people that gave Kamurocho it hustle and bustle, and when considering how many of them have become zombies, you start to realize just how many of these terrible creatures are out there.

Zombie SDF SoldierEdit

Spawns mainly in Kamurocho Hills.

Zombie CopEdit

Zombie GuardEdit

Zombie WomanEdit

Zombie MillionaireEdit

  • Shun Akiyama
    • Location: Tenkaichi Alley, across the street from Public Park 3.
    • Spawn Trigger: the escalators leading down to the Theater Underground.
  • Goro Majima
    • Location: Park Boulevard, near the northwestern barricade.
    • Spawn Trigger: the Senryo Avenue North entrance.
  • Ryuji Goda
    • Location: Shichifuku Street, east of the pitching machine and among the mass of mutants.
    • Spawn Trigger: the Pink Street entrance.
  • Kiryu
    • Location: Taihei Boulevard West, among the mutants.
    • Spawn Trigger: the Pink Street entrance.

Zombie Store ClerkEdit

Zombie WaitressEdit


Enemy XP Basic Item Drop Rare Item Drop
Monkey Boy 500 Scrap Iron Monkey Boy Helmet
Meathead 700 Block of Steel Meathead Belt
Mini Meathead 100
Cry Baby 300 Scrap Iron Cry Baby Barrette
Fattie 400 Elastic Alloy Fattie Fork


800 Block of Steel Aggro Medal
Diptera 600 Elastic Alloy Diptera Necklace
Hermit 600 Block of Steel Hermit Amulet

Monkey BoyEdit


Mini MeatheadEdit

A variant of the Meathead found primarily in the Kamurocho Subterranea.

Cry BabyEdit







Arahabaki AEdit

Arahabaki Final FormEdit

Kinro (gold hair) and Ginro (silver hair).







Tetsuo NikaidoEdit

Oikazuchi OmegaEdit

Rasetsu AmonEdit

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