Watamin-chi (わたみん家) is a food stand appearing only in Yakuza: Dead Souls. Its CEO calls it a "charcoal grill restaurant."


In front of Smile Burger on Nakamichi Street after completing the associated three substories as Ryuji Goda. Talk to Hanada to order.


Note: Ryuji Goda eats for free if the substories are successfully completed.

Item Japanese Cost XP Description
Kamurocho Stew 俺の煮込み 418 57 Beef organ stew, simmered for hours to tender perfection. White miso adds a subtle richness.
Kamurocho Stew Rice Bowl 俺の煮込み丼 418 57 Kamurocho Stew, poured over a bowl of steaming hot white rice for a filling meal.
Assorted Yakitori 焼とり盛合せ 523 57 A favorite with five kinds of yakitori chicken charcoal-grilled to juicy perfection.


In real life, Watamin-chi is part of Watami Foodservice Co.

In Yakuza 5, Watamin-chi's Kamurocho Stew and Assorted Yakitori are offered at Watami instead.

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