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YakuzaIshin cover
Genre Action-Adventure, Action-RPG, Beat'em Up, Open World
JP Version 龍が如く 維新!
Rating CERO D (17yrs & Above)
Developer SEGA
Publisher SEGA
Platforms PS3, PS4
Distribution Blu-ray
Release 2014
Players Single
  Official Website
『龍が如く 維新!』最新PV

『龍が如く 維新!』最新PV

Official PV


Ryū ga Gotoku Ishin! (龍が如く 維新!, lit. "Like a Dragon Restoration!") is a spin-off from the Yakuza series released for both PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan on February 22, 2014. Additionally, a free app for the PlayStation Vita was available as a tie-in.


This is the latest edition in the Yakuza spin-off series since Yakuza: Dead Souls. Like the previous Yakuza Kenzan spin-off, this game is also set in historical Japan, during the Bakumatsu period.


Set in the chaotic Bakumatsu period, Sakamoto Ryoma is distressed resulting from conflicting pressures and uncertainty about one's self and role in the society. Being embroiled in the middle of a Tosa coup d'etat and bent on finding the murderer who assassinated his mentor, Ryoma burrows himself with a hidden identity in the streets of Kyoto and joins the grim Shinsengumi.


Tosa ClanEdit

Sakamoto RyōmaEdit

Born in Tosa as a samurai of the lowest ranking class; a "gōshi"(郷士). In the midst of the chaotic uprise with other young men, he became distressed over his own aims and accomplishments. However, having the best sword skill in Tosa allowed for his swordsmanship training in Edo. With high expectations from Yoshida Touyou, along with Takechi Hanpeita, the plan for the reform of the Tosa government was in progress. However, on the night before it could be carried out, an incident occurred that changed Ryōma's life immensely.[1]

Takechi HanpeitaEdit

A person who treated Ryōma as a brother since an early age and had deep trust in him. Like Ryōma, he also grew up with the support of Yoshida Touyou, owing to him the advanced studies he took. He was also the leader of the "Sonnō jōi" movement that won many supporters and tried to recruit Ryōma upon his return from Edo. However, after the death of Yoshida Touyou, both men had to walk their own paths.[1]

Yoshida TouyouEdit

A central figure both in name and reality, he was a Tosa Clan politician known as the "Sword of Yamauchi Yōdō" and was feared and considered to be a strict ruler. Apparently, he is rather a warm-hearted man with a sense of justice and also a foster parent to Ryōma and Takechi. He would take in children of the lower class who had lost their parents through discrimination and secretly supported them for many years; though this was also done for the sake of bringing up talents who would in future support the reform. [1]

Okada IzouEdit

A somewhat quiet but dangerous person whose eyes harbored bloodlust. A man who looked up to Takechi and thus joined the "Sonnō jōi" movement. He held a resentment against Ryōma and considered him a rival and the first strongest enemy he encountered.[1]

Nakaoka ShintarouEdit

A man with brilliant eyes that were able to see through the essence of things. As Touyou's attendant once, his death had a huge impact on Nakaoka, who was also investigating the truth of Touyou's death. Since Ryōma was a murder suspect, he hated him, however with both men's resolve to uncover the truth of the incident, they ended up becoming the best collaboration at it.[1]


Kondou IsamiEdit

The Chief of the shinsengumi.

Hijikata ToshizōEdit

The Deputy of the shinsengumi who presided for the absence of Kondou. He kept a strict regime system and dealt with those who defied it without mercy. In addition to his cool disposition and combat style, he rarely changed facial expressions. As such, he was secretly known as the "Demon Deputy" among the shinsengumi. He suggested a proposal to Ryōma during his arrival at their organization which not only had a major impact Ryōma's life but also on the fate of Japan.

Itō KashitarōEdit

A shinsengumi officer. (To be updated)

Okita SōjiEdit

1st Division Captain. (To be updated)

Nagakura ShinpachiEdit

2nd Division Captain. (To be updated)

Saitō HajimeEdit

3rd Division Captain (To be updated)

Matsubara ChūjiEdit

4th Division Captain (To be updated)

Takeda KanryūsaiEdit

5th Division Captain (To be updated)

Inoue GenzaburōEdit

6th Division Captain (To be updated)

Tani SanjūrōEdit

7th Division Captain (To be updated)

Tōdō HeisukeEdit

8th Division Captain (To be updated)

Suzuki MikisaburōEdit

9th Division Captain (To be updated)

Harada SanosukeEdit

10th Division Captain (To be updated)

Yamazaki SusumuEdit

Shinsengumi Inspector and "BLACK OP" Division unit that specializes in intelligence. (To be updated)

Key CharactersEdit

Katsura KogoroEdit

A mysterious man who watches over Ryoma. (To be updated)

Saigō KichinosukeEdit

The Satsuma Clan (To be updated)


An "attraction attendant" at the Terada Inn(寺田屋). (To be updated)

Mysterious InformantEdit

A mysterious informant in Kyoto.


The proprietress of the Terada Inn. (To be updated)


A mysterious and beautiful lady.


Tokugawa YoshinobuEdit

The 15th Shogun of the Edo Shogunate. (To be updated)

Sasaki TadasaburōEdit

Part of the special police force known as the Kyoto Mimawarigumi (To be updated)

Katsu KaishūEdit

The Shogunate Navy Magistrate (To be updated)


Unlike previous games like Yakuza 4, where it is possible to control 4 main characters, Ishin has only one playable character; Sakamoto Ryoma(aka Hajime Saito).



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