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Takeshi Kido

"You people get always the wrong idea about me. So I wear look a street punk,I get it. Some people think that I'm sort of pussy. But c',me on I am Arai's right hand man"

Kida is a street punk and was member of Kanemura Enterprises. He is Arai's swore brother.

History Edit

Yakuza 4 Edit

Kida and Akiyama

He runs soaking into Kanemura Enterprises and explain he is not happy some Ueno men into Club Elhard because it is part of Kanemura's turf and hearing Ueno men been talking about behind Kanemura to who going to stop them drinking into their turf. Kida give up explaining to one of Kanemura who concern of him and doesn't understand the situation. Kida embarrass himself when Akiyama told him to talk loud as anyone can hear through. Kida states about the boss went somewhere tricking Akiyama and telling Arai is wit Shibata at Kamurocho Hill. He tells the boss he keep in touch with Arai as he find him. Kida explains who Akiyama to Kanemura men.

Kida look Arai arriving before him

Kida runs in Club Elhard meeting Akiyama and Ihara in middle fight. Kida watches Akiyama defeated Ihara and looking at Arai come talking with Akiyama. Arai orders to Kida follow Ihara and Mishma but not to doing any stupid once he find them. He calls Arai to tell him where they are at.

Kida went to Kanemura's building and all were empty but himself alone. He checks the door if the boss was inside. He open the door and look at Kanemura died laying on a sofa. Kida screams and run away from the building. He calls Akiyama to meet the rooftop and explain what happened to Kanamura when he found him after Akiyama got arrested. They were approached by Shibata's men.

Kida and Akiyama approaches by Shibata men

Akiyama tells Kida to meet him at Sky Fiance that Kida should be safe with Hana. Kida try to say it but turn to run away from them. Kida lays on the floor at Sky Finance inside when Akiyama run breathing heavy.

Kida and Akiyama talk about Sugiuchi at men toilet. Kida concerns why Akiyama got hold of Arai and state to know but Akiyama tell him to next time. They are watched by Sugiuchi.

in Akyama's Sky Finance,Akiyama gives the money to Kida to find Arai before the police find him. Kida insists he want to know what the between Akiyama and Arai. After Akiyama explain over Kida,Kida vow to take the money to find Arai for him.

Kida holds Hana

Kida goes to Sky Fiance again but all himself. He finds the money vault behind Akyiyama's library books and glance the billion yens before his eyes. He check and surprise Hana on her way to Sky Finance. Kida cleans around the books. He put the six codes green book into the library front of the button. Kida explains Hana that he need to talk with Akiyama,trying to call him but nothing. Hana give a hot cup to Kida. They're surrendered by Hatasuchi Family and Kida holds hana into his arms when she got the blood in the head.

Kida is abducted by Hatasuchi Family and wait for Akiyama rescue him Akiyama rescues Kida and Kida tells him to sorry for that happened.

Kida defeats Shibata men himself all alone

Kido is seen defeating Shibata men by Saejima. Kida runs as Saejima chase him down. Kida out of breath as Saejma caught him. Kida takes him to safe room. Kida tells him about Purgatory's location but warn him the police all way to avoid the ways to arrive Purgatory.

Appearance Edit

Kido appears with a grey dress shirt, on top is a red leather jacket with white sleeves. He also wears grey pants with a black leather belt with a silver buckle, he also wears black shoes. the design on the back of shirt displays the word japan on the top while under it shows a 9-tailed fox on the back.

Personality Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Kido starts off weak with 2 punches usually knocking him automatically into the ground. When Kido has his health depleted to yellow, he then starts to activate his own heat mode. He has the ability to attack without interrupting him, some of his attack cannot break guard, but however gains that ability when his health is further depleted. His heat action consist of a ground and pound when your laying on the floor. Kido also sometimes starts to charge up for his devastating combo, after his combo, he goes into a tired state, which gets him out of his Heat mode(He is vulnerable in that state). when far, he has the ability to either do a flying kick, or a tackle, when tackled, he can sometimes chain it with his heat action further doing more damage. When his health is fully depleted, he does a pose which charges his health up, during that state he is invincible from all attacks until he reaches half a bar of health(Kido can do this up to 2 times).

Gallery Edit

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