Mitsuo (三雄) 9 years old. Mitsuo is the son of an African-American father and a Japanese mother. His mother raised him alone in Japan as his father returned to America without knowing he has a child. He joined the orphanage after the death of his mother. His closest friend is Taichi. He has a crush on Riona.

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Mitsuo get two free tickets for the movie theater and tries to invite Riona with him. However, she refused and said that she has other plans. Kiryu and Rikiya decided to help him out. Kiryu bought him some fancy clothing but got turned down by her again. After an encouragement from Kiryu, he decided to follow Riona. After arriving at the destination he witnesses all of Riona's friends feeling disgusted by the scar on her arm. Enraged, Mitsuo punched one of the boy to defend her and got punched by his friend instead. After the other kids left, Riona asks if Mitsuo also felt disgusted of her. Mitsuo replies and reminded her that he also different for being an African-American descendant and cheers her up. Riona apologizes to him and they've grown closer after this event.

Later, Taichi challenges Mitsuo in a wrestling match at the beach. Mitsuo was apparently losing like always, but when Taichi do his special technique, 'Taichi Kick', Mitsuo ducks and causes Taichi to land hard on the sand. Mitsuo picks up his first win, but realizes that Taichi is hurt and calls Kiryu for help. He later can be seen with other kids watching Kiryu and Rikiya wrestling on the beach.

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In Yakuza 6, Mitsuo became an active baseball player at his school. His skills are so well-recognized to a point where he may earn a scholarship for it.

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