Millennium Tower

Millennium Tower (ミレニアムタワー  Mireniamutawā) is a skyscraper/office tower located in Kamurocho, Tokyo. It is the largest building in Kamurocho.

Yakuza 0 Edit

At the prologue, Millennium Tower hasn't built yet. The land housed a number of (dilapidated) shopping areas, named Kamuro Shopping Arcade, and the Empty Lot, which the authorities didn't notice for some time. A revitalization plan for the region is proposed, causing the lot to be heavily contested.

Yakuza 1/Kiwami Edit

In the first game (and also Kiwami), the tower serves as the place where Mizuki Sawamura (with the help and guidance of Shintaro Kazama) hid the stolen 10 billion yen from Kyohei Jingu.

During a flashback scene in Yakuza 4, the incident helped Shun Akiyama regain his wealth, as he was present during the explosion and busy picking the money that rained down from the top floor.

Yakuza 2/Kiwami 2 Edit

At this point, Kage the Florist moved his base from Purgatory (an underground nightlife facility) to the top floor of the tower. Later, he returned to Purgatory. His old office in Purgatory is put under Majima's care.

Yakuza 3 Edit


HLA (Honest Life Association), on ground floor of Millennium Tower in Yakuza 3.

Osamu Kashiwagi owned this tower and founded HLA on ground floor, before he was shot and killed by CIA helicopter.

Yakuza 4 Edit

A number of events in Yakuza 4 happened here, such as Saejima's fight against Minami, the exchange between Akiyama and Yasuko, Majima's arrest, and the final fights. An underground passageway is accessible from the back, prominently used by Saejima to avoid the police.

Yakuza 5 Edit

A notable event that happened during the fifth game is when Majima was held as a hostage by the Omi Alliance.

Yakuza 6 Edit

Takuma Someya is forced to fight against Kiryu Kazuma in order to save his ex-wife Kiyomi and Someya loses. Finally he kills himself to save her.

Non-canon appearances Edit

Millennium Tower also makes an appearance in Yakuza: Dead Souls: Majima's first part starts here. He owns a flat unit at the tower's top. Project X Zone 2: It appears in Chapter 38: Undying Souls, the main responsible of Thanatos attack is the Shadaloo organization leaded by M.Bison (Street Fighter series).