"Prison scums..."


A guard at the prison Hamazaki is at and Saejima transfers to.

Yakuza 4 Edit

He has a violent and ruthless nature and is known to have killed prisoners during punishment beatings. He tortures Saejima hard. He fights Saejima as Saejima unlocked the cell. He catch Saejima and fights him again after Saejima try finding Hamazki.After multiple encounters with Saejima and Hamazaki while the two try to escape, he shoots Hamazaki before the two fall into the sea together.

He then reappears with his fellow guards at Tamashiro's old office in Okinawa, attempting to kidnap Yasuko. He is defeated and is not seen again, though Hamazaki is wounded in the process and dies.

Fighting Style Edit

He fights with a baton that could easily break guard as well as attack with no flinch properties like saejima. He does not have any Heat modes or Heat actions( The exception for Heat actions with QTE). He can do some sort of tackle if you are far from him.

Trivia Edit

Saito was not given a name until after his character had been developed; he was simply referred to as "Guard A."

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