"Listen,in the end, yakuza are mostly idiots. When you run a family,it's your job to rule over these simpletons. Charm count for nothing in this game. Know what kind of men flock to a guy in charisma? Useless idiots . A yakuza without smarts is trash. At this rate, yakuza will end up as nothing but trash."
Tsubasa Kurosawa is Seventh Chairman of the Omi Alliance and the main antagonist of Yakuza 5 attempting to crush both the Tojo Clan and the Omi Alliance. He was assumed ill dead at hospital. He worked for most of the game hiding his identity as a Osaka Prefectural police as detective, Serizawa Kazuhiko. He is the father of Aizawa.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Tsubasa Kurosawa was once part of a fourth rate family belonging to the reigning Kuroha family, living a life of poverty and humiliation. Kurosawa would learn that the values of the Yakuza is worthless when it came to handling the murky actions that the organization does everyday. Seeing it as the opportunity to gain power, he had to resort to cold cunning ruthlessness to become the boss of his own family. The sudden demise of the Omi Alliance's reigning chairman Jin Goda and the interim chairman after that gave him the perfect power vacuum to seize power and become it's 7th chairman. For the next five years of his life it would be considered the only time he ever commanded authority. However, such rule was cut short when he learned he had terminal lung cancer and began his plan to take over both the Omi and Tojo, using the impending conflict in the wake of his death to drive it.

Appearance Edit

He wears a charcoal trenchcoat over gray shirt and gray slacks.

Personality Edit

Kurosawa is the very definition of more modern Yakuza behaving very much like a real gangster. For him, codes of honor, friendship and respect are meaningless, worthless, useless and a nuisance. He is absolutely disgusted at the more traditional styled Yakuza that follow their dreams, and bonds of charm, seeking nothing but power and money. He believes that every Yakuza that ever remotely shows any sign of decent behaviour to be stupid scum and therefore unable to produce money thus making them worthless trash in his view.

He spares no one in his ideology as he attempted to purge even his own direct followers for being the honorable kind, instead of the ones that resort to dirty tricks and foul tactics that best suit his ideology. He also seems to be a coward as he despises the idea of his lieutenants doing direct fighting rather than letting their man do the job for them.

He is also not above manipulation and trickery, as he orchestrated a convoluted plot to wipe out every men he sees as a menace for his vile ruling, lying and tricking several players into thinking he was an Osaka Detective while in truth he wanted to gather them all to kill them.

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