Sohei Dojima (堂島 宗兵, Dōjima Sōhei)

Sohei Dojima was a Tojo Clan Affiliate and the Dojima Family Captain.

History Edit

Sohei rose to power during the rise of the Tojo clan, as a skilled businessman and criminal he has successfully controlled most of Kamurocho through his three enforcers. It was said that Sohei has had many affairs with other women with his wife Yayoi knowing but still remaining faithful. Despite that, she send her son Daigo away to Kinecho without any connection to the Tojo clan in hopes of keeping him from walking the same path as his father.

Yakuza 0 Edit

As one of the three powerhouses in the Tojo clan, Dojima had the most power in terms of manpower and influence, compared to Kazama's good relations with the head Chairman and Shimano's secret alliance with the Omi. When word broke out that there was a land ownership dispute involving the small plot of land that will be the site of the Millenium Tower, he instructs Kiryu to assassinate the target in which he refuses. Sending Daisaku Kuze, one of his trusted men to kill Kiryu, he fails before him and was forced to perform an yubitsume in front of the boss. Angered, he send his men to Soutenboori to find the holder of the will but fails to thanks to the efforts of Kiryu and Majima. Ultimately Makoto, the recipient of the will appears and offers him the land in exchange for the lives of the men who killed her brother where he states it was a mere formality to prevent anyone from leeching off his fortune. He shoots Makoto to show how expendable she is but ultimately fails to acquire the land as she had already entrusted it to Majima who gives it to Masaru Sera. In his first act as the upcoming chairman, he orders the surviving lieutenants to be taken to Anagura indefinitely for their actions as Dojima loses his hopes of being the next Chairman of the Tojo.

Yakuza Edit

Dojima's Family was widely respected with Kazama as his lieutenant and members like Kazuma and Nishiki to carry out his wishes. His wild, violent temper made him a fearsome leader and no one ever dared to challenge him, until one night. Dojima had his eye on Yumi and one night he took her away to his office against her will. As soon as the word got to Nishiki, he arrived in a fury and killed his Oyabun without thinking. Nishiki and Yumi were reeling in shock as Kazuma burst in just ahead of the police. Kazuma had only seconds to make a life-altering decision and based on brotherhood and honor, Kazuma took the rap for killing Dojima.

Yakuza 2 Edit

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