"You'd better watch your mouth,old man!"

Mikio is Rikiya's friend and fellow Ryudo family member, but still a rookie.

Yakuza 3 Edit

A rookie member of the Ryudo Family, he was sent to the Sunshine Orphanage along with Rikiya to hand the eviction note to Kiryu and to watch the orphanage for a while. Initially, he was hostile to Kiryu, but later become one of Kiryu's allies.

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Mikio has an obese build. He has blond hair. He wears a purple shirt, a pair of black slacks and a pair of shoes.

Personality Edit

Among locals, he's a well-respected person. He's also a loyal ally to Kiryu, as he tries to protect the orphanage from being demolished by Mine, and accompanied the kids when the orphanage was demolished. He's also good with kids, apparent from his friendship with the Sunshine Orphanage kids, especially Izumi.

He's depicted as a skilled carpenter, being able to construct a dog's house for Izumi's pet dog Rex, and has a great appetite as he likes to take free samples of food.

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