Ukyo Tatsuya

Ukyo Tatsuya is a 19 yr old young man who is the main protagonist of Yakuza's spin-off series Kurohyou: Ryu Ga Gotoku. He is a aimless youth on the streets of Kamurocho who is framed for an assault which left a young boy comatose. He is the counterpart of Kazuma Kiryu in the main Yazuza series.

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It all started on a rainy day in Kamurocho city, Tatsuya Ukyo is walking in the city along with his two friends, Ryuske and Tenma. While walking, Ryuske said to Tatsuya if he's gonna do it. But seeing how Ryuske is concerned, Tatsuya said he could just run away, believing he's scared. This enraged Ryuske and got into a argument with Tatsuya. Tenma tried to calm the two from arguing, but then Tatsuya suddenly said if he's scared too. Ryuske then explained this is the reason why he doesn't want to work with him and he'll never be a leader like this. Then he gets furious at Ryuske's insults, which caused him to give in to his rage and punch his friend and also Tenma. Then Tatsuya's actions has driven the two to ditch him. This doesn't back down Tatsuya however, saying he doesn't need friends only power.

Meanwhile, there's an old man in a suit being beat up by another guy. The guy in the suit begs him to give him more time to get the money, he said he will get it in three days but suddenly changed it to two. But then, the guy that was threatening the poor old guy suddenly tazed him and said that he doesn't people who lie. Then, Tatsuya appears with his hood on behind the guy saying to stop people on doing business. Then he beat up the guy and went to the office. Tatsuya then question the Chinese people inside on who gave them permission to work here. One of the thugs are saying who is he. Tatsuya disguised himself by saying his name is "Kuro" and that he is from the Tojo Clan. Then he said to the thugs that this is not Chinatown and that it's Tojo Clan's property and that he will work out with his "boss." But then, the guy sitting on the desk wanted to say to the young man who he is again. Tatsuya then said if he's deaf or something. But when he said he is from Tojo Clan, the man introduced himself to be Naoki Toda and that he's from the Tojo Clan. Realizing that Tatsuya made a mistake he decided to run away. But he was blocked off by Toda's men. Toda said that Tatsuya can't escape after using the Tojo Clan's name. One of the thugs grabbed Tatsuya by his parka, but then he headbutt him to the face. The other thugs tried to kill him, but ultimately, Tatsuya beated them. Tatsuya then told Toda to bring him on. But Toda was fast and attacked Tatsuya first, giving him the advantage. Tatsuya was pinned down and then he began to attack Toda. Toda managed to dodge and block Tatsuya's attacks, but then he caught off guard and Tatsuya managed to punch him. Tatsuya then demands him to give him some money. But Toda brought out his knife and stabbed Tatsuya. But Tatsuya managed to stop and grabbed him with his arm. Tatsuya began to mock him, but Toda stated that the yakuza rank is stronger than him. Then Toda attacks with his knee, and tries to swing his knife. But Tatsuya managed to punch him in the gut and devastated him with a barrage of his attacks. Then, after Tatsuya was about to deliver the finishing blow, he said he hates people like Toda. Toda then begs for mercy, but Tatsuya delivers it anyway. And after he won the fight, Tatsuya boasts his victory in a evil laugh. But after his prideful moment, Tatsuya was shocked to see Toda is losing a lot of blood. And he realized that he killed him. Just when he was about to take a breath, the police arrived. Now that he is panicking, Tatsuya decided to steal the money and go home. But unknown to him, somebody was watching him from behind the office door.

After he got back home, he was on his phone(probably preparing for his departure). But just when he was about to leave, his sister Ukyo Saiko asked him where he's going. Tatsuya replies that he doesn't know, but to say he won't be back for a while. Saiko said to her brother to at least bring back some money. But Tatsuya gave the money which he stole after the incident. Saiko said thank you and then Tatsuya left. He was getting on his motorcycle and preparing to go somewhere far away. But just when he's about to leave, there's a unknown man with a tazer. Before he could react, he got tazed and has been taken away to an unknown location. As he woke up, there were some thugs reviewing his phone one of the men said that he has no friends and who is Saiko. This enraged Tatsuya, but before he would go on a rampage there's a strange man with a cane walking to him. The man said he predicted the young man's actions saying if he used the Tojo Clan's name, he would gain money from the Chinese Mafia. The man said about the accidents Tatsuya caused, but Tatsuya responded he doesn't know what he's talking about. But they showed a security footage of him laughing after he killed them. Then the man finally introduced himself to be Ryutaro Kuki, head of the Kuki Clan. He said he couldn't believe that Tatsuya killed Toda, saying Toda was his right-hand man. He revealed Toda was actually running a Chinese restaurant to hide his identity. Tatsuya replied "s-so what." Then Kuki stated he killed an innocent civilian. Then went babbling on how Tatsuya was in prison before and could end in prison again for this, or probably even longer. Then Tatsuya has enough and spits Kuki in the face as he is prepare to die. Then Kuki struck him down and told him to think for one second. He has the video and everything of what happened. Kuki questioned Tatsuya if his sister's name Saiko and she wouldn't like it if she find her own brother's dead body. So Kuki stated there was another way for Tatsuya to survive. They went to the elevator. Then Kuki started talking about his deceased friend being one of the best fighters in Kanto back in his days. And after Tatsuya killed him, Kuki said he is like a wild dragon. Tatsuya questions the head where he is taking him. Then Kuki said that it's probably heaven or hell, he says it was up to him. After they arrived at Kuki's private quarters, he explains about the history of the war for Kamurocho (probably in the Yakuza series), people were bidding on fights, violence, and money, he also said it happened probably before he or Tatsuya was born. Tatsuya soon questions, but Kuki said the Tojo Clan took possession of these biddings and money out of it. Kuki then said in order to become the strongest fighter, so many unleashed their rage on the ring. Many fought and people found hope, but unfortunately the hope has ended... Then there are lights flashing on what looks like a stage, then the announcer that he welcomes everyone on this underground fighting tournament called "Dragon Heat." Then announced today's match with the following opponents Ryu Bushou and Takeru. Both were fighting violently and Ryu's got the upperhand. Meanwhile in Kuki's private quarters, Tatsuya was so shocked, and Kuki said this is "Dragon Heat." He questions Tatsuya if he seen something similar to this before. Tatsuya answered saying he did by watching TV. Then Kuki told Tatsuya that he is going to fight in the ring whether he like it or not. Much to Tatsuya's shock. Tatsuya asked Kuki on what's going to happen to him after all this. But Kuki stated again on what he said on the elevator "Heaven or hell, it's up to you..."

Later, while adjusting to his new surroundings and situation, Tatsuya stumbled upon what looks like a medic room. He heard a girl's voice who she is probably a teen or who has reached adult level. She blindly introduced herself that Tatsuya doesn't seem injured. He asked what is this place, and that this blace is the Emercency Room. The girl is surprised to find that the guy that out the door is Ukyo Tatsuya. Tatsuya wondered what they are doing to the guy resting on the bed. The girl said that he cannot go to a regular hospital, she said that "he" will call the police. Then, she finally introduced herself to be Saki Kudo. And she introduced to the other guy who is in charge of the room, Taizan Anamiya. Saki checked Tatsuya's muscles saying he hasn't been getting exercise, but it's not bad. Tatsuya tells Saki to not touch him, and she responds saying that he's got attitude. She reminds her of Tomoki, a fighter who came to Dragon Heat to test his strength. But Tatsuya said that he doesn't care about fighting. Saki didn't care much and told Tatsuya to get ready and change in the lockeroom.

Later, Tatsuya is sitting on a bench smoking. He sees a yakuza pointing a gun at him (guess to put it in a more kind of saying to get ready). Tatsuya says that yakuza and cops watching behind his back, he won't have a good chance of running away. He took of his parka and begins to walk to the arena saying that he has no choice but to fight. The announcer announced on the head is Ukyo Tatsuya, the "Crazy Dragon." Kuki stated that they just randomly name Tatsuya that, but he likes it. And on the tail is the "Monster of Karate," Tomoki. The bets are in place and stated that Tomoki is going to win. Tomoki said to Tatsuya that he's going to win, but Tatsuya doesn't know what he's talking about. Tomoki then said that he will teach Tatsuya some manners and show what a real fight is. And the two got in their stance and braced for each other. Although Tomoki put up a good fight, Tatsuya wins by kicking him in the face while showing the dragon's spirit. Then the crowd started to go crazy and that one of the people in the audience say the Tatsuya is number one. Tatsuya said "I'm...number one?" And he got so proud of himself, he roared in victory.

Kuki, talking to Tatsuya now, said that the people loved his performance. But he warned Tatsuya that this is different from fighting in the streets. Kuki then revealed that if Tatsuya wins 10 battles in a row, they will forget about him killing Toda and erased the video. Kuki stated that Toda is like smoke and all evidence that points to his murder are burned away. Tatsuya said that what if he loses. Then Kuki, again, stated that they will send the footage to the police and he will be sent to jail. He reminds Tatsuya that this is the only place for him to be. As he is walking out, Tatsuya saw a fighter with a woman. He said that it was a stupid fight and he is just a kid. Tatsuya is infuriated and tries to counter back saying that he still won. Then the woman, who's name is Yudika, told him to get out of here. Then the announcer announced on the head is the mysterious fighter, Sho Hyuga, the "legend" of Dragon Heat. Yudika reminds Hyuga that he's up, and Hyuga said to her that he will but up the best show ever. Yudika then said to see how Hyuga is strong right now. Before Hyuga can get on the stage, he tells Tatsuya that in order to get a good babe, you need to get her on the same day. Hyuga tells Tatsuya that he will tease him and kill him, but until then he tells Tatsuya to not die when they get a chance to fight each other. Later, after getting patched up by Saki, she tells Tatsuya that he's lucky he won. Tatsuya asked who is that Hyuga guy? Saki tells him that he's the famous fighter in Dragon Heat. Tatsuya wondered if he's strong, Saki explained that the fighters here in Dragon Heat are trained in Judo and other fighting styles. But Hyuga is different, he learned to fight here and learn different ways. He is a master of all fighting styles and knows how to please the audience. This got Tatsuya discouraged and asked how many battles Hyuga won. But Saki tells him that he wins at least 70%. Tatsuya is wondering that he's not that strong. But Saki told him that's not what she means. The only thing Hyuga values are the strongest. But this raised Tatsuya's confidence a little bit, saying he will crush him, kill him. But Saki is telling that Tatsuya doesn't understands on what she tries to say. Taiza arrived and questions Tatsuya on how much did he learned from Tomoki? He stated that he has to learn something from fighting. If Tatsuya can't learn anything from fighting with Tomoki, then he won't be able to beat Hyuga.

Later, Tatsuya has got some time before his next match. So he got advice to watch another match. The announcer brought the two fighters which are: Ricardo of Brazil who does a Brazilian fighting-style, and Hyuga Sho himself. So Hyuga took off his robe and tells Tatsuya before the match that he will show him what it takes to be the strongest. The battle began and the Ricardo is doing well at the start. He tackled Hyuga and got him on the sleeper position. Tatsuya is wondering if Hyuga is letting himself be defeated, but Saki arrived and told him that this is how Hyuga always fight. Then suddenly, Hyuga told Ricardo, while still wrapped up, if this is really his limit. Ricardo is shocked when Hyuga started to break free from his hold. Tatsuya wondered if Hyuga's going to finish him off, but Saki said that this is not the way he fights in the ring. Hyuga only cares finishing opponents off with the final blow. Tatsuya asked why would Hyuga take such a risk to do that? Saki responded that that's his method. Hyuga is about to finish Ricardo off, but Ricardo managed to escape. Tatsuya wondered what happened, but Saki wondered herself if Tatsuya was watching. She said that Hyuga could've finished him off by breaking the leg, but he didn't. Tatsuya asked Saki why? Saki said so that Ricardo fights again. Ricardo suddenly said during the fight that he can't lose. He has a brother waiting for him in Brazil who is sick. He needs the money. Hyuga is saying that he's sorry to hear that, but he told Ricardo that he will be on the plane real soon, except he won't be sitting on the plane. Hyuga said that some sub-story Ricardo told is not worth it. Then he got back in the fighting mood and said to keep going to please the customers. Hyuga started attacking and then kicked Ricardo in the leg (where he was starting to break it). However, Ricardo is still standing but eventually got finished off by Hyuga who kneed him in the face. Back to the sidelines, Saki told Tatsuya that he's got power and skill just like Taiza told her, but that's why he'll never win. Tatsuya acted by grabbing Saki's wrist and he tried to talk back by saying that he's been fighting in the city his whole life, no one can beat him. But Saki said that he still doesn't understand, that he's missing something. Somewhere else, there are people talking in the Inn. One man tells that he didn't know that Sato likes to fight. Another guy said that he used to be Huyga's fan, that he didn't know that he was in Dragon Heat. Then Hyuga, who is probably the one giving the information said that it's his pleasure giving the two the information. The first guy said thank you and gave the third guy something, Hyuga said thank you. The first guy tells Hyuga that he will get the right girls and tells him to have fun in the bar. The first guy questions about the boy Tatsuya, that he's got some attitude. The Hyuga said Tatsuya is not a fighter, but a kid. He said that he get it down by 30 seconds, no, 10 seconds. The first guy said that he likes that and starts laughing. The first guy then said that they will prepare a fight for Hyuga in Las Vegas, and he bets the ladies there are nice and a lot of fighting money over there too. Hyuga said that he likes that and pronounces that he will be No.1 in Dragon Heat, always. Later, Tatsuya is seen inside the bathroom washing his face. Then a man came inside and asks Tatsuya what's going on. Tatsuya knows that man, he is the announcer or, DJ-Rikuoh. DJ asks Tatsuya if he's worried about Huyga. But DJ tells him not to worry since he's not going to fight Hyuga for a long time. Tatsuya is asking DJ in a ill mannered way if he's scared. But DJ says that he's only joking, he tells Tatsuya not to get mad. DJ asks Tatsuya if he wants to hang out with him to the fight party, he asks Tatsuya if he can pay for something. But Tatsuya asks why does he have to pay for him? But DJ says it's fine, he says that he will wait for Tatsuya at a club call "Jewel." Tatsuya says that DJ is a fool and doesn't feel like going out. But he decided to go, because he believes DJ knows more about Dragon Heat.

Tatsuya was walking down to Jewel, until he ran into a thug or street punk. The street punk says that he knows that face somewhere before. He already realized that it's Ukyo Tatsuya. Tatsuya wondered who is he. But the street punk said to Tatsuya that he can't be serious, He said if Tatsuya really forgot about him. He said that Tatsuya broke his right leg once. Tatsuya didn't care and told the street punk to get out of here. But he is still angry at Tatsuya for breaking his right leg and that he can't move. The street punk said that if he wants to get through then he's going to have to beat all of them. Eventually, Tatsuya defeated them all, including the street punk. But the street punk told Tatsuya that he's going to die soon. Tatsuya grabbed him and asked how. Then the street punk said that there's a man named Detetive Takanaka, saying that he's looking for him. Tatsuya is shocked and surprised to know who it is. A flashback played seeing the man Takanaka with a dead body while it was raining. Tatsuya is seen running away, and Takanaka is waiting for him saying that he will not let Tatsuya go this time. That was then, Tatsuya remembered and how he spent 1 year in jail because of a murder. The street punk said that he doesn't know what's going on, but he said that Tatsuya should've stayed in jail for the rest of his life. Tatsuya started to wonder if he found out about the murder of Toda. But he doesn't think so, after all, he's still under "their" care.

Tatsuya arrived at Jewel with DJ, that is calling for more alcohol, food, etc. While DJ is enjoying the women's company, Tatsuya's woman is saying that it's awesome that he's a fighter. She said that she likes him. DJ said to Tatsuya to not worry, after all the Tojo Clan got a hold of the place. Tatsuya said that he's not worried at all. But DJ said to Tatsuya that the Kuki are expecting from him, this shocked Tatsuya. DJ keeps going on that everyone has a reason to fight, like for money. He's suggesting that Tatsuya has a reason to fight as well. Tatsuya asked again what will happen if he loses. DJ said in his calmly way that the Kuki may give Tatsuya a second chance to fight, but if he has no reason to be there, then he's dead. Tatsuya tells DJ to be serious, but he said that nobody knows and told Tatsuya to not worry about losing. Tatsuya started to grab DJ and tells him that he will win and never lose no matter what. While walking out of the bar, Tatsuya said to himself that the only place he can return to is the ring. But then, Hyuga showed his face. Hyuga is surprised and wondering why Tatsuya is here, after all this is none of his business. Hyuga keeps threating by saying that Tatsuya is nothing more than a street-punk. This got Tatsuya enraged and decided to charge into him. Luckily DJ is there to stop him and told Tatsuya to calm down. Hyuga still keeps on threatening Tatsuya by saying that does he really want to fight him? That he's got no sense of pride. Tatsuya's rage consumed him again and that cause him to break the DJ's control and attempt to punch Hyuga. But Hyuga blocked Tatsuya's punch, but Tatsuya decided to counter with an uppercut, but Hyuga evaded that. Hyuga wonders if that's everything Tatsuya got. Then Tatsuya decided to punch him again, but this time a security guard pinned him down. Hyuga decided to take his leave, Tatsuya yells if Hyuga's running away. But Hyuga said no, just that someday on the ring, they will fight.

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Tatsuya has light-dark (mostly light) pale skin. His hair-style is that the color is black, he has little braids on the sides, and a little spiky-looking at the bottom (sort of like Akira Nishiki). He wears a black parka, which have zipper pockets, and pants which both have gold-like markings on. And his shoes are sneakers that are gold-like and have black laces.

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At first when he was a normal street punk, he is ruthless and cold-hearted. Like seeing with his friends, he couldn't care about anyone rather than himself. And when he is serious when fighting out in the streets. But after he was framed on a incident and got into Dragon Heat, Tatsuya seems to be more open to himself and experiencing other stuff on how others feel when they fight.

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Ukyo in live action film
Ukyo in story mode

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In the Kurohyou series, Tatsuya can master different fighting styles. But as he is fighting, Tatsuya is able to fill up his gauge and reach to three levels, when it reaches blue it's brawler style, yellow showing his brute force but mostly driving his opponents to the wall, and red is when he shows his powerful signature move. This is related in Yakuza 0 from Kazuma Kiryu and Majima Goro.

Street Fighting: Tatsuya's main fighting style. Tatsuya learned his techniques by hitting a sand bag back at his old days. In the game, his attacks are just a barrage of some arm punches, knees, and round-house kicks. His attacks are slow though. In his heat gauges, once he reaches blue: grabs the opponent by their hair and lands a powerful blow to the face, yellow: he smashes his opponent on a wall a couple of times and throws them to the ground, red: he performs a powerful whirlwind kick like in taekwondo.