"C'me on that's no-no. You lose friends that way."
A loan shark at Kineicho, Nagoya, who also happened to be a fan of Shinada during his days as a professional baseball athlete.

Biography Edit

He was a former fan of Shinada during Shinada's professional career. He became acquainted to Shinada after obtaining his autograph back in 1997.

Yakuza 5 Edit

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Takasugi is a well-dressed man, to a point where Kineicho locals believe that he's involved with the yakuza. He wears a dark gray suit over an off-white shirt, and a pair of modern-looking glasses.

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Trivia Edit

  • Takasugi is constantly persuading Shinada to do his bidding by telling him about his two children. In his final scene when bequeathed with Shinada's baseball money, he remarks "I ain't even married!" This may allude to the character Benny from 1990 film Total Recall