Sidestep (or Quickstep) is a maneuver introduced in all of the Yakuza games, it is a maneuver that allows you to dodge incoming attacks from enemies.

Description Edit

The Sidestep is preformed By pressing X. This will cause the character to back away rendering them invincible for a small amount of time. This ability is more useful than blocking due to getting a huge advantage of getting away from huge attacks and escaping combos, then following up with a counter attack. You can also change the direction of your sidestep using the left analog stick.

Abilities Edit

Dodge Shot Edit

You can also counter after a sidestep by pressing Δ, pressing X and then Δ will have your character do a kick that will stun enemies. Sidestep forward will have your character do a tackle that can go through into an enemy. Most characters will have this ability.

Some characters can also sidestep again by pressing X again, however you can't counter when you preform a counter during the second dodge. After the second dodge, you cannot immediately sidestep as your character has to recover for about a second before your character can start dodge again. This ability is only available for most characters, some characters sidestep can go for a roll instead.

Dodge Combo Edit

Some characters such as Kiryu, Akiyama, and Majima have Sidestep cancels also known as "Dodge Combo". This ability cancels out attacks using a sidestep to get out of situations or to extend further rush combos.

Circling Edit

If you use Sidestepping while in fighting stance by holding R1. You can be able to circle around your enemies. Circling can help in battles by appearing behind enemies and following up with a counter attack. they must however, sidestep before an enemy attacks to counter. Trying to Circle an enemy carelessly will leave you wide open.

Pursuit Battles Edit

Description Edit

During Pursuit Battles, you can press L1 to Sidestep. Pressing L1 will make your character dodge to the left, and R1 will make your character dodge right.

This will allow your character to dodge Obstacles, and avoid pedestrians in the way. You can also Sidestep to dodge objects thrown by your enemy.

Yakuza 4 Edit

Sidestepping gave a huge advantage by giving the player an extra boost. If you constantly use the Sidestep, you will be able to approach the enemy much faster. But sometimes enemies could go into Heat mode to give an extra boost to space themselves out.

Sidestepping can also be used to quickly turn to narrow directions.

Yakuza 5 Edit

The player is instead given two Sidesteps. Pressing R1 or L1 will perform a small turn. Using this option helps avoid objects thrown at you, and avoid pedestrians.

Pressing R2 in the left or right direction will perform a quick turn. Just like in Yakuza 4, This helps in many pursuit battles. However it drains some heat, and it is harder to use constantly.

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