Lee Wen Hai is a huge man that Goro Majima meets on his mission to find and kill Makoto Makimura. While initially enemies, circumstances eventually turn the two into allies. While he is appears to be a masseuse (known to have the 'God Hands' by his patients), he is actually a highly skilled, professional assassin.

Yakuza 0 Edit

Lee was a hitman before the events of the game. Six months prior, he rescued Makoto Makimura from the Korean mob, took her under his wing and starts a massage parlor where she eventually worked there.

He is first encountered in the fourth chapter, drawing hostility to Majima as he quickly suspect that Majima is a hitman. After knowing that Majima has to protect Makoto from the yakuza whose on to her, Lee later became Majima's ally and hatched a plan to fake Makoto's death to ensure her safety. The plan did work, but it was done by someone else, much to his anger.

In an effort to further ensure Makoto's safety, he aided Majima to get Makoto away from the yakuza. However, when doing so, a car bomb exploded and he didn't manage to escape it, costing him his life.

Appearance Edit

He has a considerably heavy build. At work, his attire consists of a tank top, a pair of slacks, and a pair of leather sandals. Outside, he usually wears a winter coat over his standard attire.

Personality Edit

While initially hostile to the player, Lee is actually an intelligent person, apparent when he planned to fool the Yakuza by murdering someone whom he claimed as Makoto's body double and disguised her as Makoto. He also cares deeply for her, as he saved Makoto from the Korean mob and keep her under his wing as a massage therapist. He also appears to have a good sense of awareness, especially when he realized that he and Majima are under surveillance.

Fighting Styles Edit

He is a proficient martial artist and especially skilled with needles, owing to his background as an acupuncturist and his former profession as an assassin. His fighting style bears some resemblence to the unarmed fighting style of Lao Gui.

Trivia Edit

Lee's design is a reference to Taiga Saejima in Yakuza 5, it is more clearly shown when he's wearing his coat.

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