Osamu Kashiwagi

"Kiryu...what would you do?"

Osamu Kashiwagi was the wakagashira (lieutenant) and later, second patriarch of the Kazama Family.and Interim Chairmen of the Tojo Clan.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Kashiwagi Osamu was Captain of Tojo Clan's Kazama Family.Kashiwagi was the right-hand of Kazama Patriarch,Shintaro Kazama and also brothers to Kazuma Kiryu and Akira Nishikiyama.Kashiwagi was a fearsome and terrifying warrior of Kazama Family. When Shintaro was in prison,he entrusted everything to Kashiwagi because he was loyal bold strong and trustworthy.Then Kiryu was framed for the murder of a man when Kiryu was suppose to be only beating him.

Then during the Dojima meeting,Kiryu told Kashiwagi and Nishikiyama that Dojima Lieutenant,Daisaku Kuze told Kiryu to spy on Shintaro so Kuze can steal his seat as Captain of the Dojima Family.To ensure that never happened,Kiryu decided to leave the Tojo Clan for a hope to save Shintaro however,Nishikiyama and Kashiwagi didn't like that idea.Kiryu told Kashiwagi that he had no choice,this anger Kashiwagi so he punched him in his face and Kiryu was sorry to leave the Tojo Clan.When Kiryu left,Kashiwagi was angered.But when Kashiwagi saw Kiryu was alive he just walked away from the window.

Then Kashiwagi's men met Goro Majima, a once Yakuza Tojo Clan but was expelled and place in Osaka,Japan.Majima ask Kashiwagi's men where was Nishikiyama but the men refused to tell him.Then Kashiwagi told his men to back off and wanted fight Majima.They fought on the roof but Kashiwagi lost to Majima.

Then during the final battle with Dojima Captain,Keiji Shibusawa,Kiryu and Nishikiyama was on a disadvantage however Kashiwagi brought men to help them.When Kiryu defeat Shibusawa,peace was returned at last.

Yakuza Edit

Kashiwagi is the second in command to Shintaro Kazama in the Kazama family.

Kashiwagi was still Captain of the Kazama Family.When Kiryu Kazuma was arrested for the murder of Sohei Dojima,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Dojima Family Kashiwagi was helping Kazuma Shintaro,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Kazama Family.When Kiryu was released from prison,Kashiwagi wasn't show around.but after chapter 12,When Kiryu,Shintaro and 9 year old girl named Haruka was attacked by Futoshi Shimano,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Shimano Family,Kashiwagi brought the Kazuma Family to help the end,both Shimano and Shintaro dies. In the end,Osamu Kashiwagi was The Second Patriarch of The Kazama Family.

Yakuza 2 Edit

Prior to Yakuza 2, Kashiwagi takes over the chairmanship of the Kazama Family following its patriarch's death. He has also been made the interim second-in-command of the Tojo Clan under Yukio Terada and then second-in-command under Yayoi Dojima. Kashiwagi was the Second Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Kazama Family under the command of The Fifth Chairmen of the Tojo Clan,Yukio Terada.But when Terada was assasinated by his former Clan,The Omi Alliance,Yayoi Dojima was named acting as Lady Chairmen of the Tojo Clan.Then he was also command under Daigo Dojima,son of Sohei and Yayoi Dojima and appointed Sixth Chairmen of the Tojo Clan helping to final battle against Ryuji Goda,Patriarch of Omi Alliance's Go-Ryu Clan and Son of The Fifth Chairmen of The Omi Alliance,Jin Goda.

Yakuza 3 Edit

He is still second-in-command of the Tojo Clan and takes over as interim Chairman when Daigo Dojima was shot. Kiryu visits Kashiwagi at the Kazama Family's offices in Millennium Tower, but Kashiwagi is fatally gunned down by a helicopter. His dying wish is that Kiryu finds the [|man in the picture]], who is the spitting image of Shintaro Kazama.

Kashiwagi was still the Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Kazama Family and under command to Yayoi Dojima.Then was under command to Daigo Dojima,Sixth Chairmen of Tojo Clan. When Daigo was shot in his office a few hours ago he became the Interim Chairmen of The Tojo Clan.He then called Kiryu in Okiwana to tell him that Daigo was shot and Kashiwagi wanted to meet Kiryu in Kazama Family's office The Millennium Tower.When Kiryu was there Kashiwagi told him about a meeting. Kashiwagi held a meeting to discuss about Daigo who was shot.four family was there.Kanda,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Nishikiyama Family,Goh Hamazaki,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Hamazaki Family,Yoshitaka Mine,Patriarch(President) of Hakuho Clan,and Goro Majima,Patriarch of Tojo Clan's Majima Family.Kashiwagi was talking about Kiryu the fourth Chairmen of Tojo Clan to come back.Mine agree while Kanda and Hamazaki disagree and wanted to kill Kiryu.Majima just didn't care and left.He said a few words before he left"Feel free to fight for yourselves.But if you ever thinking on touching my territorys,I won't promise you.You be getting away with scars." When Kashiwagi told him,Kiryu show a picture of the man who shot Daigo it was none other then the Patriarch of Kazama Family,Fuma Shintaro. Then a CIA helicopter attack and kill Kashiwagi.His last words to Kiryu was to find the man who look like Shintaro Fuma.

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When one bar of Kashiwagi's health remains, a QTE will trigger. Press the correct button within in a (very) brief period to dodge his punch. Success will result in Majima gaining Heat. Failure will result in losing a chunk of health.

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