Tobe is the manager of bar Bantam. Like Emoto, he only appears in a substory in the first game. In Yakuza 2, due to financial worries and pressure from Sengoku, he and his group attack Kiryu.

Yakuza Edit

Tobe takes over Bacchus after the previous bar owner is gunned down, renaming it Bantam.

Yakuza 2 Edit

He gathers a group of men who try to attack Kiryu for money, but this fails. Kiryu forgives Tobe and suggests that he try running the bar for at least a few more months, suggesting that trade may pick up as people start to forget about the mass shooting that had taken place there the previous year. Tobe refers to Kiryu by name after this whenever he comes in to order a drink.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

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