Rikiya Shimabukuro

"To me,you're the boss!"

Rikiya Shimabukuro (島袋 力也, Shimabukuro Rikiya)Voiced by: Tatsuya Fujiwara was a lieutenant member of The Ryudo Family

History Edit

Warning: This section contains spoilers

Yakuza 3 Edit

A member of the Ryudo Family, Rikiya, 25, is Nakahara's senior henchman, who has a fierce love of Okinawa. His self-proclaimed nickname, Initially hostile towards Kiryu, he gradually came to respect him and refer to him as "brother".

Rikiya was kidnapped by Lau Ka Long's men and almost killed, but was saved by Joji Fuma.

After returning to Okinawa, and after the orphanage was destroyed, he took a bullet meant for Kiryu while rescuing Nakahara. He then died in Kiryu's arms, after which Kiryu cried for the first time.

End of spoilers

Appearance Edit

"Bare-Handed Viper" (ステゴロのハブ, Sutegoro no Habu) comes from the habu-pit viper tattoo on his back.

Personality Edit

Fighting Style Edit

Etymology Edit

The family name Shimabukuro is common in Okinawa. It is strongly associated with the Yamato people, whose culture differs historically from that of the rest of Japan.

Gallery Edit

C am rikiya tatoo di 01

Rikiya's Tattoo. The eye is empty at the start of the game, and gets filled in by Utabori during Rikiya's visit to Tokyo.

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