Waraba (わらばぁ) is an Okinawan soba stand in Downtown Ryukyu's Public Market North.

Food ListEdit

Yakuza 3Edit

Item Japanese Cost XP Description
Okinawa Soba 沖縄そば 500 36 My famous soba. It doesn't get any better than this.
Pig's Feet Soba てびちそば 800 46 Made with pig's feet simmered for half a day. This goes great with Okinawa soba.
Pork Rib Noodles ソーキそば 750 44 Also called "soki soba". Tasty Okinawan noodles and tender pork ribs go great together.
Glazed Pork Noodles ラフテーそば 800 46 Okinawa soba noodles with "rafute", cubes of glazed pork belly that melt in your mouth.