Tetsuo Tamashiro is the head of the Tamashiro Family of Ryukyu. He's 54 years old, who wears sunglasses and a red suit with a black shirt. His fighting style includes local brass knuckles, tekko. He is the tertiary antagonist of Yakuza 3.

Yakuza 3 Edit

Although defeated in the first half of the game, he returns with his clan at chapter 11 due to Mine's support and begin to exact his revenge towards Kiryu and Ryudo family by demolishing the Sunshine Orphanage. The Tamashiro family injures Mikio and captured Nakahara.

Tetsuo puts Nakahara in a bull cage and planned to get him killed by the bulls until Kiryu and the others come to his rescue. Just when things get grim, Saki suddenly calls out for Nakahara for the first time, giving her foster father a strength to hold up against the attacking bulls while Kiryu fight off the remnants of Tamashiro family. Tetsuo then challenges Kiryu himself and defeated.

Although Kiryu won the battle, he didn't realizes that Tetsuo was still alive and gets up to shoot Kiryu. However, Rikiya shields Kiryu from the gun fire and ended up getting shot himself. Tetsuo was about to pull another shot until Joji Fuma arrives just in time to shoots Tetsuo in the head, killing him instantly.

Yakuza 4 Edit

In Yakuza 4, Tamashiro's vacant office is used as a meeting place by Kiryu, Hamazaki and Yasuko.

Trivia Edit

Tamashiro physically resembles that of Ryuji "The Blade"Hanada from the hit manga, Crying Freeman.