Quickly (クィクリー) is a bubble tea stand in Downtown Ryukyu's Kariyushi Arcade.

Food ListEdit

Yakuza 3Edit

Item Japanese Cost XP Description
Pearl Milk Tea パールミルクティー 300 30 This Pearl Milk Tea is our best seller. People love the tapioca balls.
Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea ジャスミンミルクティー 300 30 This is Jasmine Pearl Milk Tea. The scent of jasmine can stimulate your appetite. There's lots of tapioca at the bottom.
Milk Green Tea 抹茶ミルク 300 30 This is Milk Green Tea. That classic Japanese flavor and chewy tapioca make the perfect combination.
Chocolate Cocoa チョコレートココア 300 30 Chocolate Cocoa is a standard favorite, and goes great with tapioca.
Pearl Black Tea パール紅茶 300 30 This is Pearl Black Tea. It goes great with tapioca, and I recommend you drink one every day to stay healthy.
Peach Juice ピーチジュース 350 31 This is Peach Juice. Sweet and delicious on its own, but tapioca makes it even better.
Passion Fruit Juice パッションジュース 350 31 This refreshing, tropical Passion Fruit Juice is perfect for hot days. Add some tapioca and it'll revitalize you.
Taro Shake 紅芋シェイク 300 30 Our Taro Shake has a unique sweet flavor that people can't get enough of. And of course, you can add tapioca as you wish.
Yogurt Peach Shake 2色シェイクビーチ 300 30 This Yogurt Peach Smoothie is a tasty blend of yogurt and natural peaches. With tapioca it's even better.
Yogurt Mango Shake 2色シェイクマンゴー 300 30 Sour yogurt and sweet mango go so well together. Add tapioca for an extra treat.
Peanut Soya Bean Drink ピーナッツ豆乳 350 31 This is Peanut Soya Bean Drink. It's a smooth, healthy drink that goes great with tapioca.
Lychee Pudding ライチプリン 300 30 This is Lychee Pudding. Isn't the smell of lychee to die for? Goes great with tapioca.