"Kiryu is an enemy of the Tojo Clan! I'll bring back his head on a plate!"
49 years old, bald. Kanda is the third chairman of the Nishikiyama Family created by Kiryu Kazuma's childhood best friend gone deadly enemy Nishiki. He is one of the three main antagonists of Yakuza 3.

Yakuza 3 Edit

After being defeated by Kiryu at the love hotel, Kanda frustrated and angrily destroys Mine's stuffs at his penthouse and demanding Mine to lend him his men and money to destroy Kiryu. Mine was not pleased at Kanda's behavior and scold him for not understanding the value of the things he just destroyed. Kanda quickly becomes angry and attempts to strike Mine, but he proven to be an even more capable and stronger fighter than expected. After got beaten up by Mine, he was killed by Mine's goons, and his severed head was put inside the briefcase and shown to Kiryu as a sign of apology.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Kanda is extremely short tempered and impulsive individual. He is also not very smart and was the dumbest and most reckless out of the lieutenants. Kanda aims to claim the position of Chairman by himself and takes out Kiryu for the position. He's always asking for Mine's assistance in case he needs money or muscles. His rash and uncontrollable behavior also irritates Mine and ends up with him killing Kanda.

Fighting Style Edit

Kanda relies on brute strength to attack his opponents. He can easily lifts heavy objects and use them as weapons.

Gallery Edit

C am kanda tatoo di

Kanda's Tattoo

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