"I'll make her happy!"

Takashi is boyfriend of Kyoka

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Takashi points Kiryu a bat.

Takashi protects Kyoka in attacking Kiryu at the batting cage,misread him belong to the Atobe Family, Takashi fights Kiryu and being defeated. Takahi ask Kiryu to let him out,but he is stopped B-King and Kiryu stepping in fight them off letting Takashi rescue her at the theatre.

Yakuza 2 Edit

Kiryu accidentally met Takashi at Theater Square. After seeing him, Kiryu feels disappointed to him, considering Takashi equal to an ordinary street punk, which Takashi disagrees. They head to Shellac where Takashi told him that he worked in a number of places, but his colleague made fun of him. Kiryu asked again about his previous commitment to Kyoka, and he revealed that Kyoka is seeing another man, and according to one of his colleagues at his last job, Kyoka went to a hotel with a man, which Kiryu responded negatively due to Takashi not bothering to verify the info. He then switched the topic to a legendary information dealer in Kamurocho, which refers to Kage the Florist. Kiryu heads to the Millennium Tower, where he told Kage the Florist that his son wants to see him, which Kage agrees on the condition that he meet him professionally.

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By the time Yakuza 4 takes place, Takashi landed himself a decent job at a retail business and seems to be in good terms with Kyoka when Kiryu asked about it. This time, he wants to see the Florist again, which Kiryu agrees. In Purgatory, Takashi told the Florist that he wants to find his estranged father, told the Florist that Kyoka's pregnant, and that he wanted to marry Kyoka for that reason, but Takashi didn't have someone to invite from his side. The Florist agrees to help, under the condition that Takashi has to do some work for him.

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