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Osamu Kashiwagi

"Kiryu...what would you do?"

Osamu Kashiwagi was the wakagashira (lieutenant) and later, second patriarch of the Kazama Family.

Yakuza 0 Edit


Yakuza Edit

Kashiwagi is the second in command to Shintaro Kazama in the Kazama family.

He is seen at the beginning of the game, trying to tell a tale about his boss, but is silenced. Kashiwagi is not seen again until end of chapter 12 when he comes with backup to the final confrontation against Futoshi Shimano, ending with the deaths of both Shimano and Shintaro Kazama.

Yakuza 2 Edit

Prior to Yakuza 2, Kashiwagi takes over the chairmanship of the Kazama Family following its patriarch's death. He has also been made the interim second-in-command of the Tojo Clan under Yukio Terada and then second-in-command under Yayoi Dojima.

Yakuza 3 Edit

He is still second-in-command of the Tojo Clan and takes over as interim Chairman when Daigo Dojima disappears. Kiryu visits Kashiwagi at the Kazama Family's offices in Millennium Tower, but Kashiwagi is fatally gunned down by a helicopter. His dying wish is that Kiryu finds the man in the picture, who is the spitting image of Shintaro Kazama.

Legacy Edit

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Kamurocho Guard / Crimson ShieldEdit

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Yakuza 0Edit


When one bar of Kashiwagi's health remains, a QTE will trigger. Press the correct button within in a (very) brief period to dodge his punch. Success will result in Majima gaining Heat. Failure will result in losing a chunk of health.

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