Riona Ichijo

Stoic professional hostesses.  Has been firm, neglect research and efforts, including their own how to show, and the like.  Aware so get used to the presence of the model-yearning of the store of the young children.  Because you can basically do anything, always older sister presence to be relying.  However, weak or graces people hence man, that show a weakness.  And put out the true self, a large man of us received bosom is ideal.  It has been the motto of "conscientious hostesses",  reluctant to or to use the pounding money to the customer.  Future want to be a "presence, such as given a dream to the children of hostesses".

History Edit

Hostesses history 10 years, always number one of Purokyaba Miss.

Yakuza 6 Edit

Apperance Edit

Personality Edit

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