"With the help of the Omi Family,I will rise to the top of Japan. The Omi Family will unity the underworld and I will acquire all of its power! My ideal will become reality!!"

Kyohei Jingu (神宫 京平) is The mastermind behind the Tojo Clan robbery. He is Haruka's father.

Yakuza Edit

Jingu and Yumi alongside the baby Haruka.

He and Yumi met after she lost her memory, following the murder of Sohei Dojima, and the two conceived Haruka. Jingu left Yumi and Haruka when he received a marriage proposal from the Prime Minister's daughter, desperate for power and riches.

He ordered the death of a reporter who was threatening to reveal the truth about Yumi and Haruka. He then requested that Sera, then Tojo Clan chairman, hire an assassin to kill Yumi and Haruka. Before the assassin could kill them, Shintaro Kazama arrived and shot the assassin. As a result of this incident, Yumi regained her memory.

Jingu meets Kiryu,alongside Haruka and Yumi

When Kiryu and Haruka go to Ares to meet Yumi, Jingu and his men are waiting for them. He then shoots Haruka, but Kiryu takes the bullet, shocked that Haruka's own father would shoot her. Jingu explains that Yumi and Haruka are nothing more than a problem for him. Then Yukio Terada, the lieutenant of the Omi Family, arrives and holds Jingu at gunpoint. Jingu laughs and, as the Omi soldiers grab Terada, reveals the Omi Family work for him. Makoto Date appears in a helicopter and orders Jingu's arrest. Jingu's men shot Date's helicopter and order every witnesses to be killed.

Jingu is stabbed by Nishiki

After Kiryu defeats Jingu, Yumi revealed the safe containing the money. Jingu shot Kiryu twice, but Yumi takes the second (and fatal) bullet. Nishikiyama then charge Jingu with a knife and stabs him, before setting off the bomb.

Post-Yakuza Edit

In Yakuza 4, it was revealed that sometime before the events of the first game, Jingu was responsible for Akiyama's dismissal from the bank, as the 1,000,000 yen that was deposited to Akiyama's account was part of his money laundering scheme.

Appearance Edit

Jingu is always shown in a black business suit and black slacks. He noticeably has a large mole on his forehead.

Personality Edit

He's a politician whose blinded with his own ambition, to a point where he took advantage of the yakuza to further fulfill his political ambition after being introduced to it by Masaru Sera.

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