"I'm not old man that punks think they'd get out from me!"  -Nakahara 

Nakahara is the owner of the Sunshine Orphanage's land. He is the old yet tough leader of the Ryudo yakuza family and has a shisa dog tattoo on his back. He is a father figure for Saki, just like Kiryu is to Haruka.

Yakuza 3 Edit

In Yakuza 3, he's shown as Kiryu's landlord. He owns the land where the Sunshine Orphanage is on. In one point, he threatened Kiryu to evict the orphanage, much to the kids' shock, urging Kiryu to have a word with him. It turned out that Nakahara concerned about Okinawa's economy and thought that evicting the coast to make room for the resort may be a good choice.

Appearance Edit

He appears to be well over his middle age, and has a somewhat heavy build. He wears a white tank top, a pair of slacks and a pair of sandals. He has a tattoo of shisa.

Personality Edit

He is a thoughtful and caring person, evident when he reluctantly sent an eviction notice to Kiryu because of his concerns about Okinawa's economy and when he adopts Saki away from her abusive parents. He's also a well-respected man among the local community.

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