Tsukasa Sagawa

Retainer to the Omi Alliance's 5th Chairman Patriarch of the Sagawa Family

Voiced By: Shingo Tsurumi

Tsukasa Sagawa (佐川司, Sagawa Tsukasa) is the owner of the Grand Cabaret and the one who holds Majima's leash. Sagawa makes sure Majima stays in line in Sotenbori and holds the authority to kill him if he feels the need to. He finds Majima in his care after Futoshi Shimano, Majima's former boss and Sagawa's sworn oath brother, hands him the reigns. 

Sagawa doesn't put on the appearance of a yakuza as he struts through Sotenbori's night life like a playboy, but he is a dangerous man who is not above violence when things don't go the way he planned. 

Sagawa gives Majima the assassination contract that will allow Majima to return to the yakuza. But little does Sagawa know, this order is about to spiral out of control and lead Majima toward a fate larger than he could ever realize.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Majima requests Sagawa to private room to chat.

Sagawa is the owner of the Grand Cabaret in Sotenbori and the one who holds Majima's leash. He has Majima work as the General Manager there. Sagawa has Majima under constant surviellance using his men, making sure that he does not betray the Tojo Organisation again. He originally claimed to reinstate Majima into the Tojo Organisation once he made 100,000,000 yen - which Majima made in a year. Due to this, Sagawa raised the requirements to another 500,000,000 yen or take on another job from him.

Sagawa got a misson for Majima

Shimano gives Majima the opportunity to become reinstated into the Tojo Organisation by completing a hit on a person named Makimura Makoto, which is to be overseen by Sagawa. However, this does not go to Sagawa's plan as Majima falls in love with Makoto.

Sagawa is being caught by Omi men

In the ending, Sagawa is found and shot by Omi Alliance members.

Appearance Edit

Sagawa has short grey hair, beard and moustache.

He wears a brown, pinstripe suit with black shoes, off-white shirt and dark red tie.

After being injured, bandages can been on his right hand.

Personality Edit

Sagawa is 'cool' in demeanour and manages to remain calm in most situations. He is tenacious and does not mind resorting to violence when things do not go as planned. He will usually make smart-ass comments.

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Quotes Edit

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