Xperia Yakuza 6

In this work, Kiryu has a new Xperia.  ToDo list and weapons items that the progress of the mission is known,  also, such as capacity building, all managed by the new Xperia.  In addition, telephone and e-mail from the important person, communication in the SNS,  with the camera, such as taking pictures, equipped with the play of actual smartphone.

Email Edit

Email In the e-mail, or get important tips on advancing the game,  such as the meeting of the hostesses, also exchanged using e-mail.  Sender to can also reply, communication also get in the mail.

SNS Edit

Trouble information generated in the city, are all originated in this SNS.  Take the good cooperation with the anonymous sponsor that has been posted on SNS,  

Camera function Edit

If during the adventure, you can start the camera anytime, anywhere.  Not only kept the city's appearance and passers-by, the decisive moment in the photo,  it is also self-take in the attractions.  The captured image can also be SHARE with others.

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