Lau Kar Long

"Let us fight,Kazuma Kiryu!"

Lau was a Chinese martial arts master and the President (総統, sōtō) of the Chinese mafia triad called Snake Flower (蛇華, Jaka). Lau and Kiryu were enemies for twelve years and Lau sought for his revenge.

Yakuza Edit

Lau, working for Futoshi Shimano, has Haruka kidnapped. Kazuma confronts Lau and defeats him, but is then caught and blamed for Haruka's abduction.

Yakuza 2 Edit

Though he doesn't appear physically in Yakuza 2, it is revealed that Granny White was his former martial arts master.

Yakuza 3 Edit

Lau Kar-Long returns in Yakuza 3 when the Snake Flower Triad invades Kamurocho at Hamazaki's behest. He kidnaps Rikiya as bait to lure Kazuma out and take revenge for his defeat 4 years ago. He is ultimately killed by Joji Kazama when he shoots Lau in the head.

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