Tsumura is a Jingweon man working for Daejin Kim and Wataru Kurahashi. He is also an employee that works in Kage's office. Tsumura is first seen talking to Ryuji Goda about activating one of the bombs in the Millennium Tower. 

Yakuza 2 Edit

After Hiroshi Hayashi and his men invade the transformer room, Tsumura attempts to stop Kage finding out Daigo Dojima's location by hacking the computers, but Kaoru Sayama beats him.

Tsumura was later seen with Kurahashi and attempted to shoot Kiryu when he grabbed Kurahashi, but he was shot in the arm and fled.

When Yukio Terada revealed himself as Jingweon survivor Daejin Kim, Tsumura was one of his men that attempted to kill Kiryu. At the end, Tsumura is killed along with all of Terada's remaining henchmen.

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