The Bloodstained Note (血の書状, chi no shojou, lit. Bloodstained Missive) is the first chapter in Yakuza 2.

Sypnosis Edit

It's the 1980's in Kamurocho. During an investigation, an ill-mannered man in a trenchcoat comes across a killing in progress: A man wearing a black jacket is making his last stand against another man in a suit. He hides from the latter just in time, overhearing the other shouting in Korean that his "organization would live on" before fainting. After the suit leaves, the trench-coated man runs over to the black jacket who pleads to him to "save [his] child" before dying. Frantically searching through the burning rooms upstairs, he finds the child, along with his frustrated mother who is about to commit suicide. He tries to persuade the mother to give him the child, but is initially unsuccessful. Eventually, he is forced to slap the woman and reminds her the child is innocent, to which the mother reluctantly agrees...

20 or so years later, now with greying hair, the trench-coated man has still not forgotten the second-last words of the dying man.

Elsewhere, Yuya has kicked out a group of thugs out of Stardust. When one thug demands he hand them the club's money, he recognizes them as the people who were wrecking their neighbours' businesses. The thugs are provoked into a scuffle, but are easily overwhelmed by Yuya. He takes this encounter as a sign that Kamurocho is more dangerous than usual, to which another Stardust host asks if it's anything like the incident last year. He replies that he hopes not, wondering how things would have been if Kiryu were there...

Kazuma Kiryu is reeling from the events of what happened last year:

He realises that it was just a bad dream. Noticing how visibly shaken Kiryu is, Haruka

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