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President of Tachibana Real Estate

Voiced By: Arata Iura

In a city where the streets are crowded with restaurants and nightlife establishments, Tetsu Tachibana has earned a reputation as the real estate mogul in the shadows for his skill in buying up land as soon as it hits the market. He will take any means necessary to obtain that which is in his sights. Despite his soft-spoken and sophisticated demeanor, Tachibana's ambitions are great. He aims to challenge Tojo Clan itself in his aim to take power over Kamurocho.

History Edit

Born to a Chinese father and Japanese mother, Tetsu's life was one born of discrimination and strife as in his youth he and Xiao Qiao would endure humiliation and insults from their peers for being half blooded in China. Feeling that there is no place for him in the country, he left early in his youth. Fleeing to Japan to make a new life for himself, unable to find meaningful work, he resorts to crime and quickly became a ruthless criminal with little regard for the morality of others. Soon after he meets Jun Oda, the leader of a small gang after beating him in a fight and they worked together as partners in crime. However learning that his sister is alive he turns to Shintaro Kazama for help, through him he formed Tachibana Real Estate

Yakuza 0 Edit

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Tachibana displays a cool demeanor, and is a seemingly calm and emotionless man. These main characteristics helps him serve as a counterpart to the more fiery Jun. Tetsu in his youth suffered discrimination from others and thus became fearful of others. Moving to Japan, he quickly turned that fear into anger and brutality as he turns to a life of crime and became ruthless. Only learning that his sister has come to Japan and was still alive did he regain some resemblance of conscience. When he finally learns that Makoto is alive he felt remorseful for the man he had become to survive in the Japanese underworld.

Gallery Edit

Quotes Edit

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