"Don't need you telling me now. I'm going to get it all back myself. I'm getting that home run back!"
—Shinada to Daigo

Profile and early life Edit

The sounds of baseball cleats hitting concrete ring out in a darkened hallway as a player makes his way out to the stadium. He emerges into the sensory overload of a game in a progress, and his eyes take a moment to adjust to the brightness of the lights shining down on the diamond.

He continues striding forward out of the bench area and is about to walk onto the field, but he pauses then takes a moment to glance over at his coach who is leaning against the side of the wall. The coach glares back at him with a look of angry determination that reads like the player better not let him down, and the player offers a confident and sincere smile in return as the baseball announcers begin describing the in-game action. After Shinada chalks up his hands, he begins his final approach to the batter’s box. The rest of the Gigants begin dejectedly exiting the field, and Shinada finishes up his victory lap and starts slapping hands with the rest of his teammates.

Shinada's career as a baseball player dates back all the way to his high school days, during which he represented his school in a baseball match against a rival school.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Tatsuo Shinada had a promising career in the major leagues, but it was cut short when he received a lifetime ban for a baseball gambling/game fixing scandal. Now, Shinada earns a meager living as an adult entertainment writer in the Nagoya region of Kineicho. But his (mis)fortune is in for a turn when a mysterious masked man confronts Shinada and tells him to uncover the truth behind his ban.

Shinada is penniless and scrapping around for any spare cash. A mysterious stranger makes him an offer which pushes him to look into his past whereby he was unjustly accused of insider gambling which cut short his burgeoning career as a baseball star. He has a revelation and goes looking to right the wrongs.

The investigation leads him to the Nagoya family, which is heavily composed of normal people.

Appearance Edit

Shinada has long unkempt hair and a generally scruffy appearance. However, underneath his old, worn clothes he has extremely well toned muscles due to the fact that he spends several hours a day doing sit-ups, swings and push-ups.

Personality Edit

Shinada is a very optimistic man, he puts a lot of faith in his friends and is heartbroken over the reveal of the Nagoya family. Despite that there is also a comedic side of him, demonstrated when he steals Baba's camera and mocks Kurosawa with it.

Shinada also has a huge respect for the sport he was banned from to the point that he will never use a bat in combat. Seeing them solely to be used for sports and not as weapons of violence.

Fighting Style Edit

Although Shinada is a relatively inexperienced fighter and his unarmed technique is not all that good, his specialty is in the use of weapons. He swings all weapons more effectively (faster and with more reach). He also gains the ability early on the finish most combos with a throw, which helps build his heat gauge faster. In order to take advantage of this, Yakuza 5 added in some new weapons called "durable" weapons, which never break, although they don't have a particularly strong attack power. When Shinada places the bat down carefully, it grants him invincibility frames. His unarmed fighting style is primarily based around professional wrestling and makes heavy use of grapples. He's also able to parry melee attacks.

All of his Climax Heat actions are based on his proficiency with melee weapons with added improvisation.

Trivia Edit

  • Shinada will not use a baseball bat in a fight; if the player attempts to pick up a bat during a fight, Shinada will carefully place it back down before continuing the fight unarmed.
  • His main outfit (a brown leather jacket over a white shirt and jeans) could be seen as a visual callback to the outfit worn by Ryo, protagonist of the Shenmue series, the spiritual predecessor to the Yakuza games. Ryo and Shinada's roles in their respective stories also share other similarities, chiefly that they are both civilians who get dragged into large criminal conspiracies due to the actions of their game's main antagonist.

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