"Fightin's all I give a damn about! I ain't one of those sad fucks who sits on his his ass counting' money all day! I become yakuza to battle the strongest of the strong!"
Watase is a lieutenant under the 7th chairman of Omi Alliance and later will become Eighth Chairman of Omi Alliance. He appears in Yakuza 5.

Yakuza 5 Edit

Kiryu first met Watase at a hostess bar in Fukuoka. Recognizing Kiryu's notoriety among yakuza, Watase instantly treated Kiryu with a degree of respect, which Kiryu didn't buy at first due to his suspicion that it was the Omi Alliance who were responsible for Daigo's disappearance. After a short dialogue, it's revealed that Watase knew about Kiryu's whereabouts and Daigo's disappearance from Aoyama, his sworn brother, and that he swore an oath with Aoyama due to the 7th Chairman's order. He also revealed his true goals, which is to become the 8th Chairman of Omi Alliance and stage a war with Tojo Clan, but only if the Tojo Clan is worthy enough to his views. He continued on by crediting Kiryu for single-handedly preventing the Omi Alliance from attacking Kamurocho and keeping the clan intact despite the in-fighting, which Kiryu refused to acknowledge, saying that it was Daigo's work. Afterwards, he asked Kiryu to return to Tojo Clan, viewing Kiryu as the worthy opponent that he deserves instead of Daigo, much to Kiryu's exacerbation. It is revealed that he isn't responsible for Daigo's disappearance.

Appearance Edit

He wears an off-white pinstriped suit over black dress shirt.

Personality Edit

Being an old school yakuza, Watase highly respects power and authority. He also holds a high degree of respect towards Kiryu due to his legendary status, and views him as the only worthy opponent to him instead of Daigo, should he become the 8th Chairman of Omi Alliance.

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