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The Bloodstained Note (血の書状, chi no shojou, lit. The Bloodstained Missive in the Japanese version) is the first chapter in Yakuza 2.

Sypnosis Edit

Some time in the 1980's, on a snowy night... Edit

An ill-mannered man in a trenchcoat makes his way through a discotheque, eventually emerging in an alleyway. He keeps on walking until he reaches a door near the other end. Easing it open, he moves in, revolver drawn.

After a few moments, he hears the cries of someone being shot. Curious, he decides to get in closer, but hides upon hearing one more gunshot. The cries are revealed to be coming from a man in a black jacket. The black jacket is trying to fight back against a suited man with a mustache, but is shot in the chest and falls. The man in the trenchcoat risks a glance at the scene unfolding down the corridor, barely escaping detection by the suited man. The black jacket uses this short time window to try shooting his assailant one last time, but is killed by a final volley of bullets from the suit. He swears to the suited man in Korean, "Even if I die, my organisation will live on...You can be sure of it!" before blacking out. Confident that he is dead, the suited man stalks off.

Waiting for the suited man to leave, the man in the trenchcoat hurries over to the black jacket, now bleeding out. Held in the man's hands, the black jacket begs him to "take care of [his] [c]hild", gesturing towards a staircase, after which he dies. The man in the trenchcoat doesn't hestitate, and scurries up the staircase.

When he reaches the second floor, he discovers that the building has been set ablaze. He barges through every door, with no sign of the child in any of the rooms, until he reaches the last one on the right, where he notices that the child is being held by a visibly agitated woman.

He attempts to calm the woman down, assuring her that he "[had] nothing to do with those men". This causes the woman to shake her head, furious. He then asks for her to hand over the child. This makes her lose her temper, scolding the man in Korean. The man slaps the woman, reminding her that the child was innocent and that there was no need for him to die. The woman reluctantly hands over the child, falling to her knees.

Present Day Edit

The man, now with greying hair, sits by his lonesome as jazz music plays, pondering the events of the day 20 years ago. He has not forgotten the words that the man in the black jacket said to the suited man.

Elsewhere, Yuya has kicked out a thug out of Stardust. Just as Yuya is about to head back into the club, another thug calls out to him. The crowd disperses to reveal two more shabbily dressed thugs. He recognises them as being the Chinese punks responsible for wreaking havoc upon their neighbours' shops. The thug replies that since he knew them, it would be better for Yuya to simply hand over all the money. Yuya responds that if they really were desperate for the money, they would have to get through him first. The thug applauds, mockingly, Yuya for his bravery.

The thug then attacks Yuya with a knife, along with his mates, but is easily overwhelmed. Yuya then berates the thugs that he will not let foreigners like him do as they pleased to his town.

Kazuma Kiryu is reeling from the events of what happened last year: The death of his sworn father, the death of his beloved girlfriend, his brother sacrificing himself to get rid of the accursed 10 billion yen and to avenge his friend....

An explosion jolts him from his sleep.

He realises that it was just a bad dream. Noticing how visibly shaken Kiryu is, Haruka

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