Baba in Yakuza 5

"But once I get squarred with my dream in a way I can live with..I'll come back to you again. And when I do,please let me vow the exchange of brotherhood with you."

Shigeki Baba is one of Kurosawa's underlings and one of the antagonists in Yakuza 5. However, he reformed after his encounter with Taiga Saejima at the prison and during their times at Hokkaido.

History Edit

It is not known what happened prior to Yakuza 5, except he was working for Tsubasa Kurosawa, the seventh chairman of Omi Alliance as an assassin.

Yakuza 5 Edit

In the events of Yakuza 5, Baba was sent to the Abashiri Prison by Kurosawa in order to prevent Saejima from getting paroled until Majima has been killed and kill him as well. He turn himself into the prison under the guise of a murderer and a member of Kitakata Family. During Saejima's time at prison, Baba befriends him in order to get close to him and gain Saejima's trust. He also hired a sadistic gang leader named Kugihara in order to prevent him from getting paroled without Saejima's knowledge, and purposely stabbed one of his boys with Kugihara's cishel so that Saejima can attack Kugihara and have his sentence time extended.

When Deputy Kousaka wants him and Saejima to escape after the death of Abashiri Warden and the supposedly death of Goro Majima, he helped Saejima against hordes of inmates including Kugihara. During their escape, their snowmobile crashes and he was stranded in the snow. He was eventually attacked by Yama-Oroshi and was rescued by Saejima and Okudera. After Saejima helped the villagers vanquish the Yama-Oroshi threat, they went off to Tsukimino in order to find out the truth about Majima's persume death. They planned to kidnap the patriach of Kitakata Family, Daizo Kitakata, in order to gain information.

During the winter festival, they manage to convince Kitakata to tell everything about Majima. However, he was suddenly shot by Baba in order to keep his mouth shut. Saejima chases him and finds out the whole truth about Baba. As Baba is about to shoot Saejima, he became hesitates to do it because Saejima shows undying loyalty and wisdom to Baba even after he knows what he really is, not to mention saving him at the snow mountain. Baba then attempts to commited suicide but was stopped by Saejima and challenged by him. Baba fights off Saejima and defeated. Baba then tells Saejima that one day he wished that he can officially be his sworn brother and left in order to avoid Kurosawa.

During final chapter, he confronts Kazuma Kiryu at Kamurocho and spar with him for a while until he got beaten as well. Kiryu and Baba go to New Serena and talk for a while about the current situations. Kiryu also tells Baba to tell Haruka to never give up. In which he did when he goes to Haruka Sawamura and talks to her about Kiryu and trying to convince her to see him, but she didn't have the courage to do so.

During Haruka's concert at Tokyo Dome, it is revealed that he was sent by Kurosawa to assassinate Haruka with a sniper rifle. However, having a change of heart, Baba refuses to kill her and about to leaves until he was confronted by Shinada. They both fight for a while but eventually got defeated as well. Ashamed of himself, Baba attempts to commit suicide using his own sniper rifle and tells Shinada to tell his apologizes to Saejima. Thankfully, his other friends at prison, Himura, Oshima, and Kousaka, arrive to rescue Baba and comfort him. He was later watching the rest of the concert with his friends and Shinada before return back to Abashiri.

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