Komaki Sousuke (古牧宗介) is related to Sotaro Komaki as a grandson and challenges Kiryu in training. He is called Sosuke the Exterminator for his constant hunts for thugs and people who prey on the weak and innocent. He had ran away from home to Fukuoka in order to find a way to surpass his grandfather

Yakuza 5 Edit

Sosuke makes his appearance as a cameo after Kiryu helps fends off thugs who attacked Nakajima when he tried to stop them from harassing a young woman. Catching his eye, Sosuke invites him to train with him where he talks about his past with his grandfather and his desire to grow stronger. After Sosuke is bested several times he was convinced to go back to Kamurocho to reunite with his grandfather.

Appearance Edit

Sosuke as he describes himself is someone who is well built but thin, bearing the typical looks of hosts. He wears a hooded jacket with white sleeves and plaid vest.

Personality Edit

Sosuke is considerably much more hot headed than his grandfather. As a youth, he suffered from low self esteem as his peers would rarely give him praise. As such he felt that the only way to prove his worth is to master the techniques from Sotaro and beat him with his newfound techniques. Sosuke eventually realize that his pursuit to exceed his grandfather that he was losing sight of what his grandfather was teaching him.

Fighting Style Edit

Like his grandfather he is a practitioner of the Komaki Arts and thus know all of the Komaki moves. Compared to his grandfather he often enters a bout of rage which makes him impervious to all attacks.

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