Maya Mori is a hostess at Club Jewel in Yakuza 4. She can only be requested by Kiryu.

Yakuza 4Edit

Maya appears in Yakuza 4 as Kiryu's Hostess for Club Jewel.


Maya has Dark Blonde Hair with a Middle-Length Ponytail and Brown Eyes. She wears a Mini-Dress with Leopard Skin and a Black Cover-Up in the Chest, with a small Bow-Tie in the Middle, Black Low-Heels, a Small Collar around the Neck, two Golden Earrings, and a Golden Bracelet on her Left Arm. She also has Black Nails.

Personality Edit

Maya is a Kind, Slight Deep-Voiced Young Woman. She is not a very good Judge of people, although she cares for other peoples' feelings. She seems to like Polite People over Arrogant ones.

During in one of her Conversations, she says that she dislikes Arrogant Men that boss around Women, even though they just met. In the same Conversation, she admits that she'd better choose a Polite Older Man over an Arrogant Young Guy any day.

Hostess Preferences Edit

Food: Chocolate (1.000 Yen)

Drink: Kyogetsu Green (Free)

Walkthrough Edit

"But a lot of guys these days are all talk. They think they're so special."

Answer: They're fooling themselves.

"I could never forgive that! Why do men have to cheat?!"

Answer: She should leave him.

"I wish I could become a stronger drinker."

Answer: They have medicine for that, you know.

"Yeah. They get mad because they think I'm not really listening."

Answer: It is kinda rude.

"It's kinda strange for a girl my age to not have a liscence, huh? I just don't want to go back to driving school."

Answer: Driving schools can be expensive.

"Oh, it was from last year. I don't know why she sent it to me now."

Answer: A backpack?

"Any situation. When you're holding hands, hugging each other, or whatever. People say "I love you" pretty often, right?"

Answer: That's cute.

"Ha ha ha! It was kind of funny, so I let him buy me some coffee."

Answer: Sounds like the cops know your face now.

"What do you think? Should I quit?"

Answer: You can't quit.

"I'm not just talking about the famous places. There are lots of spots only locals know."

Answer: You go on a lot of dates then?

"So we're posing in light summer clothes in the winter and in hot winter clothes in the middle of summer."

Answer: They really start that early?

"Not jealous exactly. I just can't stand men who cheat."

Answer: Do I look like the kind of man who'd cheat?

"Now I'm regretting it."

Answer: Let me know if it gets to be a problem.

"Hmm. Well..."

Answer: You could say you've already got a boyfriend.

"Of... Of seeing you."

Answer: But you see me when I come to the club.

"Then I'll say "Yes! I was waiting you to say that!"

Answer: What if you don't like the guy?

"I wonder why..."

Answer: It's annoying when people jump to conclusions.

"So I don't go out and party like I used to."

Answer: I bet you hang out with a different crowd, too.

"I think it's because I'm a little shy at first. So I tense up and don't smile much."

Answer: That impression doesn't last long, does it?

"Well, apparently I ran around Chinatown with a corset wrapped around my waist."

Answer: Apparently? You don't remember it?

"I think I'm kind of boring compared to the other girls here. And I'm not well educated, either."

Answer: Don't worry about that.

Gossip Edit

  • 777 Town (NPC in Volcano. NPC on Taihei Blvd. East)
  • Ameba Pigg (NPC at Theater Square. NPC behind Millenium Tower bench)
  • Eating liver to reverse brain aging (Eat three "separate" times at Kanrai)
  • Sweet Sake (Eat three "separate" times at Sushi Gin)

E-Mail Edit


Reply: Tell me all about it next time.

"Little princess"

Reply: Maybe the kid didn't like it.


Reply: Staying busy helps keep you healthy.

"A Fan"

Reply: You'l have to wear a disguise or something.


"When you look at a woman, what part of her body catches your eye?"

  • Answer: Legs

"Hee hee. Which part of my body do you think he complimented me on? Go on, guess."

  • Answer: Eyes


Karaoke, Le Marche (only if you're rich) or Watami

20 ♥ GET! (Ending) Edit

After attaining 20 Hearts and receiving the usual Phone Call, make your way to Taihei Blvd. coin lockers and you'll find Maya and a Police Officer across the street. Confront Costumed Man.

Trivia Edit

  • Her Voice Actress shares the same name as her. She was born in November 23, 1985. Since Yakuza 4 takes place in 2010, we can assume that Maya is 25 in Yakuza 4, as that was also her age in 2010.
    • Also, Real Life Maya Mori has only Voiced her Fiction Hostess Self in Yakuza 4.[1]

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