Umachii (うまちー) is an Okinawan restaurant.

Food ListEdit

Yakuza 3Edit

Item Japanese Cost XP Description
25 Proof Zampa 残波 25度 400 20 25 proof Zampa.
30 Proof Zampa: Umi No Iro 残波 海の彩 30度 600 39 30 proof Zampa: Umi no Iro.
Bitter Melon Stir-Fry ゴーヤーチャンプルー 850 47 This stir-fry's made with bitter melon, tofu, and eggs. We call it "Champuru", which means "something mixed" in Okinawan.
Pig's Ears ミミガー 600 39 Pig's ears with a crunchy texture. These go great with Awamori sake.
Sea Grapes 海ぶどう 500 36 Sea grapes are actually a type of seaweed found in Okinawan waters. They burst open in your mouth for a salty sea flavor.
Pig's Feet テビチ 750 44 Also called "tebichi" by the locals, these pig's feet are thoroughly boiled, and contain lots of collagen for quite the delicacy.
Peanut Tofu ジーマミー豆腐 400 33 This delicious peanut tofu is sure to stimulate your appetite.
Island Scallions 島らっきょう 350 31 These island scallions were grown in Okinawa, and are similiar to green onions. They go great with sake.
Glazed Pork ラフテー 680 42 These glazed cubes of pork belly are called "rafute" by the locals, and are considered an Okinawan delicacy.
Fried Gurukun グルクンの唐揚げ 830 47 Gurukun is the definitive fish of Okinawa, and tastes great fried. Eat it while it's hot.
Sashimi Platter 刺身盛り合わせ 1260 60 Our Sashimi Platter is filled with tasty fish that are representative of Okinawa, such as Sea Snail, Irabucha, and Gurukun.


The substory "Two Fathers" implies that the restaurant is owned by the Aragaki family.